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Want to Bring Dead Space in Your Home to Life? Try These Décor Tips

Blog Monday, 25 February 2019 10:22

Want To Bring Dead Space In Your Home To Life Try These Decor TipsDead areas are going to turn the nice and cozy interior into a boring and no-fun room. It’s easy to find. You must be having a room performing lackadaisically due to the empty or uninteresting stuff put inside it. These spaces appear over time due to neglect, and due to continued lack of attention, they maintain their bad effect. So what you want to do about it depends solely on your interest to do something creative and new. You can convert the bald storeroom into a joyful room full of racks in colors, your dreaded study room can have a well stocked and furnished bookshelf assisted by some flower plants, and the dull TV room may become the focus by turning itself into a gallery.

Here are some pretty basic ideas and points that can help you do this makeover.

1. Back of doors

No one ever pays respect to the doors. Actually, the back of the entries can be very useful. You just have to be a little innovative. Convert that space into a hanging platform for your handbags or maybe your magazines. If you have a shortage of space for clothing such as towels and napkins, well, that’s the spot. The back door hanger is accessible as well as manageable.

2. Window sills

They are some of the favorite spots for some people who like to take long looks at outside while enjoying the indoors as well. But often what happens is, while decorating the ceiling, walls and TV table people forget about mini-spaces inside their home. Being useful, window sills can hold potted plants and glass flower pots. Keep a clear glass vase with a bunch of sunflowers on the sill and place a small coffee table and two chairs near it; that will become the best spot for coffee and novel. And if you are a kind of knick-knack guy, you can use that sill to keep your small belongings in an appropriate place. Get a large bowl with the vibrant color finish, keep it on the sill and you can put your keys, wrist watches and other things in that bowl. In the kitchen too, use that place to keep kitchen greens or hang utensils.

3. Wall space

Do not keep the wall space empty. Normally dank color themes or colors or fully blank walls make the atmosphere dull and boring. Think about organizing the walls and wall décor. If you have multiple walls remaining empty, then make efforts to turn them into the beautiful gallery by hanging your personal pictures in frames. Or if you have students at home, you can hang one or two whiteboards. Art lovers can convert blank wall spaces into art collections. Use small arts or paintings to make the walls attractive.

4. Shadows in corners

All of the lights in your house can’t fill the gaps of corners and corners often gather shadows that discourage their proper use. You can’t keep showcase items in those places if no one is able to see them clearly. Get some extra lights fixed in these dark sides. Layered lighting systems that cover the corners of walls and ceilings are the best options. Do not keep furniture nearby the corners. And if you want to enhance the effects of already existing lights, you can make use of mirrors and walls arts. Apart from all those, corners can be used for fixing shelves that can be turned into showcases or book-holders.

5. House plants

House plants are very useful in filling the vertical heights of rooms with high ceilings. Many times these rooms feel empty not because of lack of furniture and other stuff, but due to the spacious corners and the height of the ceiling. Lonely corners can become a cute couple with potted houseplants. Artificial flowers and silk flower arrangements can adore the window sills and the corners of your hall, and on both sides of the TV table, you can put two artificial tropical plants to enhance the set-up. Faux flower arrangements are in the trend nowadays. Apparently, plants like ficus trees and phoenix palm can be placed anywhere to catch some eyes such as the porch and the entrances.

6. Innovative seating areas

Seating areas tend to be very extensive and space-consuming, which makes them very predictable and traditional in look and feel. What we are proposing is, you can create new seating arrangements that will be new in the décor and will also give the erstwhile boring scenario some life. For people who love staring out the window, create a small coffee area by bringing in one or two wooden tools and a small coffee table. Put a bowl of apples on it and get ready to enjoy the evening reading your novel. Guests also can have a little taste of your new look. Use corners to customize wooden tools to fit in and give you a separate seating area that is way cooler than your sofa. And talking about the lights, table lamps are far more suitable inside places of houseplants which will accentuate the mood.

7. Large antique objects

Antique objects can be the centerpieces of your dead place. The only thing to remember is that you make sure of other accessories that will help it build up the beauty. Large wood frame mirrors can take a wall and others can be filled with candle holders and vintage paintings. Old rustic chairs will help you mix trend of the new marble dining table with country style cushioned iron chairs. Display of vintage vases is perfect for a classical theme with redwood furniture and big game sculptures on the wall beside the fireplace.

There are lots of ideas that come freely into your mind when you start working. But make sure you have a base theme on which you can make a few modifications and sudden tweaks with accessories. Dead spaces are the result of less attention and no desire for maintenance; so it will be better to make it so creative that you can’t resist its temptation.

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