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What Are The Benefits of Having Faux Plants in Your House?

Blog Monday, 26 November 2018 12:56

Artificial Indoor PlantsHaving a perfectly trimmed hedge and well-maintained flower pots can be the best ornament for your house and can never fail to impress the guests. This trend is catching up with the urban population with much gusto. Where there are people who are already taking much effort in rearing and maintaining their in-house greenery, but the effort to keep up the good work is ever increasing. Due to which, the faux plants or artificial plants are taking center stage in many houses. As opposed to their artificial ancestors, fake plants today have taken a complete aesthetic overhaul and can even be confused for the real ones. They are coming in handy for so many reasons that they are replacing the entire row of natural ones or are also going in patches between the natural ones. The best of the reasons are listed down here.

Evergreen and Durable

Artificial plants and trees are never affected by seasonal changes. Unlike natural plants and trees, artificial ones do not shed flowers or leaves neither do they change in color or appearance. Hence, the artificial plants retain the look in all seasons. Whatever look you give to your house, artificial plants help you retain the same for over multiple decades. Only little dusting and light washing is required to maintain the appearance. Besides, these are made of high quality and long lasting materials which make them water as well as pest resistant. This makes sure that you enjoy your plants all year long without any worry.

Best Aesthetics

Artificial plants and trees look so natural that they can easily be confused with the real ones. The effort to make them look realistic is made to such an extent that caterpillar holes and old and brown leaves are added to the plants and trees.

Low Maintenance

Since artificial plants and trees do not need water, manure, soil or trimming, they are great for saving water and other maintenance cost and time associated with the natural ones. This makes them the best option in water scarcity areas without compromising on the look you want to achieve with the real ones. Thus, artificial plants maintain their best looks with little effort. Natural exotic plants are expensive to buy and even more expensive to replace once they whither when not taken good care of. Plus they need tending every month. Being cost effective, artificial plants are also the most economical option in tight budget situations as they are a long-term one-time investment.

Wide Variety

With artificial plants and trees, you are not just restricted to the seasonal ones and can also play around with the high maintenance plants and trees too. Since the artificial plants and trees do not need any specific climatic conditions, you can choose from all exotic variety of plants and trees without having to worry about their maintenance. Artificial jungle vines, artificial cherry blossom tree, fake bonsai tree, artificial aspen tree and the vast variety of artificial flower plants can be placed anywhere at any time of the year.


Although indoor natural plants are well known for improving the air quality around them, there can be some side-effects too like allergic reactions, pests, and dirt near the pots. Artificial plants are high in such situations as they are made of good quality non-allergic materials and, thus, do not attract pests. They do not even require regular potting and maintain a hygienic environment. They are also non-toxic for children and pets. There are a large variety of plants which are toxic when eaten or swallowed like lilies, aloe-vera, cactus especially for pets who tend to nibble at curious new things. This also means that they are safe from the toxins of pesticides. If you do not want to go through the hassle of the side-effects, then artificial plants are the best bet.

Great Fit for Indoors

Ever wondered how much of sunlight, moisture, manure, and air exposure is right for your indoor plant. Well, worry no more with the artificial ones. You can place them in any corner of the house, at any height or even the darkest area for a rustic look and they will retain the look forever for you. You need not necessarily put the plants near a window or a door for sunlight and air.


The best part about opting for faux plants and trees is their ability to fit perfectly in your imagination. You can have your design of foliage with all kinds of plants and trees, even the exotic ones. And, the arrangements are also numerous. All-time fresh vertical gardens, hanging exotic plants and flowers, indoor hedges, decorative tree branches, and even large exotic trees can be placed within the premises of your house without much fuss.

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