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What to Do When You're Decorating a Party Hall Within a Budget?

Blog Monday, 25 March 2019 14:07

What To Do When You Re Decorating A Party Hall Within A BudgetWho does not like to attend a party? Well everyone does. But the time of thinking comes when you have to plan for one. That is where you are the one trying to satisfy everyone who comes in with a bunch of expectation of having a good time.

Depending on the venue and your budget there will be some restrictions on the décor of a party. But you can swoop in the new style of minimalism, save your money and yet be the best host ever. It is all about creativity.

Here are the tips you can use to decorate a party hall under your budget.

Drape it up

Fabrics can do wonders. You can keep a formal theme or even a fancy one. Just by changing your drape style you will have the power to change the mood. A same decked-up look on the décor with just some fabric purchased in bulk.

White fabric is for elegance, while red is for love, yellow can be a total springtime celebration. There are so many options in fabric that you can never run out of.

Even printed fabrics look amazing if you can match it up with the wall panel.

Where to sit?

It’s a party, and you will have people coming for a long time which means there have to be proper seating arrangements. This does not mean you have to buy even to rent those costly furniture.

Simple plastic chairs can be given a fantastic look by twining them with jute ropes and adding some color. Ever thought of having fun bean bags in a party hall? The whole bunch of youngsters is going to fall in love with the idea.

If you are the more formal type, then add wooden benches and paint them black. Black blends in with all occasions.

Pillows for pleasure

Now that you have your seating arrangements done to give that extra sense of comfort bring in some fantastic pillows. You can actually make them using old tattered clothes or even stuffing beans inside. Or else they are easily available at any bedding store.

Patterned fabric covers for pillows will make even a boring bench look totally approachable. Add the color of festivity if you are someone who loves single-color decors.

A smart escort board display

In the party you want people to blend in and have a good time with each other. Avoid the whole confusion of “ Who goes where.” Organize it smartly.

Escort tables can cause guests squinting looking for their tables. Why not have an escort board that gives the seating arrangements and displays it right at the entrance of your party hall.

Let there be nature

A party is meant to be chaotic no matter how formal it is. Amidst this, the only way you add a slight touch of calmness is by embracing natural elements. Also, it is an excellent addition to the thematic party décor.

Suspending pieces of bamboo palm a few feet above the dinner plates is a fun way to have some green around. The benefits of bamboo palm are that it is although it is not real bamboo, it just gives a near perfect effect.

Let us go to the old school

Gone are the days of having names and theme of a party decorated with flowers and glitters. There are so many different ways of having the theme displayed cost-effectively.

Chalkboards are a nifty style to decorate the entrance of a party. Customize it by taking some unutilized plank frame and put some paint on it to suit the total decor. Adorn it with a bamboo palm garland and chalk your way through.

Even cutting from various newspapers and magazines can give you all the letters you need to play with.

Time for some light

The easiest way to heighten up your party is by having perfect lighting. Do not overboard with having too much light. It will just take away all the other efforts you will be putting in the décor.

Minimalistic light can be achieved by having lamps around. Paper lamps can be easily made using handmade papers. Glass bottles also work as beautiful lamps.

You can even hide the chords by wrapping them around with some residues from the bamboo palm leaves.

Colorful glassware for tables

Instead of exhausting your entire party hall décor budget on buying expensive centerpieces, you can rent some multi-colored glassware and pop up the tables quickly.

To further cut it down, Glasswares can be made pretty effortlessly. Wineglasses can be painted with some graphics and glitters. Put in beautiful pebbles and stones inside and tadaah! You have your own DIY glassware.

Place a patterned table runner underneath the glassware and spacing them out.

Pictures for reference

Every party has a celebration motive behind it. For an easy conversation starter create a wall of the picture for the host family or a bunch of close friends and foes. Anything that is closest to the party cause can go up on the wall.

A simple mount board decorated with flowers will be an excellent base for the pictures. Big stones can be the perfect stand for the royal wall.

Click Click!

Everyone is dressed up for your party. They have taken out time from their busy lives to look amazing. They deserve a backdrop for all those poses and selfies.

Think about materials that are easily customizable, options such as tassels, balloons, paper flowers and stick them on a large pegboard. Let your studio be the focal point of the party.

Now there should be no confusion on how can you have a party décor that is not just fun but also accurate. It cannot get any simpler. Do not hesitate to use your imagination. It is a party, the best place where every oddity will be appreciated if painted in a smart way.

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