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The Art of Setting Up Zen Zones in Your Office

Blog Saturday, 26 May 2018 11:27

Interior And Exterior LandscapingAn office is a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place of business for work. The workplaces are changing their appeal day by day for good. The employers are focusing more and more on the psychology of the employees. It has been well understood that employees mood and health directly affect the productivity of the company.

Now, the companies are trying their best to create a suitable and comfortable atmosphere in the workplace for employees to focus and enjoy their work. This benefits employees as well as the company. Hence, Zen zones have become more popular in making offices a comfortable place to work for long hours.

Zen is a Buddhist philosophy that focuses on meditation, intuition, and tranquility. It is a productive practice that helps you to live a peaceful life. It helps you from recovering from the stress, strain, and pressure. So, set up a Zen zone in your office to improve the productivity of your company and the quality of the employees work.

Here are few ideas on the art of setting up Zen zones in your office:

Right place

Finding the right place for the Zen space is very important. Choose an area which is spacious and quite. It helps in creating a beautiful Zen zone. This space is meant for darning stress, strain and fidgety brain from the employees. Therefore, it is vital for the area to be peaceful and quiet. Quite regarding free from disturbances caused by any external forces.

Meditation space

Zen practice also includes mediation which is an essential part. It helps in relaxing and rejuvenating mind and body. It is necessary for setting some area of the Zen zone to be meditation space. Meditation helps the employees to be healthy and active. This increases the productivity of the company. Many companies are implementing this idea of having a mediation hour for employees because it is proved in researches that meditation has improved employees’ health, mentally and physically.

Landscaping design

There is a need for new and unique landscape design for the Zen zone. Many experts help with the landscaping ideas. The implementation of any landscaping idea of the Zen zone is not very easy as each décor and equipment used for it have to be chosen with much care. Decors have to be suitable for the workplace as well as calming for employees. Use landscaping decors like artificial plants, synthetic trees, bonsai trees, topiaries and landscaping rocks. Artificial plants and trees bring greenery, and landscaping rocks will not let the Zone become boring with the green color of the landscape.

Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawns are very popular in the interior and exterior decors. They are used to create a nature like appeal to the interior and exterior. Synthetic lawn saves a lot of money and time. There is no much need for lawn care, and you don’t have to invest in planter or tools like lawnmowers, trimmer or cutters. Lawn care takes a lot of time and requires a planter. Lawn tools like lawnmowers, grass cutters trimmers also need maintenance and repairs. Thus, artificial lawns suit better for commercial places. Synthetic turf is available in various materials and sizes. Artificial green rolls and screens help in creating beautiful parks.


Planters and containers build a welcoming atmosphere in the Zen zone. For a commercial place like the office or even headquarters artificial plants and trees are suitable for creating relaxing space. They are more time and money saving. They increase the pleasantness and calmness of the Zen zone. Planters are like potted plants. They are placed or installed in containers. This set up attracts the employees.

Faux plants and trees

Fake plants and trees are easily customizable. They are made as per the requirements of the company and are blended well with the interior. They help in building a special and unique Zen zone for the office. Faux plants are trees are very durable. They make the region look lush. They create interest in employees and attracts them to use the area. Synthetic plants and trees blend well with the interiors of the commercial places making their existing look natural. Use desktop plants, topiaries, hanging plants and artificial flowers to create a beautiful Zen zone for employees.

Green walls

The environment of the Zen is the centrifugal point of the Zen practice. Everything in Zen zone matters, floor, landscape, ceiling, and walls. The walls of the Zen zone need not be dull. Use those walls also for creating a lush look. Green walls or living walls are a great way to bring the nature indoors. Use different artificial plants, indoor vertical trees, and artificial flowers to make them interesting and attractive.

Fade resistant and fire retardant plants and trees

Use fade resistant and fire retardant artificial plants and trees. They cost some amount in the initial stages of the installation and requires the least maintenance, almost zero maintenance. The primary purpose of the installation of artificial trees and plants to save money and time, hence if they are not safe or fade their color using them for the interior is of no use. Therefore, use safe artificial plants and trees.

Motivating wall posters

Suppose the Zen zone is created in a room and if you feel having living walls for all the walls is a boring idea then create patches of green or living walls for one or two walls of the space and stick motivating wall posters to the walls. They help in positive thinking of the employees. They motive them to work better and add value to their lives.


Setting up a Zen zone is a beautiful art. Above are the few simple ideas for helping you to master the art of setting up a Zen zone in your office. These ideas are easy to implement, and their implementation makes employees feel cared, and the company is profited too.

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