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Timeless Color Themes for Restaurant With Live Kitchens

Blog Tuesday, 16 April 2019 11:50

FlowersThe color themes that are used in Restaurants can have a significant impact on customers in terms of time spent in the restaurant and how they feel about the color. Studies have shown that colors can affect customer's psychology and can influence their choice of food and their spending behavior.

Choosing the right color themes for your restaurant can make the customers feel happy, increase their appetite, improve sales and also make the dining space look more spacious.

Restaurants with a live kitchen offer an opportunity for the customers to see their food being prepared and also select their own choice of ingredients for their food order and the following color themes can be used in these restaurants to maximize the experience of the customers and buying behavior.

The basic touch of Beige, White and Light Grey

This theme is best suited for restaurants that have smaller spaces. Painting the walls with beige, white or light grey helps to reflect more light inside the place and makes the interiors look larger.

White and beige can also have a calming effect on the customers which can increase the duration of time they would like to stay in the restaurant and make them feel more welcomed.

It is also important to remember while using more than one color that they should not only contrast each other but should also help to break the effect of each other.

For example, while using beige to paint the interior walls, hints of red and green can be used also to prevent monotonousness and white color can be used for the floor to create a perfectly relaxing ambiance.

Dark beauties all around: Brown, Crimson, Purple, Dark Green, and Navy Blue

If you want to have candlelight dinners on the tables, go for this theme. The dark themes can make the room look smaller, as it absorbs more light and therefore provides a warmer and cozier feeling for the customers.

Navy brown and Green can have a calming effect on the customers and increase their appetite, while purple and blue can reduce the appetite but instead make the customers feel thirstier. For better effects, some purple flowering trees at alternate corners will fold the entire décor.

Use the color blue minimally and only to contrast with the other colors. The dark theme can be best suited to provide a cozy and personal dining experience of the customers.

Colors of the earth: Olive Green, Brown, Dark Orange and Beige

A theme based on the colors of the earth can give customers a comfortable and relaxing feeling and can influence the customers to choose healthier and well-balanced food from the menu.

Colors such as olive green can increase the selection of food with more vegetables by customers, while orange can make the customer feel cheerful and happy.

Using olive green as the color of the tables and chairs and painting the walls with a mix of dark orange, interrupted by patches of beige, brown and green and using beige as the color of the floor can have an overall calming, happy and appetizing effect on the customers.

The waves of the ocean: Blue, Purple, Crimson, and Brown

Color themes based on the colors of the ocean can have a relaxing effect on the customers. Blue can be used to color the walls or floors to make the customers feel more relaxed.

But use them sparingly for they might make your customers really thirsty, especially near the tables. The oceanic theme can also include darker colors of crimson and brown which can be used for the tables and décor for the restaurant to balance the effect of blue and purple and increase customer's appetite.

How about we add tiny flowering trees hanging from the walls just so that no one gets seasick!

Something for the children: Pale Green, Sky Blue, Pink, Lavender, and Light Yellow

The pastel theme can also be very attractive for children and therefore help to increase the number of customers. Add some dwarf trees alongside the tables just for them.

Pastel colors can be very soft and light and are therefore can help to set a light mood for the customers and is ideal for informal dining. Since the colors are very light, they can be used with almost every kind of décor and for different types of restaurant themes.

Light colors can also help the interior of the restaurant look more spacious. The colors can be used in various combinations with each color having a relaxing effect on the customer.

A walk in a park: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue and Light Brown

A garden theme, comprising of the colors green, yellow, orange, red, blue and brown, based on the various colors seen in the garden can add a very natural and healthy ambiance for the restaurant.
These colors can not only boost the appetite of the customers but also foster the selection of healthy food choice.

Garden themes are well suited for restaurants that offer a healthy and organic choice for ingredients and provide a sensation of being more natural to the customers and can help to attract customers who are more health conscious.

Go a step further and identify some white flowering trees to go with the green color theme. Bring nature closer to both workers and customers.

A bad color scheme will turn your customers off. Every color can have a different effect on the psychology of the customers. Choose those colors that will foster your table turnover. The location and the area plays a huge role here.

Therefore while selecting the correct color theme for the restaurant, the selection of the color theme should be based on the intended effect on the customer. This doesn't mean you do not get to mix and match the choices.

There is no rule that one side of your restaurant cannot have the Earthen colors and another side is just for the children, or grownups who love to be kids.

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