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Top Low Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Blog Friday, 02 November 2018 05:21

Artificial PlantsThe kitchen is an essential part of the home as it is the center of the family’s day to day living. Several hours are spent in the kitchen rushing around in the mornings getting prepared for work or school, making lunches to pack for a busy day or dinners to share with the family or entertain a group of friends. This is why the kitchen is often referred to as the bonding area that not only ties the home together but also the loved ones together. Thus, it becomes essential to give the kitchen an attractive look. As per a recent survey, it has been found that homeowners spend more money on kitchen makeover than on any other home improvement project. But there are simple tips available by following which one can give a complete makeover to the kitchen but at a reasonable price.

Make a proper plan

Planning the kitchen makeover should take more time than the actual construction. In case the planning is done correctly then the amount of the time you are troubled by construction havoc will be reduced. Also, you are more likely to stay on budget. To make a proper plan, it becomes very much important to study your present kitchen thoroughly. For instance, you should focus on how wide is the doorway of the kitchen. In addition, you can also create a sketch of your kitchen with measurements for walkways, doors, counters, etc.

Don’t try to save money by not hiring a professional

There is a common misconception among people that hiring a professional for kitchen remodeling will cost more money. However, this is not right as hiring a designer can save you time and money in the long run.

Design wide walkways

Paths all through the kitchen should be no less than 36 inches wide. Paths in the cooking zone should be 48 inches wide for a two-cook configuration and 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen. When planning, adjust peninsulas and kitchen islands accordingly. Keep in mind that people enjoy working in kitchen areas that do not look cramped or uninteresting. Thus, make sure that the kitchen has enough space to move around freely.

Add some greenery into the kitchen space

You can place fake palm trees, silk flowers, artificial ivy plant, and artificial outdoor plants into the kitchen space. You can put the potted artificial plants in the corner of the kitchen, or you can hang the pots as well to impart an aesthetically appealing look to space. These fake plants can also be placed near the window or can be used as the centerpiece of the kitchen. The best thing about these artificial plants is that they need zero maintenance. These fake plants give the same look like that of the genuine plants, but they do not need to be trimmed, watering, etc. You can even curve them bend them to give a real look.

Keep the cooktop out of traffic areas

In order to get child-friendly kitchen designs, it is better to keep the cooktop out of passage areas, so kids do not grasp knobs and cause spills when running through. Also, make the refrigerator accessible to both people working in cooking and cleanup areas and passersby.

Focus on the lighting of the kitchen

Correctly chosen lighting can make a world of difference in a kitchen. It can make the room look brighter and larger, and it will help people in the kitchen to work safely and efficiently. A kitchen should have task lighting and ambient lighting. Make sure that there are no shadows in the task area. You can hand pendant lights, mount ceiling lights and even install lights within the cabinets.

Do not add space but storage

Look for cabinets that are so tall that they can reach the ceiling. These types of cabinets may cost more, but these are valuable additions as you can store items here that you hardly use once in a year. The best thing about these cabinets is that you do not need to dust the cabinet tops. You can even mount small units on vacant wall areas; hang large skillets and stock pots on a ceiling rack; and affix hooks to the backside of closet doors for brooms, mops, and aprons.

Stay clear of corners

To make appliance and cabinet doors entirely purposeful, design space for the door's swing direction and clearance in the kitchen design. Keep kitchen appliances away from corners, and ensure doors won't knock into each other if open at the same time.

Spruce up the cabinet door

If the cabinets are too old-fashioned, think of adding an elegant touch to it by adding new doors. If the structure is in good shape, you do not have to replace the whole cabinet: get proper measurements and find a style of door you prefer. It will give an entirely new look to the cabinet for a fraction of the price.

Consider the countertops

Those who cook often require more counter space especially between the sink and range than those who cook rarely or who make simple meals. Installing two countertop heights makes baking simple and assists children who are involved in meal preparation. Choose countertops that look enticing and that complement the color of the wall, ceiling, and floor.

Be more focused on quality

During kitchen remodeling, durability and functionality should be top priorities. One should oppose low-quality deals and select products that mingle low maintenance with extended guarantee periods. Solid surface countertops, for example, may cost a little more, but with the proper care, they will look great for a long time and can even last for several years.


These are some of the simple tips which if followed can help to give your kitchen an entirely new look. You can even seek the assistance of professionals as they can guide you in the best way possible to provide a complete makeover to the kitchen space.

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