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The 10 Step Guide To Building A Zen Zone In Your Coworking Space

Blog Wednesday, 31 July 2019 11:11

The 10 Step Guide To Building A Zen Zone In Your Coworking SpaceDo you wake up every morning, looking forward to hustling away at your high-end dull corporate office? Or do you, on the contrary, loathe the human-made jungle of tables, chairs, meaningless showpieces and lack of fresh air? If it is the latter, then it is time to rejuvenate your workspace with a good old dash of ‘Zen.’ The Zen way of living aims at creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere devoid of any over the top and fanciful elements. Ease of working coupled with clutter-free zones is the new uber-cool decor fad.

1. De-Clutter, De-Clutter, De-Clutter

Nobody likes to work amidst a pile of dusty, pending files; hence, the first step towards establishing an easy, relaxed workspace is de-cluttering. If your office thrives on paperwork, then there are a bunch of fresh office decor items available online that can make your cubicle look classy yet clutter-free at the same time. Get rid of extra chairs, tables, and work accessories and make way for extra work productivity infused with a sense of calmness.

2. Green Is The Way To Go

‘Environment’ and ‘greenery’ are two of the most crucial aspects of the Zen philosophy. Each office cubicle should be furnished with an easy to maintain the green potted plant. This not only adds a hint of color but also brings calmness with it. These decorative plants should not be elaborately designed but should rather be designed. Green climbers on office walls are extremely pleasing to look at too.

3. Water, Water Everywhere

Be it a live waterfall installation in the office lobby or a mini desk waterfall, the presence of water can work wonders for your Zen workspace. The sound of flowing water will make employees feel closer to nature. Here again, the flow pattern and speed should be kept in mind. Turbulent or fast-moving water can be overwhelming to look at. A well-maintained aquarium can serve the purpose in this scenario as well.

4. Soothe Those Eyes

Light-colored walls and separate spaces with natural light are essential in this environment where almost every professional is glued to the screen.

Make sure to create yellow light lit spaces which are soothing to the eyes. Options of dimming and changing light colors befitting to one’s mood should be provided. Large windows which allow lots of sunlight inside the office create a refreshing space.

5. Music Always Helps!

Kiosks or work-pods where employees can plug in headphones and relax by listening to the sounds of nature, rain, wind, and ocean or just calming alpha waves allow better concentration and focus abilities.

Another idea is to install windows that filter the external sound of traffic and keep the office free of unnecessary humdrum.

6. Go Traditional With Zen Gardens

Zen gardens with their perfectly aligned meditation stones and rocks are the best way to incorporate a Zen vibe in your office space. These can be created on office terraces or implemented by growing small indoor gardens. Interior landscaping or plant scaping may require a little investment but once installed can work magic. Rock gardens replete with waterfalls, a bonsai plant or two and some light-weighted Buddha statues look gorgeous.

7.Food For The Soul

The refreshment area should have a variety of organic and natural tea bags to choose from. Rather than junk food, healthier options like fruits can play an important role in the overall cleansing process of both people and place. Mealtimes should be devoid of any work-related conversations. Wholesome and positive conversations during mealtimes are the way to go.

8.Words, Quotes, And Pictures

Adorning the walls of the office with framed posters of landscapes, scenery, or even motivational quotes can be practiced. Here again, make sure not to overcrowd the walls or be repetitive. Screens displaying the same can create a perfect balance between a Zen environment and a tech-savvy one.

9. The sense of smell

The fragrance of the environment we work in has the most impact on our mood. No one likes to work while breathing in musty or unpleasant smelling air. This can be countered by installing fragrance air pumps or small baskets of scented potpourri in the workspace. Fresh flowers can be a little tedious to maintain but add a new aroma to the atmosphere.

10. Pep up using plants

Bringing in live real looking topiary trees or realistic silk plants provides geometry to not only the workspace decor but also a burst of life and freshness. Apart from that, it can give a new aesthetic appeal to the most annoying and dull office spaces as well. Thorny or dull-looking plants such as cacti should be avoided as they create a negative vibe.


Peace and tranquillity – the two most essential aspects of Zen once incorporated in your office space will herald the beginning of a tension-free, calm working environment. A place where a mid-work break allows people to experience the calmness of nature and return to their desks with more excitement and vigor, leading to more office productivity.

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