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The Top Benefits of Faux Plants for Landscaping

Blog Friday, 15 December 2017 08:30

The Top Benefits of Faux Plants for LandscapingOrganic beauty is something that people always fall for. This has a very long history of use in landscaping projects. This is because the organic elements make everyone happy with their lush green look, and happy people are always more productive. Moreover, a green landscape also delivers an inviting and impressing ambiance that helps to keep people loyal to the brand and ensure the growth of the business. This is why all commercial organizations are decorating their indoors with greenery for alluring people.

Landscaping with natural greens has many pitfalls, and it is not easy to meet their caring demands. For keeping them live and glowing, you have to prepare the soil, regularly water them, add fertilizers for their health, and spray pesticides for keeping them protected from mold and insect infestation. When you do all of these, they continue to outgrow the space, and you need to do regular trimming for keeping them in shape. All of these made it hell of a job to keep live outdoor topiary trees and due to these hassles; fake trees for office are extremely popular.

Corporate indoor landscapes need to be absolutely perfect for impressing the customers, clients and guests. Large number of business owners, interior decorators, and landscapers are using wide varieties of PlantscapeInc artificial plants for reinventing their commercial indoors. Here is all you need to know about their beauty and benefits.

Choose freely from many options

Plantscape Inc has a wide range of artificial landscaping products that are broadly classified into flowers, plants, trees, and topiaries. Among the faux flowers, you can get blooms of vibrant colors to suit different landscaping needs. The plants are available as grass, bush, succulent, tropical plants landscaping, etc with varieties of realistic foliage. Trees include varieties of flowering trees, fruit trees, bonsai trees, and personalization is also possible through custom artificial trees. Plantscape Inc artificial topiaries are available as balls, cones and artificial spiral topiary trees. These can also be made in typical forms for displaying the brand.

You can install these in various commercial indoors

The beauty of Plantscape Inc products is that the trees, plants, flowers, and topiaries can be used for landscaping all types of commercial indoors. Some space where these can be used include casinos in Minneapolis St Paul, lobbies & rooms of luxury hotels, exotic bars & restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, shopping malls, auditoriums, airport lounge, exhibition halls etc. Other than these, interior decorators are also installing topiary styles and other fake botanical products for revamping reception & meeting rooms of large corporate houses, Interior of government office complex, old age homes, hospital cabins, and doctors’ chambers as well. Due to their enchanting beauty, the faux plants , tropical trees enliven the place where they are installed.

Creates illusory landscape

Backed by their long stint spreading over 40 years in all forms of artificial landscaping products, Plantscape Inc is crafted with utmost care to look like their living cousins in all respects. Installing these replicated landscaping items, you will have a feeling of being surrounded by organic beauties. Moreover, as these are made from a high-quality plastic material, polyester foliage and high-grade color pigments they never lose their charm and deliver an illusory natural landscape in the commercial interiors.

Needs no horticultural maintenance

Since these are artificially made, there is no maintenance demand for watering, fertilizing, pruning and controlling diseases. Moreover, these do no shed leaves and, therefore, create no mess. Thus, no landscape cleaning is also required.

No worries about fading

Plantscape Inc artificial plants and other landscaping products are made using PermaLeaf® grade foliage that are made totally fade resistant by infusing special fade resistant chemicals into the product during the manufacturing process. As such, there is no question of the chemical getting washed off. Other than this, color pigments of high color fastness are also used in production. This is why these products do not show any signs of fading or discoloration and can be used for long without losing their charm.

These never add to flaming

Another benefit of Plantscape Inc product is that these never compromise safety with beauty. These are made using Innovative ThermaLeaf® technologies. In this process, special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the material through injection molding making those inert to flame internally. Given these, the mimic landscape products never help spread fire, if there is any fire breakout. Moreover, these pass all fire tests and also conform to the requirements of the state fire laws. So, you are safe by installing these in your commercial indoor.

Transform landscaping dreams into reality

The modern business scenario is extremely competitive. No matter what type of commercial indoor one has, it has to be the standalone type to have a cut above others. Over and above the wide range of products, Plantscape Inc also delivers tailor-made products to suit any specific requirement by the customer.

Offers easy selection and installation

Different commercial spaces have different stories to tell, and that is why choosing the right plant is vital. Plantscape Inc offers unique assistance in all aspects of landscaping from design to installation. They do a site visit for evaluation of the needs and then help in the selection of the best-suited landscaping product for any commercial indoor. If required by the clients, they also depute experienced plant installers to extract maximum beauty from the interior.

Cool landscape through all seasons

The artificial flowering plants have no life cycle and, therefore, these are not specific to any season. As such, you can have the same bloom throughout the year for giving your landscape an amazing look.

Added benefits

  • These have a long life and can be reused.
  • These are not toxic and, therefore, cause no allergy.
  • Insects are not attracted to the artificial plants; no worry of insect attacks.
  • Potable, and can be interchanged between places for a change in the landscape.
  • Onetime investment and a cost-effective option.
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