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The Plantscape Inc Advantage – Why Go For These Products?

Blog Friday, 29 December 2017 10:15

The PlantscapeInc Advantage – Why Go For These ProductsThe key to a beautiful landscape using artificial botanical beauties lies in settling for not just any but the best quality products in the market.

Why choose artificial landscaping products?

Artificial landscaping products including containers, planters and faux trees and plants are mostly maintenance free and ideal for large commercial setups like malls, hospitals, casinos, theme parks, government buildings etc. These ensure that there is no need to hire employees to take care of the beautifully designed landscapes as faux botanical beauties do not require watering, fertilizing, mowing and other such maintenance works in order to sustain them. Moreover, in sensitive interior spaces like hospitals, child care centers etc. it is not very convenient to keep natural plants and trees because their presence might attract pests and disease causing bacteria. Thus, faux trees and plants are suitable to showcase the beauty of any interior landscapes without much hassle.

Plantscape Inc reputation in the market

Plantscape Inc in collaboration with Commercial silk has been serving all types of landscaping solutions for several top companies worldwide with more than 40 years of experience. What makes Plantscape Inc landscaping products distinct and widely demanded in the market is the commercial grade materials used for manufacturing them. It has a small powerful team of innovative employees who believe in evolving and using latest technologies, in order to deliver premium quality products to the clients. There is a wide range of landscaping products available, starting from faux tall indoor plants, large indoor trees, artificial tropical plants to baskets, planters, fiddle leaf fig tree, artificial topiaries containers etc. which makes it a diverse and versatile platform for all indoor landscaping needs. The immense experience in the market of faux landscaping products and commitment for so many years is very promising and makes Plantscape Inc trusted among the customers.

Manufacturing Practices

Plantscape Inc has a team of specialized technical workers who focus on designing landscaping products based upon the need of the customer. Depending on the products selected by the clients, the foliage is picked exclusively, in order to make every element of the faux interior planting trees and plants extremely detailed. Fulfilling all kinds of interior planting needs is a specialization of the company and the use of premium quality raw materials for the foliages ensures that the texture of the finished product is comparable to real plants and trees and they look absolutely indistinguishable from natural botanical beauties. These products are crafted with care and include every intricate detail preferred by the clients.

Custom Design

Since every client has different landscaping needs and the space available also varies for each one of them, custom designs can be created for different purposes. This makes Plantscape Inc very versatile and flexible as there are unlimited options to incorporate several styles that will help narrate the story of a particular interior. The clients can come with their own architectural specifications and ideas of their ideal landscape design, and then the professional team of Plantscape Inc will assist them to visualize their ideas in detail and provide them computerized view of the finished arrangement, so that they can finalize the layout of the landscape. Moreover the highly demanded faux plants, trees and topiaries can also be ordered in custom sizes in order to fit relatively smaller spaces.


Installation is one of tricky and much underrated processes that most landscaping companies tend to ignore. It is important to understand that without proper installation of the products the landscape would fail to showcase its beauty completely. Faulty installation can also lead to several hazards where the whole set up may fall down, and thus it is a safer option to leave the process to the professionals. Purchasing from Plantscape Inc ensures that there is no hassle of installation for either big or even small interior locations as all the products are installed by the company itself with no extra charges from the clients.

Servicing and Maintenance

These faux beauties are absolutely maintenance free and can deliver the mood of any landscape throughout seasons for many years. Manufactured with quality materials these do not get wear and tear even in extreme climatic conditions. Maintenance programs are also available in Plantscape Inc and varieties of services are provided based on the product requirements. This assures that even in case of any mishap or damage to the products, the beauty of the landscape can be restored and the not effected parts can be reused for other purposes. In case of loss of any structural integrity, the after sales services are responsible to fit the product completely. This is a huge advantage and leaves the client’s with no worries about dealing with damages.

Fade resistant and fire retardant

The combination of fade resistant and fire retardant properties makes these artificial, yet natural looking plants and trees retain their beauty for years. These are really affordable and are sure to serve their purpose of enhancing the beauty of any landscapes for a very long time without requiring any special care or maintenance. The vibrant colors of these faux beauties come from the top grade foliages that are used to carve them and this makes them look very realistic looking. Instead of adding a thin film of chemical coating on the top of the finished products, which might wear and tear out with time, fire retardant chemicals are mixed in the foliages of these silk plants in order to make them safer for interior decoration purposes.

Plantscape Inc products reflect sophistication and provide personality to any interior landscapes because of their botanical viability and absolutely natural feel. These products are made using the highest quality foliages which make them perfect for any commercial set ups. Plantscape Inc products go through detailed evaluation and inspection process in order to provide the customers with best standard commodities that will last for years without the need for any maintenance.

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