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The Commercial Decor Trends That Have Coworking Spaces Excited

Blog Monday, 05 August 2019 12:30

The Commercial Decor Trends That Have Coworking Spaces ExcitedWith a vast population today working in offices, there is no shortage of working areas in many places. Thus, there is now a need to create coworking spaces. These spaces allow for multi companies and offices to share space and resources.

These spaces are the forum of discussion today. They help to save space and money to the bosses. They also promote collaboration and peer interaction among employees in the office. This leads to more productivity and output. Additionally, it encourages more actual work time than offices with individual cubicles do.

Thus, it is vital to do up the décor of coworking spaces with great care and attention. Read on for some décor tips to excite you.

1.     Connect to the environment

The best way to energize the huge hall or coworking space is to connect to the environment. Since employees sit long hours inside for most days of the week, they lose out on connecting with nature.
Create some natural looks with lots of artificial plants and trees to decorate an office. Place them in colorful planters of various sizes and materials. You could use terracotta, plastic, mud, ceramic, wicker, etc. to keep these plants.
Create plant corners and highlight them with focus lights. Create plant walls with a variety of artificial flowers wholesale options. Save money, yet make the room come alive.

Lush and flourishing artificial plants energize the room and make the employees one with nature.
These plants are easy to look after. They won’t fade away or even shed their leaves. Choose these realistic looking artificial indoor plants in the size, shape, and color that you want. Suit the office space and purchase accordingly.
Place a water fountain at one corner or at the center of the hall with water flowing silently. This also denotes movement and prosperity. Place some mini artificial topiary trees near it and create a scenic office spot.
Greenery on the office motivates the employees to work better. It spreads cheer and life energy too.
2.     Light up the area

Most offices today try to have as many windows as possible. This allows for a lot of natural sunlight to come in saving bills of electricity. Hang some pretty drapes or fix lovely blinds on them.

Fix enough ceiling lights above work stations especially.
Don’t compromise on the lights as they will affect the eyes of the employees who sit long hours in front of their system monitors. In fact, have some extra light corners with tall lamps or downlights if someone wants more.
Avoid chandeliers as they will reflect on the monitors and disturb the workers. Use a lot of glass for natural lights.
3.     Make seating comfortable.

Place some beanbags near the tall windows. Allow employees to sit here and work. They will be delighted to sit here. Make sure that the chairs are cushioned and comfortable. Chairs with wheels are a great option as it allows some freedom of movement to the people. Use mobile and lightweight furniture items in the office.
Make corners or areas with low seating. Keep sofas, low stools, and armchairs here. You will see that many a meeting take place here in a comfortable setting and will give you better decisions too. Go in for some decorative trees indoor options for décor.
4.     Color it up

Use colors in the coworking space that will be pleasing to the eye. Too many dark colors will make space look smaller. Use lots of creams, off whites, and other natural shades. But do select an end wall and make it the centerpiece. Decorate it beautifully with bright wallpaper or designer wall paints.
Place lots of colorful silk flowers available in wholesale. Keep these flower arrangement son tables or in large vases at the corners of the room. Apart from this, use colored panels for making partitions where you need them.
Use wall art to brighten up the place. Yellows and oranges bring life, energy, and motivation into the room.
5.     Provide the facilities

Give excellent facilities to the employees. Take care of their food, water, and restroom aspects. Make a clean and pleasant looking cafeteria where employees can sit during tea and lunch breaks. Provide some working tables there too as many people like to work at the same time too.

Commercial co-working spaces today cater to a cocktail bar as well.
Keep lots of artificial indoor topiary in the cafeteria. Keep healthy decorative indoor trees in the restroom, corridors, and cafeteria.
Select a room where you can place some bunk beds for those who work in night shifts. These come in handy for a forty winks siesta in the afternoon as well. Many offices today don’t object to employees taking a short nap after lunch. Employees wake up energized, fresh, and ready to work more productively.
6.     Focus on health and wellness

If you want your employees in the office to give you more business, take care of their health and wellness as well. Apart from clean and hygienic spaces, make room for alternative practices as well. Arrange for a yoga or meditation room where they can go and unwind work stress.
Have a walking or jogging track outdoors or on the rooftop. Make a gym too. Have rooms with indoor games like table tennis, chess, carom, etc. You can also have outdoor sports and games if you have the luxury of the space.
Commercial co-working spaces also have a place for entertainment like a mini theatre, a music room, a TV lounge, etc.
Well decorated coworking spaces boost the wellness and morale of the employees. They look forward to coming to the office, and you will see less number of absentees as well.

Decors in coworking spaces are luxurious, trendy, and classic at the same time. Designs are bold and innovative. They not only brighten up space but create happy and excited workers who boost your business.

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