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The 8 Steps to Set Up an Office Creche for Your Employees' Kids

Blog Thursday, 07 March 2019 15:20

The 8 Steps To Set Up An Office Creche For Your Employees KidsWith a constant increase in workload and barely any personal time, juggling family and work is becoming a hefty task for employees. Corporations, in their efforts to make work productive and value-adding for employees, are keen to adopt parent-friendly measures, one of them being office creches.

Crèches are ideal for boosting productivity and heighten a sense of loyalty at work. Setting up such a creche can be a tricky business as one does not only have to cater to the needs of kids, the design has to fit into the ambiance and surroundings of the company in the best possible way.

Take care of all the factors and necessities before setting up a creche in an office, and a prior understanding helps in making the task less demanding. Here are 8 steps to help you set up an appropriate creche for your employees’ kids.

1. Survey the Employees

Understand the requirements of the employees before planning a workplace creche. Eventually, your ideas for the creche have to resonate with those of the employees. Conducting a survey would give you clarity regarding the number of children expected in the complex and the area and resources required to cater to them. Also, the average age and gender ratio of the employees’ children would be a big deciding factor in the layout of the creche. Make sure the responses collected from the survey are properly documented.

2. Choose a location

The location of the creche within the office is a critical decision and should be thought through. It is essential, that the location is at a decent distance from the main working area, making sure that there is no disturbance to the employees of the company. It will be ideal if the complex is soundproof. If there is a lack of space within the office, then renting a nearby space can also be an option.

3. Get licenses

Get cognizance of the legal procedures before setting up a creche facility in office. There are various departments of the administration involved in the certification of a creche. It is important to know about these procedures by visiting the local municipality given that law and order can vary from place to place.

The most common legal documents you need for setting up a daycare service are certifications from the health department, fire safety department and the education department. There might also be a requirement of site visits from many departments for inspections to make sure everything is in order.

4. Find the perfect staff

Finding the perfect staff is one of the most crucial steps in setting up a workplace nursery. Find trained child caring professionals who not only can be responsible but also provide brain gym activities for the children. Consider their skill, knowledge, and attitude before making appointments.

Background verification of the staff from a professional is pivotal as any misconduct can damage your reputation and bring lawsuits. Also, take care of the ratio of children and childcare professionals. Appointment of one crèche personnel and one helper for every ten children for the age of three and below is mandatory in many states.

5. Make the creche safe and comfortable for children

Making the onsite daycare safe and comfortable for children, reflects the effort on the organization’s part in providing quality services to the employees. There are a lot of things to take care on this front. The establishment should be baby proof, and onsite medical facilities should be provided.

There should be Focus on creating proper evacuation plans in case of an emergency and proper training of the staff to execute them. Give special attention to food quality and hygiene in the establishment. Also, every establishment must adopt a child protection policy to prevent any form of child abuse and install cameras on the daycare site.

6. Create a sanitation and breastfeeding station

Understand the importance of creating a well-equipped sanitation and breastfeeding station. Setting up a diapering area that is safe and comfortable for children as well as convenient for the caretakers, adds value to the creche. Extra diapers and baby wipes should always be present in the complex and proper measures for their disposal should be taken. While designing the breastfeeding station, make sure you make it comfortable for the mother. There should be a nursery chair, soft and breathable maternity and nursing pillow, nursing pads and Night lights in the establishment.

7. Choose the correct toys

Pick toys and stationery which encourage development in children and help them grow. It is pivotal to take the age group of children into consideration when picking out toys. While toodles might prefer climbing equipment, preschoolers would be interested in puzzles, books, and toys. Look at the safety instruction on each toy and stationery packaging before purchasing. The toys, stationery and other materials should be of high quality and not extremely complex. Avoid toys which have sharp edges and small parts as children are prone to injuries and swallowing parts. Also, Try and avoid propelled objects and electric toys as much as possible.

8. Get the decor right

Focus on the decor of the creche and make it as child-friendly as possible. Look out for different kinds of artificial plants and flowers online. You can explore various options to incorporate in the establishment such as green topiary balls, artificial boxwood shrubs, artificial plants with pots or even artificial hanging baskets with lights to make it livelier. Try to make the walls bright and colorful and make sure the color scheme complements the furniture and other accessories in the room.

Parting Thoughts

If you intend to put forward the proposal for creche to your employees, make sure you go through all the procedures carefully to avoid any possible glitches. Talk to someone who is successful in setting up an onsite creche and learn from their experiences. Don't hesitate to make changes in the original plan as you move forward with your vision.

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