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Top 10 Tips to Upgrade the Look and Appeal of Office Receptions

Blog Thursday, 15 November 2018 05:56

Artificial Landscape TreesOffice reception is the place where your clients first see once they enter your office. It forms the first impression of your company. So, the look and appeal of the office reception matters in your business. You need always upgrade the appearance of the reception area of your office. It displays your office culture.

So, here are top 10 tips to upgrade the look and appeal of the office reception:

Quality wall paints

The quality of the place matters in deciding if the place is updated or not. Even if the quality is not very high, let them be acceptable. The wall paints are critical in making your office reception upgraded. The quality of the wall painting has to be chosen carefully.

If possible add some textures to the walls. The textured walls are still trending. Even random patterns could be created while adding textures. When small LED lights are placed at appropriate places at patterns, they help at evenings. When lights are switched on, they look beautiful.

Silk flower centerpieces

The silk flowers are great decors to upgrade the outlook of your office reception. They make your reception area look brighter and updated. As the silk flower centerpieces are the new trendy decors, they make your area unique. Your clients and visitors will love it.

The natural looking silk flower centerpieces are versatile. They suit any place in your reception area. Place them in the center of your seating center or beside the help desk. The silk flower centerpieces are surely going to make your office reception look welcoming.

Metal finish

Metal has the shiny property that attracts everybody. Metals never go unnoticed wherever they are placed. So, to make your office reception upgrade with look and appeal use metal finishing. Add metal finishing to help desk ends or corners. Let the doors and window frames be made of metals.

Gold and silver are high in price comparatively. There are bronze, zinc alloy or copper which are affordable and easily available. Add them wherever possible to make your office reception look and appeal upgraded and attractive.

Silk flower arrangements

Silk flowers have the advantages of cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency in maintenance. The arrangement of the silk flowers happens only once. Though you have the option of changing or altering the arrangement, it is just an option. They are installed easily, and you need not have to worry about it later.

The silk flower arrangement could be made by yourself, or you can take the help of experts. Many professionals know the silk flower arrangement very well. They will arrange them according to your office reception theme and company culture.

Comfortable seating arrangement

The seating arrangement is a critical part of making your office reception look upgraded. Surely, you are going to get some visitors who will wait at reception. So, the furniture you add to your reception has to be upgraded.

Along with them being upgraded, they have to be comfortable for the visitors. The furniture has to be of appropriate size to fit enough visitors. Note down or call and show your reception to an interior designer. They will suggest the efficient furniture design to your reception area.

Silk plants and trees

The silk plants and trees are amazing decors to upgrade the look and appeal of your office reception. They are made of different types of silk materials. It makes them special and creates demand in the market. The decors which are in demand are usually the trending decors.

The silk plants and trees are synthetic but real in appeal. When they are placed in-between or beside the actual plants or trees, they can’t be differentiated. They look so much real. They also make your office reception atmosphere relaxing and pleasant.


The reception area is the representation of the company culture and style. It is always safe to create a contemporary look. It can never go outdated and will never disappoint the visitors. So, add some artworks to your reception space.
Artworks need not be costly ones. They can be bought in small pieces and arranged in a geometric wall. This is the easiest and safest way to update your office reception contemporarily.

Natural light

The lighting at the reception is something you must keep a watch. The up-gradation of the lightings is essential. The mood and the atmosphere at the reception are created by lightings. Having natural lightings in the mornings is good.

The more natural it is, more relaxing and warm the environment will be. The visitors and clients will experience an inviting atmosphere at your office reception. It is important to make your clients and visitors feel comfortable in the office.

Highlight your office logo

The company logo is the one who stays in clients mind easily. So, it is important to make the logo attractive. It helps clients, especially, when it is their first visit to your company. Add some lightings or embed them brilliantly on the wall in large size.

This will help your clients to remember your company logo. The logo is also essential for making your company popular in the market.

Provide technology effectively

You have to make sure the visitors or clients waiting at reception are not bored. Provide the free Wi-Fi or install a television. Always have the right news channels running on television. This keeps them engaged and makes them comfortable.

Make the Wi-Fi password visible to the visitors or clients. Hang a board or create some space on announce board or Wi-Fi details. This will also reduce the work of the receptionist of telling details every time to every new visitor.


Above are the top 10 tips to upgrade the look and appeal of office reception. There are many things to update and add to an office reception. Among those, these ideas are like a must. They are simple and affordable to execute. So, try to implement them as much as possible.

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