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The Only 'Workplace Maintenance Guide' You Need to Read, Ever

Blog Tuesday, 24 April 2018 07:16

PlantsWorkplace maintenance is one of the major necessities that are required to create a safe place to work at for your employees. Regular upkeep and maintenance of the workplace can help prevent injuries and hazards thereby increasing productivity and morale of your workforce. A maintained workplace not only enhances the safety of your surrounding but also helps to create an outstanding first impression on visitors, employees as well as your clients. Workplace maintenance is usually referred to as housekeeping but is much more than just maintaining the cleanliness of the building. It involves every aspect to be taken care of including, landscape maintenance, fire hazard maintenance, taking care of dust free and slip-free surfaces, maintaining office equipment and all. To help you with your workplace maintenance needs, we have brought a brief guide for you that consist of effective ideas for better workplace maintenance.

Preventing Fall and Slips

According to the stats of Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, slip, falls, and trips were the second biggest reason of workplace injuries that caused absenteeism of the employees widely and also financial instability to the employers. Usually, these kinds of accidents occur when the floors are not properly cleaned and dry. Wet floor often becomes slippery thus increasing the chances of slipping and falling. It is quite important to ensure that floors are properly cleaned and are dry as well. There should be a proper method of drainage system so that floors don't stay wet. Also, it is necessary to check and repair the drainage systems for any blockage. These small works can help to make your office floors safe to walk.

Keep An Eye on Trees of Your Landscape

If your outdoor landscape has large size trees, it is crucial for you to keep an eye on all those trees to keep track of their health. Because sometimes trees become fragile without being noticed and impose a threat of falling in heavy winds which may become a hazard for your property and people as well. To prevent these kinds of hazards, conduct landscape analysis at regular intervals to identify the problematic trees and find out the triggers for them. If any such unhealthy tree is encountered in the landscape area, it can be treated with appropriate treatments if possible. If the disease of the tree is beyond treatment, tree removal service need to be called. They have the adequate equipment and experience in removing trees with proper planning and care. Landscape analysis can also help you to find out all the possible threats in your landscape and get effective triggers for the landscape problems.

Ensure Safety from Fire Hazards

Commercial spaces are prone to fire hazards due to the presence of high powered machinery, multiple electric boxes, generator and all. If your commercial area involves keeping of combustible material in the office, it is important to make sure that your workforce is keeping the combustible material only in an amount that is required. All such material is required to be placed in closed areas which are away from the location of ignition sources. It is also important to keep your fire doors free from any obstructions so that in case of emergency people may have quick access to fire doors.

Also, if you are in a business that imposes fire threats, it is ideal that you limit your landscape from being spread all around. If you still want to establish a green landscape, you can choose artificial plants and trees that are made from fire retardant materials. Especially for interior landscaping, it is better to stay away from real plants for ensuring fire safety. Artificial plants not only reduce the risk of fire but also help to reduce the maintenance efforts and money to a great extent.

Eliminate Dust from Your Office

Dust in the workplace poses the risk of different kinds of allergies and ailments to your workforce. Controlling the dust should also be on your workplace maintenance list to create a safe and hygienic environment all around. If your office is located in a location that invites comparatively more dust, it is ideal to make use of high-quality vacuum systems to ensure the cleanliness of your office and prevention of dust. In dust prone areas, the dry sweep cannot be much effective in controlling dust. Hence the use of vacuum system is a good idea.

Eliminate Clutter from Your Workplace

A cluttered workplace with less space to move around may impose the threat of injuries to the people. Several injuries and ergonomics issues can be caused while working due to the clutter around the working area. De-cluttering the workplace and placing things in an organized manner is the only solution to solve this problem. You can create a separate storage space somewhere in the office where extra items can be stored rather than placing them anywhere in the workplace. This organization will not only enhance the safety of your space but will also make your workplace look neat and organized.

Get Equipment Managed and Maintained

If your business field involves working with machines and heavy equipment, it is important to keep them maintained and in excellent working condition so that the life of people working with them don't get into any risk. If you neglect the regular upkeep and maintenance of work equipment, you are probably exposing your employees to the associated risks. Also, it is also essential that you purchase the best quality equipment for your employees to work with. Regular training programs are also essential to be carried out to train employees on proper usage of the machines while also making them aware of the possible risks. This way they can work much carefully ensuring their safety.

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