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This Summer, Buy Faux Trees From Plantscape Inc - Here's Why

Blog Wednesday, 07 February 2018 15:24

this-summer-buy-faux-trees-from-plantscape-inc-here-s-whyThe urban areas are so congested with commercial complexes that it is heard to revamp those in a trendy way. Most of the professional settings are now spaces confined by four walls and roof. Bringing in a piece of nature is a great idea to transform an ordinary commercial interior to an extraordinary space full of vibrant energy. Continuous research on the interaction between human and environment strongly indicates that people always prefer to stay near natural elements as those make them feel happy and relaxed.

Whether it is the reception area or the boardroom of a massive corporate house, the rooms and lobbies of luxury hotels, exotic bar & restaurants, government & municipal buildings, multiplex, top class restaurant or any other professional setting, the summer is the time to charm the customers, clients and visitors with new landscape trends. People always fall for seasonal trends, as they stay in a festive mood during this time of the year. Adorning your commercial indoor with artificial trees and plants would surely create a welcoming environment for gathering more crowd and ultimate growth of the business. Aside from this, including greens in the interior also make employees happy and increase productivity. This write up intends to dwell on why to buy Plantscape Inc fake trees, in the following lines.

Plantscape Inc, the industry leader

Started in 1974, Plantscape Inc is the leading manufacturer of artificial trees, plants, and other Interior landscaping elements. Backed by the expertise of their team including botanists, engineers, architects and landscape designers, Plantscape Inc manufactures the finest products available in the market for building a lively interior. Besides the standard products, they also customize their products for fulfilling the specific needs of the customers and also offer many services.

Artificial green is a thoughtful option

When considering decoration of large commercial settings, the fake greens score over the live plants on many counts. Unlike the natural greens that need serious care to keep them healthy, these require no maintenance, and, therefore, save on manpower and cost. You have only to dust them periodically for enjoying the lush green shine. These also melt with other landscaping elements making it a thoughtful choice.

You are free to choose from wide range of faux landscaping elements

Plantscape Inc manufactures a variety of artificial landscaping products that are designed to create a magical ambiance in the commercial interiors.

• Custom Trees And Plants: Creating an out-of-the-box landscape is the essence of all interior decoration. Through personalization of the landscaping products, Plantscape Inc ensures to complement the business theme.
• Flowers: No matter what is the commercial indoor you are revamping, the flowers can adorn them with their charming appearance. Being replicated, they bloom in all seasons and make the setting live and impressive.
• Plants: No other landscaping product can make a commercial indoor more cool and calm than the fake plants. With their unparalleled beauty, they transform a chaotic professional indoor into a tranquil one.
• Trees: Nothing can make a commercial space more charming than the replicated trees. The inclusion of trees in any professional space, make it pleasant and attractive at the same time.
• Topiaries: These artful fake hedges come in definite geometric shapes. With their stunning, bold and ornamental appearance, they enliven any mundane commercial indoor.

These have heavenly beauty

Plantscape Inc fake trees and plants are meticulously crafted to replicate their natural versions. These are so lifelike that they can be combined with natural plants and none can feel the difference until and unless hands touch these. You can also have personalized designs to fill the vacant interior, and that will make your professional space look heavenly.

Plantscape Inc offers you fade resistant landscaping products

Fading or yellowing is a common problem of many artificial landscaping products. There are products that turn to be dull and nauseating after some time. To avoid such problems, Plantscape Inc fake trees and plants are manufactured from top-shelf plastic material, colorfast pigment, and resin following PermaLeaf® technologies. Special UV resistant chemicals are infused into the foliage for making it inert to the harsh effect of the sun rays and bring in a cheerful ambiance in the commercial interiors for many years.

Safety is never compromised

While the artificial trees and plants make commercial interiors inviting and vibrant, there have been many instances when the fake foliage helped the spread of fire. To make the products safe, Plantscape Inc uses patented ThermaLeaf® technologies for manufacturing the fake foliage. Special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the foliage by injection molding process to make that self-extinguishing. These landscaping elements pass relevant fire safety tests and fall in line with the local fire safety codes giving you peace of mind besides beautification.

Plantscape Inc also offers unique services to the customers

  • Office Visit & Evaluation: Different businesses have different stories to narrate and, therefore, needs different interior landscape to complement the business theme. On request by the clients, Plantscape Inc experts make a visit to the business place for evaluating the needs and choosing the right landscape design for the commercial interiors.
  • Holiday Decoration: With a plethora of artificial trees and plants, Plantscape Inc experts can infuse a holiday spirit in your professional space. This will create a magical ambiance into the commercial interior and draw more visitors during the festive seasons.
  • Providing Turnkey Solution: Building a cool, calm; yet the impressive commercial interior is not easy. To make people happy, Plantscape Inc undertakes turnkey solutions for delivering the best commercial indoor that suits the business well.

What you get more

Using Plantscape Inc products, you can enjoy the following added benefits:

  • Easy installation is possible.
  • Since these are light but sturdy; these offer unique portability for making changes in the interior decoration.
  • Do not attract insects and so, your guest will not face any insect attack.
  • Does not make a hole in the pocket.
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