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Top Interior Landscaping Ideas You Can Realize Using Plantscape Inc products

Blog Thursday, 02 November 2017 09:41

Top Interior Landscaping Ideas You Can Realize Using Plantscape Inc productsGreenery stimulates senses. Studies indicate that people are found to have a positive attitude and become more productive in a workplace loaded with green elements and this why the present landscaping projects call for going green. But, landscaping of commercial interiors is quite challenging, as it has to be the most effective for giving a bright display of the space.

While using natural trees and plants make a commercial setting elegant, there are some pitfalls. This paved the way for using artificial plants and other landscaping products for revamping the indoors. When you wish to add flair and color to your commercial indoors, there is nothing like Plantscape Inc products. No matter if it is the reception or conference hall of a large corporate house, lobby or banquet hall of a luxury hotel, the lounge of an exotic bar or the indoors of government offices, room of the old age homes or hospitals, the artificial trees and plants can be used for making the indoors live and vibrant. Here is all you need to know about Plantscape Inc imitation greenery.

Interior landscaping elements make a difference

In all commercial organizations, the employees have to work for long hours. As a matter of fact, they are spending more than one-third of their life at the workplace. Decorating commercial indoors with artificial interior landscaping products helps the employees to do their jobs in the best possible way infusing efficiency and productivity for ultimate growth of the business. The vibrant bloom and lush green leaves also stimulate the senses of all those who visit your commercial place. Thus, using fake botanical items you can enjoy a win-win situation where your customers, clients, and guests are immensely impressed and you also have a motivated team of employees.

You can choose anyone from the many variants

No matter what type of commercial space you have or what are your plant preferences, we have such a wide collection of fake interior landscaping products that can meet all landscaping requirements. Their range of landscaping products includes the followings:

  • Flowers: These are great for livening up a commercial indoor and make people relaxed and comfortable. Artificial flowers are of the highest quality and can fill up any commercial indoor with a myriad of vibrant colors. These can be installed in pots and vases for adding style and elegance to the commercial indoor.
  • Plants: Available in a large number of varieties, artificial plants can deliver you a calm and cool indoor ambiance and creates positive vibes for getting the toughest deal done in a relaxed manner. These are out-and-out realistic leaves, and you can choose from bushes, succulents and many other varieties depending upon your landscaping theme.
  • Trees: Trees are the best defining aspect for any commercial space and impress everyone around with their stunning lush green appearance. Artificial trees are available in many varieties like bonsai trees, flowering trees, fruit trees, palm trees etc. They are perfect for any commercial space with high ceiling.
  • Topiaries: These are the most effective landscaping element. You can get topiaries in many styles and types such as balls, cones, spirals with Ivy and many other realistic leaves. These help to add warmth and style and also bring in privacy in the indoor. They also customize topiaries into special forms as desired by the customer.

Plantscape Inc provides corporate plant service for making indoors unique

No problem if you are running short of ideas how to make your commercial indoor stand above others. We have a highly efficient team of professionals and offers unique assistance that includes site visit & evaluation, customization, if necessary, and installation of the replicated greens. They also provide turnkey solutions for commercial indoors as a part of their interior plant maintenance services.

These can be placed practically anywhere

It is not necessary that a commercial indoor will always be poorly lit. These may have large glass windows and be flooded with sunlight. No worry, The office plant design includes fake botanical products made from UV protected foliage. No matter how long those are exposed to the scorching rays of the sun, there will no discoloration.

Use topiaries to fill up space

Using topiaries for filling the voids is one of the best interior landscaping ideas. Artificial topiaries are available in many forms such as boxwood balls, cones, spirals in a variety of realistic foliage. You can choose the type that suits your space or be more creative by using tailor-made topiaries.

Make radical change with planters and containers

The planters and containers are great for grabbing attention. Available in many shapes and styles there are sure to rock any commercial indoor. Besides, they also accentuate the setting and deliver an amazing landscape.

Thrill the visitors with tropical trees

Artificial tropical trees have iconic presence. These are aesthetically pleasant and deliver a romantic and tranquil feeling in the commercial indoor. Installing these in your commercial indoor you can totally change the ambiance of your indoor.

You need compromise safety with beauty

People are apprehensive of using artificial landscaping items in the commercial indoors as these are mainly made from plastics. We offer foliage that is made internally fire retardant. These have self-extinguishing properties and never help the spread of fire and also meet the requirement of the state fire code laws. Thus, you remain safe while decorating indoors.

Keeps the insects away

Unlike the live plants, imitation greenery never attracts bugs and ants. Thus, your guests will be free from insect attacks.

Added benefits

The greatest advantage of the replicated trees and plants are that these do not need any interior plant maintenance, except cleaning, unlike the live plants. These are independent of seasonal changes, portable, easily installable and can be stored when not in use. Moreover, these onetime options are cost-effective.

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