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Transform the Decor of a Public Library and Give It an Intellectual and Classy New Appeal

Blog Monday, 04 March 2019 12:38

Transform The Decor Of A Public Library And Give It An Intellectual And Classy New AppealA good and well organized public library is the best place to please the intellectual and literary intelligence of any person. Some books are so expensive that they are out of reach of the common man. Schools and colleges today encourage referencing rather than buying course books. And then there are book worms always on the lookout for a cozy, well equipped, and systematic reading joint.

Read on how to transform the décor of a public library. Give it an intellectual look and a classy new appeal.

Record Keeping

The most important area of a Public Library is the Record Keeping section. You need to have systems for the Inventory of books and periodicals available at the library. This will not only help to keep track of the property but also help to locate books for readers. You can track which books are issued, when, and to whom. Do a topiary décor near the corner where you place the computer and other peripheries like a printer and maybe a shredder too.

The librarian can be seated here, which is usually near the entrance of the hall. Liven up his domain with interior landscapes and interior landscaping ideas.


A library has to be well equipped with reading and reference materials in as many genres as possible. There will be material on the news, information, entertainment, science, fiction, nature, cooking, astrology, housekeeping, medicine, and many more. Store and stack the books in neat and well-organized cabinets up to a good height. Place some ladders and stools at various places for people to reach out to the top shelves.

You can have a combination of open and closed shelves to stack up and display the books. These days there is a vast variety available with curved, semi-circle, zigzag, and straight cabinets. The different shapes and sizes help to break the monotony of the room and make it less annoying too.

These shelves should be labeled for convenience as it is the most frustrating and challenging task to look endlessly for books of your choice and need in a library. Shelves and Cabinets should be dust free too. Place lots of colorful and bright faux plants and trees near the storage units. This helps to brighten the drabness of the wooden or steel exteriors. You can even go in for storage cabinet panels in various colors for various sections. Fix led lights inside shelves to light up the area.


Displays in a classy library could be charts, posters, relevant paintings, and other wall art. Display the rules of the library, frame them, and then hang them up in a couple of places. This would include the entrance, the reading section, and the reception area. Along with this, you could frame and hang important and trendy clippings from newspapers, artwork encouraging reading, benefits of reading, correct reading postures, and much more. Hang a couple of large wall clocks so that the visitors are aware of the library timings too. A couple of quotes on knowledge and reading books would be a good thing.

Lights and Ventilation

The library should ideally have large French windows for maximum natural sunlight to enter. You could fix etched glass panes or stained glass ones too. There should be enough fresh air in the hall. Open up the windows during the day to air the room, the shelves, and the books. This will prevent the musty smell from settling into the room. Ensure that the fans are noise free and in plenty. Sweltering summers could be the worst time for students to come in to study for long hours at the Public Library.

Fix led bulbs inside the shelves and cabinets. Have adequate lighting, but not the harsh naked bulbs which hurt the eyes while reading. You could place some elegant and classy tall and short reading lamps at various places. Place some planters with artificial tropical plants or artificial spiral topiary trees to bring life to the area.


A library is not just a storehouse of books, magazines, and periodicals. It is a haven for book lovers. So, extra care should be taken to make them sit comfortably and enjoy that reading or reference section. Bring in a variety of seating arrangements in the library. Place some single seaters, dual seaters, and long benches too. These days you will find that people like to sit on colorful bean bags, sofas, easy armchairs, and recliners too while relaxing and reading a book.

Place some comfortable and cushioned seaters too. Most people like to sit upright and read. There should be high tables to match these upright chairs too. Make arrangements for small and large groups to sit. You can have rows and columns as well as scattered seating depending upon the space availability. Make arrangements for readers to use a writing table too.


Make sure that the flooring is anti-skid and noise resistant. There will be a large number of footfalls in the library with people walking in and out daily. A floor which rebounds with the sound of the shuffling feet or high heels is very disturbing. Maybe a running mat or carpet could be placed in the common passage or walking paths. But, take care to dust and clean the mats as this would otherwise encourage the library to be dirty and musty. Place a foot mat at the entrance so that readers clean their footwear before entering the sacred hall of learning. Place some colorful planters with artificial tropical trees and plants along the way.

Plants and Nature

There is nothing like a bright room with some greenery in it. It refreshes a person and creates a very stress-free and calm atmosphere. Go in for artificial tropical plants and artificial tropical trees to add to the beauty. Keep a vase or two with some pretty artificial arrangements in them. These plants are very safe and cost-effective. Easy to maintain, they retain their sheen for years.

Go ahead and transform the library into a haven for reading. See the numbers grow day by day.

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