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Want to Reinvent Your Office Interior Decor? Get Some Faux Plants

Blog Friday, 08 December 2017 13:41

Want to Reinvent your Office Interior Decor Get some Faux PlantsDesigning an office space is very challenging as one has to keep in mind that the interiors of the space must be subtle yet stunning. The landscaping products to ornament the office interiors must reflect the style and personality of the company. The office interior must be such, that the visitors or the employees feel fresh, energetic and positive as they walk on the premises. A boring office decor might hamper the productivity and enthusiasm of the employees. Bring the charismatic beauty of faux plants and trees to create unique and visually appealing office interiors.

Artificial plants and trees to reflect your company's character!

The best way of communicating the company's style statement in the most subtle yet effective manner is by incorporating artificial greens to the premises. One can create focal points, use them as backdrops, create designer walls and striking letters, logos and signage through the use of wide variety of faux plants and trees. One can experiment with exotic varieties of faux tropical trees and plants to enhance the grandeur of any office space. The more visually attractive the interior of any office is, the more it will attract visitors and fill enthusiasm in the employees working in the company.

Revamp the current office interiors through silk plants and trees!

Who would want to walk in an office that is dull and boring? To create an energetic yet calm office interiors add the beauty of artificial greens to the landscaping decor. Experiment with wide variety of faux plants such as topiaries, Boxwood hedges, silk floral arrangements, hanging flower baskets and much more to create unique indoor office. The best part about using artificial plants and trees is that they can be modified to fit in the office decor seamlessly. Easy to maintain, these faux plants and trees are best suited for big corporate houses, government buildings, malls, hospitals, water parks, theme parks etc.

Add dramatic shapes to the office interiors!

Topiaries are popularly used for creating office interiors that have visually stunning shapes. Topiary define formal yet classy character of a company. It also renders symmetrical beauty to space. Available in dramatic shapes like cone, ball, pyramid and spiral, topiaries artificial range will entice the onlookers with their stunning beauty and charm. Use them in the galleries, at the reception area, in the conference room or as table top for adding twist to otherwise simple interior. One can compliment these topiaries with lights and make them look even more sophisticated. Choose from different shapes, sizes, and plant variety to match them perfectly to the office interiors.

Tropical trees for spell bounding office interiors!

Artificial tropical trees like fake palm trees are best suited for ornamenting the interior landscape of big malls, government buildings, airports, hospitals, water parks and theme parks etc. They bring exotic beauty to space and enhance the splendor of any commercial space effortlessly. One can choose the size of the trees according to the requirement and create interesting landscape decor. With fake plants maintenance efforts like watering, soiling, pest-control etc are not needed and therefore, they make for best interior landscaping products for offices and other commercial building. The lustrous green color of the leaves, the stem-color, and the texture will deceive the onlookers for them being real tropical trees.

The overall benefits of incorporating artificial greenery to the office space!

  • Low Maintenance: Artificial plants are best alternatives when you wish to incorporate greenery in the premises without having to worry about efforts that go in maintaining the real greenery. They do not require sunlight, water or soil and therefore easy to maintain.
  • Cost Effective: Faux plants like artificial tropical trees are best suited for big premises like malls, casinos, government building, hospitals, big restaurants, water parks and theme parks as once bought they become lifetime partners of the interior landscape.
  • Eco-friendly: As silk plants are fire resistant and UV stable, they are not affected by conditions like extreme exposure or low lighting. They are also insects and pets resistant and therefore completely safe to keep indoors.
  • Portable and customizable: The best part about incorporating artificial greens is that they can be customized according to the desire. You can trim them, mold them or port them to any desired place to match the interior landscape. As they are lifeless but real looking, moving them anywhere doesn’t affect their appearance and charm.
  • Durable: As artificial plants and trees are made of high-quality material, scientifically manufactured and professionally arranged, they do not get dull or lose their magnetism for several years.
  • Affordable: Although the silk plants are available in almost every variety of plant kingdom they aren’t expensive. One can get them easily from reputed online and retail stores at reasonable prices.

All these benefits make silk plants, the perfect landscaping products for office interiors.

Festive decoration with silk plants and trees!

Be it the artificial topiaries, hedges, flowering plants or any other variety, the custom artificial trees can easily be adorned with beautiful lights without getting affected. Yes! One can use decorative lights at the festive times like Christmas, New Year or thanksgiving etc to set up the festive mood. The providers of silk plants offer options like wholesale commercial Christmas decorations for big malls, theme parks, casinos etc for majestic yet affordable decoration during festive seasons. As artificial greens are fire resistant, they do not get affected by decorative lights also the color and texture is not affected even if the decorative lights are used on them for several days. Fill the space with exotic varieties of artificial plants and trees along with beautiful lights to make space look vibrant and inviting.

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