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Want Your Home to Make a Good Impression? Do This

Blog Monday, 21 January 2019 10:00

Fake Tropical TreesPeople want to live in a beautiful home, and that looks impressive to the guests. But, it takes a few seconds to form the first impression. This makes the process challenging. Fortunately, there are tricks that can make your home convey the right message. We have gathered 10 ideas to roll the ball.

1. Create a welcoming entryway

Your entryway is the first meeting point with the guests. Styling the entryway goes a long way to impress them. Place a sturdy table, with a ledge down below, in the entryway. Your guests can keep their shoes and umbrellas there. Adorn it with a flower vase or an artwork. Also, paint the door trim. This will make your guests interested in your home.

2. Apply color-blocking

The color of the paint used creates a big impact on everyone. So, you should choose the color palettes wisely to make your home elegant. But making a room impressive using a single color is really tough. Color-blocking or using complementary colors are perfect to enhance the look and feel.

Matching different colors of the same family is a brilliant way to create a stunning display. Paint adjacent walls with complementary colors. Or, you may opt for a monochrome wall with matching color lines. Have different combinations in separate rooms. This will make your home look awesome.

3. Think beyond standard lighting

Nothing makes a room more elegant than lighting. Get rid of the traditional lighting and opt for the ambient, task and accent lighting. Light up the rooms with diffused indirect lighting. Hang a chandelier or a pendant to make a statement. Also, adorn the room with oversized lampshades and have spotlights to highlight the art pieces. Include dimmer arrangement. This will create a magical ambiance.

4. Keep it clean

Things will tend to accumulate in the house. But do not take this as inevitable. There should be a limit to this. Mind that the collectibles and clutters are not the same. Remove the piles of magazines from home.

Also, make a list of the things that are scattered in the rooms and stash everything in the drawers. Your shoes, key rings, and other things should be kept in the designated place. Get your home vacuumed every weekend and followed one in one out policy. These will cast an impressive look.

5. Use high hanging drapes

No matter of the window size, hang the drapes from the ceiling to the floor. This will attract the attention of the guests and create an illusion of more height. You can use fabrics or velvet drapes whatever goes well with your décor concept.

Applying the color-blocking principles for window treatments is a brilliant way to make it eye-catching. Varieties of curtains printed with lines in a matched shade are available. Get those to make your home vibrant.

6. Invigorate with a scent

Aside from being eye-catching, your home has to be sensory pleasant to make it impressive. Fragrances can evoke an excellent first impression. Use vanilla or citrus scented candles in the entryway or in the living room infuse the room with uplifting scents. If scented candles are not your cup of tea, you may go for air fresheners. Also, include flowers as a mood enhancer.

7. Allow the furniture to breath

More than often, we place the sofas and couches against the walls. We also club furniture together. Move them a few inches away from one another. Also, pull the seating arrangements slightly away from the wall. These will let the furniture breathe and create an airy feeling in the room and impress the guests.

8. Decorate with fruits

We use fruits and vegetable as decorating elements in the festive occasions. But, seasonal fruits can look beautiful throughout the year. Display them in glass containers on the tables a natural décor accent. Pick apples, lemons, pomegranates, grapes, oranges, etc and put them in the clear bowls. Get varieties of the bowls of different sizes and shapes. When fresh fruits are displayed in them, they immediately lift up the place. Combining these with flowers also imparts an impressive decoration.

9. Play with the accessories

Infuse your home with color and texture through accessories. This will give a nice facelift in a budget-friendly way. Add matching throw pillows on the bed and on the sofas. Use colorful linen to make a bedroom look luxurious. Ground the furniture on rugs they will define the zone and make the room more colorful. Also, personalize the towels with your initials embroidered on them. These thoughtful touches will make your home impressive.

10. Enliven with greeneries

Greeneries are the best to enliven a place. People became relaxed and refreshed when they are near nature. Maintaining the live greeneries is tough due to their serious maintenance demands. This makes the artificial indoor trees the most obvious alternative.

These exterior and interior landscaping elements are available in a large number of varieties. You may pick anything from flowers, plants, trees, topiaries for decorating your home. Made from high-quality raw materials, they are like the mirror image of the live plants. Thus, the aesthetic requirements are taken care of.

Using the interior landscaping trees and plants delivers a long-lasting décor. These are infused with UV blocking substances, and hence they never fade. There are also fire retardant trees and plants that keep your home safe.

You can get them in customized sizes to fit any space and décor requirement. They need no waiting period and deliver instant decoration. They are coming in standard pots they can be placed anywhere in the home easily. The tropical trees and plants are perfect to give a tropical touch. With their lush green fronds and a stately trunk, they create a magical outdoor.


An excellent first impression is sure to create a long-lasting impact. The above are the most effective ways to make your home impressive. You can implement them easily without breaking the bank. Try any or all of them, whatever suits you. You will not look back again!

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