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Top Class Faux Trees from Plantscape Inc - Why Buy?

Blog Thursday, 03 August 2017 16:14

Artificial TreesTrees play a significant role in any landscape. But you cannot get a natural one wherever you want them to be. For that very reason, you need to add artificial trees instead of the real one. Plantscape Inc, a part of Commercial Silk International creates various types of faux trees that meet your requirements. Some of them are artificial tropical trees, fake palm trees, and custom made artificial trees.

Plantscape Inc is a leading brand in the interior landscaping industry. Even though it is a 40 years old brand in the field of creating interior landscape designs, yet they use the latest technology to create unique and innovative artificial faux trees, fake plants, artificial flowers, etc. So, if you have a plan to renovate or create a new indoor landscape from scratch, then Plantscape Inc experts will guide you from scratch what is best for you, your establishment landscape that will suit the best.

In this article, you will find much detailed insight of Plantscape Inc products, and we have given focus on faux trees so that it will provide you more information on their realistic trees and help you decide and create a unique and innovative indoor landscape and attract more visitors.

Benefits of Plantscape Inc Faux Trees:

Plantscape Inc is a very well-known brand in the world artificial trees and faux plants. They are created from top class premium quality materials.

  • Plantscape Inc artificial trees are fire resistant as the fire retardant chemicals are added to the materials during their manufacture.
  • They are revitalizing, refreshing and beautiful to look at when added to your landscape. They look so realistic that sometimes it is impossible to differentiate them from the natural trees.
  • They are long-lasting unlike real trees and thus save your expenditure. These fake trees can sustain on their own, and for a long period.
  • Plantscape Inc faux trees are safe and secure to decorate your indoor landscape without any worries.
  • There will be no maintenance cost as you will not needing a regular care taker to take care of the fake trees.
  • You can use them in sensitive surroundings, and need not worry about them getting rotten as they are of high quality.
  • No need to water them as they are not real trees. Since they are made of high-quality silk, chances of dust getting on them are nil.
  • Artificial trees do not need sunlight or worry about not getting sunlight while being kept in areas where sunlight is not able to reach them.
  • Faux trees do not need fertilizers, oxygen, and they do not decompose.
  • Fake trees do not need insecticides as they do not invite parasites, fungi, and insects.
  • Artificial trees need no regular cutting off their branches, unlike natural trees.
  • Since they do not need maintenance, you can concentrate or give more attention to your business.
  • The colors of the trunks, branches, leaves, and stems of Plantscape Inc artificial trees are so life like that they easily attract you, customers.

The reasons to buy and use faux trees in indoor landscape plan is a long list, especially if it happens to be Plantscape Inc artificial trees as they are created with the premium top class quality materials.

Types of Plantscape Inc:

At Plantscape Inc, you can get both varieties of real tropical trees or artificial tropical trees, real or faux palm trees.

  • Artificial Fruit Trees
  • Artificial Coconut Tree
  • Faux Bamboo trees
  • Life-like Phoenix Tree
  • Faux Azalea Palm Tree
  • Artificial Trees
  • Faux Flowering Trees
  • Fake Bonsai trees
  • Live Indoor Tropical Trees

All the details and features of their products are available on their website.

Why Plantscape Inc?

Plantscape Inc has both real trees as well as fake trees. They are compelling, fresh conduct; agile colors that will help you create an impressive and lively interior as well as the exterior environment.

Technology has enhanced so much that you cannot distinguish a fake tree from a natural tree. You can use Plantscape Inc artificial trees in an indoor landscape of your residence, big restaurants, malls, cover indoor corporate spaces, government buildings, etc. Artificial trees or natural trees both provide comfort and elegance in any surrounding. Therefore, you should always include artificial trees in your indoor landscapes since you cannot wait for a whole real tree to grow. Also, the best choice would be the fire retardant Plantscape Inc artificial trees.

Plantscape Inc creates customized fake trees and plastic plants that will mix well in your indoor or interior landscape. You can place a customized order, which includes the shape, size, and design of the artificial trees and fake plants as per your requirements.

However, if you want a tree in your interior décor within 24 hours, then Plantscape Inc is the best place to visit to get one in the next 24 hours. They provide services that include quality, function, value, and design, which will help your landscape stand out from your competitors.

  • Their team consists of experienced landscape architects, botanists and plant experts in both real plants as well as artificial trees, etc. They have professionals who have spent years in exterior and interior landscape planning and creating new unique designs. All these lead to them understanding the requirements of their customers and thus create strong bonding with each other while operating on a project or landscape design of your dreams.
  • Irrespective of the size of your interior landscape or property, big or small, Plantscape Inc professionals will work and guide you through every step from the beginning till the end of creating and designing your dream landscape.
  • Their website is also very user-friendly that you have the option to request to speak to an Expert and request an interior landscape quote. A designer from Plantscape Inc will visit you and your establishment to understand more of your interior landscape before going ahead with customization of the landscape requirements.
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