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What Makes Your Corporate Meeting Rooms Imposing and Classy?

Blog Wednesday, 12 December 2018 17:20

Artificial Tropical TreesMeetings are a vital part of almost every office whether they are held with the staff member of the company or the clients. Thus, having a perfect meeting or conference room can play a vital role in many ways. In case the office does not have a proper meeting room or is not properly equipped with high-quality office furniture and all other essential facilities, then it becomes essential to upgrade the meeting rooms. Besides this, having a flawless meeting room with all the essential modern equipment can also help to create a lasting impression. Mentioned below are some of the ways by which you can make the corporate meeting room look imposing and classy.

Include appropriate furniture pieces

Conference indicates business, and thus a business owner should not settle for something which is cheap as it might have an unnecessary effect on the business deals in case things go wrong. For instance, the room can be decorated using easy revolving chairs and shiny table. The chair meant for the individual heading over the meeting is set apart from others by choosing high back revolving ones. It is best to keep the ambiance down-to-earth and natural with colors inspired by nature, for instance, woody brown for cabins, olive green color for chairs and earthy colored carpets. To avoid a cluttered ambiance, the room should be served with lots of free space. In case the meeting room is not spacious enough, it is advisable to avoid heavy furniture even if they are high on usefulness. Keep in mind that smaller furniture pieces in a space constraint meeting room help people to enjoy an airy atmosphere.

Take into consideration the need of the clients and employees

A business owner’s main responsibility is to make the clients and employees as much as comfortable as possible. Make sure that the chairs have adequate elbow room in addition to space to get up and walk around. In addition to this make sure that the meeting room is not very large as this will give a feeling to the attendees that they are safe in a group. Thus, it is very much important to calculate the number of clients and employees who are expected to attend the meeting room. The dimension of the meeting room must be measured, and then a table must opt which is proportionate to the size of the room. Make sure that the clients and employees sit in chairs that are adjustable, ergonomic and cost effective as well.

Bring some natural greens inside

In order to make the meeting room look refreshing and lively, some greenery can be included in space. While taking care of real plants and trees these days are considered to be difficult as people do not have but there is a perfect alternative option available. For instance, one can invest in artificial plants and trees as they do not require any care and maintenance. Artificial plants such as horticultural plant, tropical trees and plants, outdoor artificial trees and tropical silk plants when placed within the conference room can not only give a refreshing look but can also make space look stunning. The best thing about these artificial plants is that they do not need water, trimming or sunlight and are available at economical price rate. With a large number of online portals available, it becomes quite easy for customers to choose the type of artificial plants that they want.

Make sure that the meeting room is lit up properly

Lighting is frequently used to uplift the mood or to emphasize a specific part of space. For meeting rooms in specific, the main focus is often on the podium so ensure these lights are placed in an area from when they can light up the entire place. Recess lights are ideal for meeting rooms. In addition, some standard fancy lights can be used to reduce the intimidating formal look. Lighting can be used to emphasize the company’s message. Whether it is a choice of fixtures that imitate the company’s colors or bespoke lights that accurately project the company logo, lighting can be utilized to strengthen your company’s brand to any individual who enters that specific space.

Select the appropriate screen

The screen is the crucial point of the meeting room; therefore, it must be chosen carefully. It should be large enough for everybody in the room to spot, but small enough not to be overpowering. In addition to this, it should be located at just the right distance from the audience, so that they do not feel any discomfort while watching it. Apart from the distance and screen size, it is important to take into consideration the right projector fabric and screen type as well. Find out whether the screen should be mounted on a ceiling, wall or tripod, and which fabric will perfectly suit the tones and colors of the presentation. Besides this, it is also important to consider accessories such as remote controls, cables as well as speaker mounts.

Carry out a test run before the actual meeting

When it comes to vital events such as meetings, preparation is vital. Not only will it assist calm the nerves prior to the meeting, but it will also help to find out if any technical problems are there prior to the issues are escalated. One can schedule a dummy meeting at least a couple of days prior to the actual meeting. All these simple things can guarantee that the meeting will be carried out efficiently without any trouble.


These are some of the ways by following which you can make the corporate meeting room look classy and imposing. It does not matter how you decorate a meeting room, but always keep in mind it should be predominantly a protected and comfortable space where qualified individuals can get together, come up with new ideas and act as a team. With this simple thing along with the aforementioned tips, it is quite challenging to go wide of the mark.

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