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The No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up Home Barbecue Areas

Blog Tuesday, 10 July 2018 06:33

Artificial Flower PlantersBarbecue season is banged on. If you like the taste of barbecued food, you can try having such an arrangement at your home. You can also open a small barbecuing restaurant where you can serve tasty meals to guests. But before trying any of the above plans, let’s fully know what barbecuing is all about.

Barbecue refers to a very slowly circumvented amount of air. To achieve this avoid, the lid of the container has to be closed. Barbecue differs from grilling as the latter refers to cooking with direct heat from the bottom. Barbecues are available in simple styles. Some of them also use fan blowers.

Barbecuing refers to the technique of slow food cooking. In its original form, Barbecuing is done with the help of smoke at low temperature and extended cooking hours. Such a preparation technique gives a different taste to food. Barbecuing methods are a combination of roasting, smoking, baking, braising and grilling.

If the BBQ space is planned correctly, you will savor an area not only for cooking but also for keeping yourself entertained. For creating such a point, the designer or owner must focus on the landscaping décor. Make sure you have sufficient areas for the prep zone, cooking zone, cleaning zone and serving zone. You can try adding few creative landscaping features to your barbecuing space.

If you have a spacious garden, you can have your outdoor kitchen there. A barbecue in an open space provides specific benefits over indoor barbecued areas. You can spend more time in a natural green space and dine there with your loved ones. The smoke is easily vented off. There is plenty of natural light flow in the room during the daytime. You can discard vegetable wastes in the garden itself. Such biodegradable wastes will add enrich the soil, adding more nutrients to it.

If one wants to have a barbecuing space in the garden, he or she can follow these catchy design tips.

1. Stony BBQ: You can have a rustic style BBQ against the backdrop of stone like patio design. You can have dim colorful lights of reddish or greenish tinge in your BBQ. This will impart a Mediterranean feel to your garden. If you want to market your presence as a professional barbecue specialist, such a rustic idea can work wonders in an urban dwelling.

2. Concrete table: You can have a particular table in the garden for your barbecue. It can be of a square like design or any other design you like. It can be rendered a smooth finish with the help of cement and sand. Such a place can be made more functional as a BBQ area with hidden storage space and a sink area.

3. Roofed design: Create an outdoor barbecuing space having a roof cover. This will act as an extension to the home interior. You will love being here on humid or rainy days. Such a space will allow the benefit of shade on a summer day. You need to bring out your barbecuing stuff and prepare your meals in such a natural spot. You can articulate the area with a horticultural plant

4. Alfresco design: You can create a barbecuing station with an umbrella at the center. Such an arrangement provides relief from the heat during summers and raindrops in monsoons.

5. Barbecue station: Barbecue station refers to an isolated or private helping you to cook with concentration upon a table placed at a corner. This will enable all your family members to interact and spend some happy times together, while the food is being prepared for them.

6. Freestanding barbecue: A freestanding barbecue is portable and can easily be displaced if need be. Have some outdoor furniture with fresh designs to make the area more attractive.

One can have a barbecuing space in interior spaces too. But before planning such an area, one must check factors like smoke control provisions inside the cooking space. Amenities such as chimney or fans vent away from the exhaust gases, making the atmosphere clean and environment-friendly. The room must be airy with the provision of ample of natural light in the day. You need to design the interior landscape suitably.

Large kitchen with windows and dining space: Kitchens used indoors for barbecuing must have a large area for incorporating the various steps of barbecuing. The safety aspect is crucial for an indoor kitchen. Modern kitchens are of the modular type with inbuilt cabinets where barbecuing accessories can be neatly arranged. They are equipped with exhaust fans or kitchen chimneys so that the smoke is vented off easily.

There should be windows for letting in air and ventilators for cross ventilation. Hence the person feels relaxed and comfortable during the barbecuing process. The lighting fixtures must ensure smooth and glare-free vision while the food is getting cooked. The dining space must be spacious to accommodate people. If the area is large enough to create a restaurant space, that idea is worth a try as well. Having a restaurant needs the person to invest more in furniture and advertising. You can beautify the area with a plant. Or else, you can add artificial landscaping features to your kitchen space. Once, your clients happy with the food served and the decor, you know your barbecuing idea has worked.

Entertainment center: You can create an entertainment center in a TV room with space enough for arranging a barbecuing dinner. Apart from TV, you can have music systems and speakers to add glamour to the event. You can invite friends to a cool hangout party by barbecuing some delicious meals for them. But you must be careful with the space arrangement. On a safety note, you can create a partition to isolate the cooking area with barbecuing stuff from the remaining space where electronic items are kept. You can add some topiary décor to make the area look pretty.

If your entertainment area is large, you can commercialize your barbecuing skills. You can create a mini-restaurant where the public can chat, have fun, sing or dance as per the occasion. Since you have electronics infrastructures such as TV and speakers, it is possible that wealthy and affluent people will come to your entertainment center. You can hire the space for events while you take care of the catering sector.

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