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What Are the Benefits of Office Planting, and How to Do It Smartly?

Blog Monday, 15 October 2018 05:30

Fake Office PlantsIf your office feels dull and stuffy, adding greens is a great way to fix that. Plants have manye benefits and can add a lot of character. They are also an excellent source of peace and happiness in your hectic schedule. This blog will tell you the benefits of office planting and how to do that smartly.

Plants enliven the office

Enlivening the office is the most obvious outcome of office planting. Having plants in the office make it engaging and attractive as well. Humans have an innate affinity for plants. As such, the healthy plants fill the office with a more positive vibe.

Plants also improve the office ergonomics. They can make an office look warm and homely. No matter what the style and type of your office are, you can enhance the aesthetics using plants. They also improve community wellness and the overall appearance of the office.

Plants help stress reduction

Spending time in the midst of nature is the best way to unwind. According to the psychology of colors, green has a calming effect on the people around. Embellishing the office with plants brings in a soothing ambiance.

As the employees hardly find any time to go out, office planting lifts the spirit. Thus, the plants help to reduce stress among the employees.

Plants make the office more productive

The employees feel happy and comfortable when they are near plants. This helps them to concentrate more. This, in turn, reduces the chances of committing mistakes and improves the efficiency of the people. Studies suggest that including plants in the office also improve memory retention of the employees. This makes them more productive.

Plants spark creativity

Flowers and flowering plants help to reduce the negative feelings of the employees. They add a nice natural touch to the office environment. This improves the moods of the employees and inspires creativity in the workforce. They can think innovatively and come out with easy and unprecedented solutions to critical problems.

Plants reduce sickness and absenteeism.

Presence of plants in the office psychologically affects everyone. These also make a positive change in the employees making them happy and relaxed. Since the anxiety and the stress reach a lower level, there are fewer cases of sickness. This helps to lower down the absence rates.

Faux plants are the pride of office landscape

Office plants are tough to maintain because of the heavy maintenance demands. This made the artificial plants a perfect office plant. They seamlessly blend with the surrounding and make the office unique and attractive.

Available as flowers, plants, trees, topiaries, etc, these add freshness and color to the office. Passing through many evolutions the faux plants and trees now look stunningly realistic. So, there is no compromise on aesthetics.

The fake trees for office score over the real plants for the following reasons:

  • No maintenance
  • No mold growth
  • Cause no allergy
  • No insect attack
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, the artificial topiaries can make an office mesmerizing. These are manufactured using high-quality foliage and robust and colorfast pigment. This makes them strong and durable. They never grow out of shape and, therefore, require no trimming.

These artificial landscaping elements are infused with UV-blocking material. Thus, they never fade. They are also impregnated with special chemicals to make them fire-retardant. This makes them safe to use in offices.

Put the faux plants where natural plants can grow

If you want to benefit from using fake plants, you have to be smart. Including them in the corners without any sunlight will not make the office shine. Of course, they can stay there. But no one will take them as greeneries in the office. They will look like plastic elements and will never be able to boost up the place.

You should, therefore, install fake plants where natural plants can grow. If you have a lawn or porch, these are the beautiful places to do so. In this way, you will be able to improve the office appearance and convince the people.

Make them look like the natural plants

Put your best efforts to make the artificial plants look less artificial. Maybe you are planning to use them in pots for your office. In such cases, re-pot the plant in a new pot and use real dirt. You can also use real stone and gravels in the pot and keep watering arrangement.

This will deliver the best near-natural view and improve the office environment. Another great trick is to mix them with real plants. But, be sure to take care of the live plants to make them shine. This will revamp the office to a great extent.

Use faux topiaries for adorning the office

Coming in a variety of style and shape they are great to reinvent an office space. You can place these anywhere starting from the reception to the office floor to the break room. If you follow an open office plan, then you can use topiaries to create spate zones. These are also great for making the pathway on the office floor.

Accent with fake flowers

Blank walls make an office dull and drab. You can use flowers for adorning the walls. They can also be used in vases on the office tables. These pseudo-natural elements will add depth and dimension to the setting and lift the ambiance in a jiffy.

Create an office garden

An office garden can bring in vibrant colors in the setting. If you are blessed with a patio in the office, turn it into a garden. This will make the office amazingly beautiful. Additionally, you can also think vertically. Install the artificial plants on the window sills to make those visually pleasing.


Offices are all about generating revenues. If that is not there, no office will survive. Green offices boost up morale and make people more productive. Try to implement these ideas. These will make your office a cut above the others.

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