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What Are the Basic Interior Decoration Tips for Bedroom?

Blog Thursday, 11 October 2018 05:27

Artificial Indoor TreesEver wondered why you are not able to fall asleep instantly even after a long tiring day? You read up and follow all the pre-sleep routine, and you go on medications, take up yoga, breathing exercises and what not. Did you know the problem may not be with you? The culprit may be your bedroom.

Little do people realize the importance of proper bedroom decor. The science of decorating your bedroom has a little more to it than just aesthetics. Of course, ultimately it is your eyes that react to a particular setup or ambiance. The key to a good bedroom decor is in its comfort. The visual appeal of the room must immediately set the stage for relaxation. How do you achieve that?

Well, there are several aspects of decoration you could incorporate, to have a relaxing, unwinding personal space. Given below are some of the decorating tips that can calm your senses, bring in peace and tranquility and yet sensible on your wallet.


Believe it or not, lighting can play unbelievable tricks on the mind. That is why it is important to understand the importance of lighting. Dim lights help soothe the soul and keep off distractions. They work on the brain sending messages to release melatonin, a chemical that is published in mind to induce sleep. Keep lighting to a minimum or use dimmers during bedtime. A warmly lit room is naturally cozy, inviting and most desirable to get ready to rest.


Colors like lighting, give out their message in a subtle way. Get away from the drab whites. But, bear in mind bright colors will make your mind loud and won’t let you doze off. Give hints of color to your walls. Paint your walls with warm, neutral and earthy tones like sage green, beige, light blue, mauve, and neutral grey. Needless to say, the same rule applies to your walls, furnishings, bedcovers, and draperies as well. You can add earthy tones, textures and warm colors using a luxurious silk plant or silk floral arrangements on the dresser or a nightstand.

Accent wall

These days, it’s becoming a fad to add wall accents everywhere. Very often people don’t even think about the implications of the accent wall. Say you have a ‘war scene’ as you accent wall in your bedroom. That would be ludicrous. Choose an appropriate scene. Accent walls are not only used for decoration, and they are meant to serve a purpose. Use calming views on the wall. Pick a scene you would like to be the last one before you shut your eyes each night. It could just be a virgin beach or a tropical island with palm leaves. This will give your room a character and make it the most desirable place you would want to get away to rest.


A bed is the focal point of a bedroom. Add a bed with an ornate headboard and posts for that Victorian feel. If it’s a little beyond your budget try, putting up a painting in place of a headboard on the wall. This will spruce up your room and give your bed an instant makeover. Remember, the size of the bed must be well balanced to the size of the room. A large bed for a tiny space will make it look tight and crowded. On the other hand, a small bed for a large room will look unbalanced and awkward. In short, your bed must be proportionate to the size of the room. That’s not all. You may be sleeping on the most beautiful bed in the world, but, it serves no purpose if the mattress is too soft or too firm and cannot give you a good night rest. Not worth it! Invest in a good quality mattress. After all, only a well-rested body is ready to take on the challenges in the coming day.


It’s a known fact, and clutter raises anxiety. An unkempt or cluttered place will not show the room well. You may have the most expensive collections or displays, but an untidy room will always grab your attention to it. Keep the place well lit, dusted and clutter free to display and enjoy the best of your collections. Tidying is one of the most inexpensive ways to instantly add light, space, and appeal to your room which most people fail to realize.


Accessorizing your bedroom is a great way to add a personal touch. Placing pictures of your kids, or grandkids, your pet, a few of your favorite travel collections on the nightstand or the work desk can enliven and spruce up the room immediately. You may also bring in elements of nature and outdoors like silk ferns and faux flower arrangements for an earthy tone.

Calming effects of nature

If you are a lover of nature and are looking to add an element of tranquility to your room, you can make your little garden with fake plants. The advantage of adding artificial plants is that there is no hassle of maintenance. No watering, taking out in the sun, soil turning, pruning, troubles of indoor allergens, mites and so the list goes. Just a little bit of dusting is what is required.

If you are one of the lucky homeowners with a balcony or a sit out in your bedroom, you could go for landscaping options like adding artificial tree branches with leaves, artificial grass plants, and fake orchids. Having an artificial garden is a breeze to maintain and easy on the pockets. If you have an eye for detail, you will be surprised to know that some of the faux trees and artificial flowers available in the market are so near real that is hard to tell unless one touches them. Wouldn’t it be great to sit amidst a cozy luscious evergreen garden, sipping your morning cup of coffee and watching the chirping birds and the sunrise daily before you step out to work?

One can say decoration is another name for arranging. You may have the most expensive collections in the world, but if they don’t fit in, they don’t add value. No matter which professional or interior decorator you go to, he will always begin with your taste. He is not going to decorate for his taste. It is your room, it must befit your liking. So, you may be wondering why do I need an expensive decorator? I might as well take time and decorate to my taste by adding elements of my personality to suit my liking. You are right. Go for it!

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