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Want More Footfall for Your Cafe? Try These Tips

Blog Tuesday, 21 May 2019 11:04

Fake GreenExperiencing a slow day in your café? It can be difficult to run a coffee shop. You need the right appliances, choose the best coffee beans, making great latte art. And all these won't be worth it if you do not have enough customers.

Foot traffic is very important for a physical store. More traffic means more potential customers and in turn, more sales. Attracting customers and leading them through the door is very difficult for any business but with these 8 tips, you can increase your café footfall.

Storefront design

Good storefront design is very crucial. It is the hook that attracts your prospective customers. Nobody wants to walk into a café whose store windows are dirty or not maintained well. Also, the storefront design speaks about your style and your shop's theme. Make sure that the storefront design justifies it.

Few works like sweeping your storefront and cleaning your windows should be done every day. Hire a worker to do that. Go outside and look at it and evaluate what extra can be done to uplift the image of your café.

Go beyond the ordinary

You have set up a spending storefront design and a marvelous outdoor look for your café. Do not end there. Add funky and quirky elements outside your café, like signage. Funny quotes apart from your daily specials and a splendid drawing (no you do not have to be Picasso, just a joke drawing of a frog drinking coffee will do) will serve as another hook for your potential customers.

These signs will also be an addition to your social media content and, in turn, can be used for your café's promotion. Moreover, people always remember quirky signage and funny quotes. Apart from footfall, your customers would spread the word about your café and thus result in more customers in the future.

A drop of nature

Nature always appeals to any person. The ethereal beauty of nature will always serve as a means to attract people which will ultimately result in more traffic and sales. Add a touch of artificial plants like outdoor topiary in an urn and nearly natural outdoor plants. Also, you can pot faux fiddle leaf fig tree and artificial boxwood hedge to provide a statement to your café.

Advertise your café

How will people know about the new café you opened until and unless you tell them about it? A major chunk of your customers would come from the neighborhood or people who reside just a few kilometers from your café. Make sure to get your name out there.

Try handing out leaflets or paying someone to get your business name on the hoarding. You do not even need to pay designers to make leaflets and flyers for you. Nowadays, loads of free websites and apps have cropped up that will make your work easier. Take your time to really make them stand out to convert the passerby to customers.

Get on social media

Social media is an amazing tool. Every person out there has an account on one or the other social media sites. Along with direct marketing, a social media presence is a great way to increase traffic in your café.

Chalk out a solid social media plan and what platform you shall be using. Facebook has always been the favorite for business owners. With a little bit of effort, a Facebook page for your café along with an Instagram business profile can work wonders. Take time out from your everyday schedule to post ongoing in your coffee shop. Click pictures of your customers (with consent, of course) and your new employees and post them. You can announce discounts or everyday specials on your page as well.

Ensure repeat customers

New customers are a great addition to your business but the old ones; especially who are repeat customers will always be an asset. Ensuring that your customers come repeatedly to your café is not that difficult. All you need is a little plan and a will to set into action.

Everybody wants something for nothing. Ensure that your customers get them too. Giving out freebies can be an excellent step. A consistent giveaway is a great way to ensure constant footfall. On the other hand, you can hand out free samples of your newly added menu item. This can be done in return for something like an email address or phone number.

The announcement of a free sample giveaway should be done outside the café door. This ensures that your customers buy other items and increase your sales. Also, their email addresses will be an addition to your mailing list for sending out advertisement emails. Repeat customers can also help with passive marketing. They spread the name of your café through the word of mouth and nothing is more reliable than word of mouth for your future customers.

Reward your customer's loyalty

A step to ensure repeat customers is to reward their loyalty. Track your customers' data on what and when they are buying. This can help you tailor how much your loyalty plans are working. Offer discounts and incentives on points. And when the points add up to a certain value, offer them a gift or a free coffee or special of the day.

Alternatively, you can use traditional means to reward your customer's loyalty. Offering them little postcards is a traditional and effective way.

Analyze your customers' habits

Every customer is different. Some will like something while others will like something else. But every customer falls under one or the other group. Analyze which group your customers fall into and cater to their needs accordingly.

Your analysis will also show you your peak sale timings and your off-peak ones. Use your customer analysis again to see what items they are most interested in and which sells the best. Offer a discount on those items on your off-peak timing.

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