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What Makes Artificial Plants Such Star Sellers Among Landscaping Enthusiasts

Blog Thursday, 18 January 2018 12:53

What Makes Artificial Plants Such Star Sellers Among Landscaping EnthusiastsHaving an excellent visual identity is crucial for every business. Because there is a day to day inflow of customers as well as employees. A visually appealing environment takes their zeal and enthusiasm to the top level thus enhancing the productivity of the overall business. Artificial plants and trees have gained much popularity these days for making the commercial spaces elegant and appealing. Artificial landscaping products create a rejuvenating atmosphere to the within interior as well as exterior space. Moreover, they do not have any day to day maintenance requirements, hence are much preferred by businesses.

With the rise of interest in artificial landscaping, there has been a vast competition in this industry. Various manufacturers and suppliers claim to be offering the best products. However, for creating an outstanding office landscape required the usage of top-class products along with creative and adaptive landscaping services that a few of the providers have.

Plantscape Inc - A Reliable & Renowned Landscaping Provider

Plantscape Inc is one of the divisions of Commercial Silk Intl and is a renowned name in the artificial landscaping industry. It was set up in 1974 and since then, it has been designing, manufacturing and providing top class faux plants, trees and foliage across the world. It has been recognized as the most trusted brand in the industry. It offers complete landscaping services for commercial buildings ranging from planning the most suitable products, custom design the plants as per preference and get the landscape installed perfectly. Their dedication to offering quality products and services have made them one of the first choices of customers. Let's have a look at below-listed features of PlantscapeInc's services and products that have made them so popular.

Pre-Installation Evaluation

With Plantscape Inc, you need not to take the burden of evaluating your landscape as their professional team will analyze your settings once you contact them. They will visit your location, and upon evaluation of the site, they will recommend the most suitable and right type of product and landscape design to cover your space a stunning and attractive complex. They take off all your stress of managing and deciding things, and your task just remains to approve their suggestions.

Lovely Interior Landscape Design

Plantscape Inc professionals are not the only expert in designing landscaping products, but their experience and qualifications also comprise of interior design knowledge and expertise. They can suggest you the best interior landscape ideas to best decorate your commercial space for effective presentation and visual appeal. Ranging from your reception area, entry doors, meeting rooms, dining rooms as well as conference rooms, they have a master design plan for every place and the ideal faux plants, trees and foliage for implementing the plans.

Professional Horticulturists as Manufacturers

Highly professional and experienced team of creative manufacturers at Plantscape Inc includes qualified horticulturists who have the knowledge and expertise of every single plant, tree and foliage and their properties. Their expertise helps in manufacturing silk plants in such a way that these resemble exactly with their real counterparts. They look so fresh and lively that onlookers can hardly make a difference between them and the real ones.

Most Durable and Long-Lasting Plants for Your Landscape

Plantscape's beautiful range of artificial trees, plants, foliage and other landscaping products is not just awesome in their appearance, but they also offer you durable solution for your landscaping needs. Designed using the highest standard synthetic material, they provide years of fresh and appealing presence to your indoor or outdoor area. They are not just manufactured for a limited lifespan but are designed to deliver your commercial space the exact resemblance of natural beauty and freshness.

Get Delivered and Installed Hassle Freely

With Planescape, you do not need to take the stress of transporting and them installing your landscape at your place. As their professional team makes sure that you are delivered with a perfectly designed and installed landscape on time. Their qualified installation staff ensures your complete lawn gets ready without any hassle to your day to day office routine. 

Vast Selection of Faux Plants

Plantscape Inc has the vast selection of indoor and outdoor plants and trees for commercial environments. Whatever may be your landscaping need, they have the most suited custom solution for you. You can choose from countless varieties of artificial tree, silk flowers, green foliage, indoor plants, vines, bushes, topiaries, tropical trees, palms, green mats and more that are required to create an appealing landscape.

Ideal for Special Occasions Too

The complete line of artificial plants from Plantscape is not just ideal for regular landscaping, but these are considered to be one of the best decor items for special occasions as well. These are one of the greatest alternatives to expensive decor and artful products. Whether you choose large artificial trees, palms, lovely flower varieties, vines, hedges or any faux foliage, these can make your space stunning for special occasions. Ranging from Christmas decorations and holiday decoration to new year eve or any official event, you can make your place look mesmerizing.

Innovative Technology Utilized in Manufacture

The manufacturing process of complete Plantscape's landscaping solutions involve incorporation of innovative and advance technology to deliver best quality product to customers. The most important technology used in the manufacture of their foliage is ThermaLeaf® to ensure all the products are fire retardant. For this, various fire-retardant chemicals are impregnated into the raw material during the manufacturing process thus creating the safest solution for commercial environments. Another important technology used by them is PermaLeaf® that ensures that all the landscaping products are UV, water and different kinds of weather resistant. These technologies utilized to result in highly durable and safe solution for your landscaping needs.

Smoother Appearance of Ultimate Furnishing

With most of the landscape providers, you will find that their products are not furniture and thus have rough surfaces. To achieve the best smooth, shiny and natural looks, Plantscape makes sure to do landscape furnishing. You can also get the complete line of furnishing items so that you can have the desired style and crisp in your landscape.

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