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Want to Retain Employees? Set Up an Office Crèche

Blog Wednesday, 22 August 2018 07:13

Artificial PlantsEmployee retention is critical for growth and success of the business. But a large number of organizations are losing talented employees. In most of the cases, the reason behind is the parenting problem, especially the motherhood. Taking care of the child is a permanent use for the working parents, and that is why the employers are now setting up office crèches.

Employee retention

Retaining the best employees increases the business of the organization. This ensures more satisfied customers and also improves the knowledge and learning of the organization. When an organization fails to retain the talented employees, it hits the bottom line of the company. This is because solid investment is required to train an employee.

Why people quit jobs?

There are many reasons for which people quit jobs. It could be a jump in the financial package, relaxed working hours, work-life balance, etc. Studies reveal that a significant chunk of working parents, especially working moms, change job for parenting problems.

Nothing is more stressful for a mom than to worry about the child while working in the office. This is why the working moms always prefer to join a company that takes care of their kids. As a result, they employers are seriously considering having an office crèche to boost up employee retention.

Elements of an office crèche

The following things have to be considered for setting up an office crèche.

  • Suitable space
  • License
  • Skilled staff
  • Equipment & facilities
  • Health & safety

Other than these, there should be a development program and a regular flow of finance to manage the daycare center.

Hiring the right people is also essential for the smooth functioning of the crèche. As the crèche deals with human elements in their growing age, the caregivers must be well conversant with child psychology for ensuring their all-round growth and development.

Office crèches make sense

There is no denying that the most valuable asset of any organization is the employees. Only a talented employee can turn an idea into a great invention. An office crèche allow the working parents to come to work with their children.

They can also have lunch with the kids and even spend the break time together. They also take the children back home with them. Thus, the away-time from their children is substantially reduced. What is more, they can attend to any distress call immediately.

Crèche facility for the fathers helps them to keep the kid in the daycare center when the mother is away on office work. As the parents become happy with such settings, it reduces absenteeism to a great extent. This makes a positive impact on the bottom line of the company.

Office crèches are convenient

Convenience is the great advantage of having an office crèche. This reduces the commuting time to and fro from the office. When there is an onsite daycare center, you need not drop off your kids at some place before going to work. You also need not rush up after the office hours to pick them up. Moreover, their unhappy faces bar you from focusing on the job.

With an office crèche, such problems are eliminated as the employees bring the kids to the workplace with them. This is a definite plus point for improving productivity.

It offers emotional security

The present-day employees have to work hard for leading a quality life. There is tremendous competition in each and every level of the office. And, you require mental peace to win the competition. At the same time, being a parent, you can never be oblivious to your children.

An office crèche gives you relief from all anxieties. They are now easily accessible to you, and you can take care of them if the need arises. Thus, you become more emotionally secured to work with full swing.

Attracts talented employees

Working parents know very well that affordable good child care is rarely available. This is why working parents consider office crèches as a great perquisite. This puts the employers in a win-win situation. The skilled and experienced employees do not leave the job. The talented child-bearing moms also feel attractions to join the organization.

There are long-term financial benefits as well

An office crèche also proves to be beneficial for the employers in the long run. They can retain their most talented employees for many years. It also helps them to evolve a succession plan. As the employees become happy with office crèche, they remain focused to the job. This helps to have steady profit generation for years.

Trees and plants make an adorable crèche

Having a successful crèche is tough. Other than providing the basic games and facilities, the children should be acquainted with nature as they grow. Adorning the crèche with trees and plants is an excellent option for this.

But the live plants are not suitable for crèches on many counts. These require soil to thrive and have a box-load of maintenance demand. The live plants attract insects and grow molds. These are not at all acceptable for a crèche.

Including the artificial landscaping elements eliminates these problems. As these do not attract insects and cause no allergy, they are safe for crèches. Moreover, you can get the artificial indoor trees in a plethora of customized varieties of flowers, plants, and trees, etc.

Made stunningly realistic, the indoor landscaping plants are like mirror images of their live cousins. These are also durable and fire safe. Coming in standard pots and bases make them easily installable. These are also available in full-grown sizes and start adorning the crèche immediately after installation.

Using the artificial topiary trees in different shapes and sizes, you can create an attractive playing area for the kids.


A majority of the working moms reach the peak of their career in the child-bearing age. They suffer from a feeling of guilt as they return to work leaving the child behind. Only, an onsite office crèche can influence them to stay at the job.

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