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What Makes Plantscape Inc. Faux Landscaping Products the Best in Market?

Blog Friday, 14 April 2017 13:47

Landscaping Products for Commercial PlaceAre you planning to give a perfect makeover to the interiors of the exotic resort you own? Do you want to attract the customers and provide them with a new experience during their stay? Well, not only this but the change in the indoor decor can also be very appealing for the staff working there, to get some added operating energy. But what decor items to be placed and used, that's a tricky question.

Getting decor items which have some close connection with nature can be a smart choice. It will bring in the needed positive vibe and create an environment which will be liked by anyone and everyone visiting the premises of the luxurious property. Installing beautiful plants and trees at different parts of your interiors will be innovative and also will add to the aesthetic taste of the property. But, growing and taking care of real plants or trees can be a hectic task, given the care regime, it demands by using manpower.

Hence, the smartest move should be and end to this problem should be to install the replica of the various botanical products meant for indoor and outdoor use. These artificial plants and trees are incredibly appealing and look realistic.

So, where should you look for these faux plants and trees meant for interior landscaping?

Since 1974, the company which has earned its name and reputation for being the most famous and reliable company in manufacturing the best quality of fake botanical products is Plantscape Inc. The manufacturing team of the company is extremely professional and creates realistic and exact looking faux plants and trees. The products found in their collection has got many varieties. Faux tropical plants and trees meant for both indoor and outdoor use, artificial flower arrangements, topiaries and they also manufacture unique looking planters and containers.

Botanists, designers and landscape architects who are considered best in the industry are hired by the company in making their strong manufacturing team for creating the replica of the original botanical landscaping products. On the reception area of a large multi-speciality hospital or at the special cabin meant for patients, if these artificial beauties are placed, it will upgrade the quality of the interiors. The company professionals also handle the installation process for these landscaping products; they can handle even the landscape architecture on the request of the customers.

In comparison with original plants and trees, why are these faux botanical beauties preferred?

Preference is always given to any landscaping decor items, which involves you to spend less money and time on its maintenance regime. Real plants and trees will always have issues related to these problems. Hence, it is advisable to install these fake alternatives found in Plantscape Inc collection. The other reasons supporting their preference are mentioned below:-

  • Trimming, cutting, pruning, and shaping is entirely necessary for real plants and trees at regular intervals. While the artificial alternative will not require these regimes to be followed.
  • The live trees and plants will always need suitable weather conditions for its growth and survival. On the other hand, the faux ones will keep looking same at any weather.
  • Regular watering and exposure to sunlight are crucial for the survival of live plants, while the synthetic botanical products will never need them.
  • The replica of the original plants and trees will not let you incur any additional cost once you buy them, but you need to buy pesticides and fertilizers for retaining their good health.

Why are these fake botanical landscaping products from Plantscape Inc so much popular with the landscape designers?

Owners of large and luxurious properties like large corporate offices, five-star hotels or any shopping malls, always consult the best landscape designers and architects to turn their interiors and exteriors extremely attractive for their clients. For executing these jobs, they only reply on products from Plantscape Inc. because of their realistic appearance; no one can differentiate their look compared to the original live plants or trees.

Silks of very superior quality are used for their creation. These faux botanical landscaping items are the quite light weight too. But what makes them entirely desirable is their price, which is very much less compared to products manufactured by rival companies. Any amusement park or water park can also use these products for their interior landscaping needs.

What are the unique characteristics of these fake botanical garden products from Plantscape Inc?

Get the feel of a tropical island right inside your luxurious property by installing these artificial foliages from Plantscape Inc. Their unique properties are explained below:-

  • The faux botanical products found in their collection are made completely fire retardant. They got class A fire rating from the state authorities proving this point.
  • The surface of these products is impregnated with anti-fading chemicals for saving them from losing their beautiful appearance.
  • Other special chemicals are also impregnated on their surface for protecting them from harmful UV rays.
  • You can place these fake beauties inside any luxury restaurant without worry as they are made from non-toxic chemicals. These products can never affect the food in the restaurant.
  • These products are extremely cost effective, bought once they last all your life and also retain their attractive appearance. Just a bit of dusting and washing once a while are required as their care regime.

How to purchase and order for these fake botanical landscaping products from Plantscape Inc?

Any variety of artificial foliage like small or large plants, trees, topiaries, required for your interior or even outdoor landscaping needs can be ordered from the company. By visiting their official website, you can request for the catalog and quote. They accept all forms of customized orders, just contact the company and do it.

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