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Why Are Artificial Plants the Decor and Landscape Style Trend of 2018?

Blog Thursday, 04 October 2018 07:04

Artificial PlantsWhat is life, it is full of care….no time to stand and stare. William Henry Davies beautifully describes today’s fast-paced life in this simple sentence. Do you remember the last time you potted a plant or watched a beautiful sunset?

Every morning people often run late for work or meeting and forget to water their potted plants. How then to maintain the fresh green décor of the house without worry. Artificial plants are the current emerging trend of home and landscape décor. Fake plants look as good as real plants and suits every demographic need.

There was an incident in which a young couple had tastefully decorated their house with beautiful shrubs and creepers. There was greenery everywhere. But then the trimming, watering, adding soil and nutrients, potting and repotting was proving to be time-consuming and cumbersome. Soon came the time when the young couple had to go out of town for a few weeks. When they came back, all the plants had wilted away. It was then that they opted for artificial plants.

Advantages of artificial plants

  • They don’t attract insects and pests.
  • They don’t need watering and maintenance. They can be just dusted and cleaned after a few weeks.
  • They don’t wilt or wither away with changing weather conditions.
  • They don’t cause any allergies.

Here are a few ideas to use Artificial plants to decorate your home and front porch in the most hassle-free way.

The front door

The entrance of the home creates the first impression of the house. Keep potted faux silk plants on either side of the entrance to give a welcoming effect. Using attractive pots or baskets for silk plants do wonders for their beauty. Artificial plants are the best-kept alternative as sometimes planting real trees becomes difficult due to lack of space or the roots may damage the building foundation, wiring or pipes.

Artificial Lawn

One of the most user-friendly and cost-effective mode to decorate the landscape is using artificial grass.

  • No mowing, no wilting and no watering.
  • Your patch of the landscape will always look green and fresh.

The dull and blank outer wall of the house can be decorated with artificial hanging plants. It will not only make the wall come alive with color and beauty but will also enhance the exterior beauty of the house.

You can shape and reposition the plants

Artificial plants can turn, twist and bend according to your will. You can tweak the branches to bend them today's sunlight for a more natural look. Also, you can change the pattern of your flower arrangement or branches of trees the way you want them.

You can mix and match the trees with your style of furniture or fill in corner spaces to add color and texture to the room. Or highlight the table with a beautifully arranged centerpiece of tropical silk flower arrangements or silk purple tulips.

Artificial floral arrangement in the living room.

Decorating the living rooms with realistic silk flower arrangements gives your room a rich and luxurious look. You can use a different assortment of artificial flowers like orchids and petunias to add a burst of color to the centerpiece of the silk flower arrangement. Also cover your hanging cables, wires and ugly electric sockets with artificial leaves and flowers.

Corners and dark-damp places

You can lighten the mood in the empty corners of your rooms and damp areas like the laundry room where real plants can’t grow. An assortment of Artificial palm trees and artificial palm leaves will be like a breath of fresh air in the cold-damp room.

Use a Plant wall

For huge spaces, instead of the single arrangement of artificial plants, a complete plant wall catches the eye. You can use a variety of plants like palm fronds, silk flowers, silk tulips, palm leaves, silk orchids, tall flowers to fill up the complete wall. Try to use plants with different shades of green and different textures to make this the most visually soothing wall in your home.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants is yet another way add greenery to your household. Pruning and watering real hanging plants is a painstaking process, so artificial plants come in handy. You can use hanging plants indoors as well as outdoors, in areas which would be otherwise difficult to decorate. You can hang potted plants in your balcony or an empty passage in your house.

Silk plants

Amongst all the artificial plant types silk plants look the most genuine and authentic. They are very easy to clean and maintain and are extremely flexible.

Mix and Match

Sometimes you can also use your artificial plants and mix it with real greenery. The effect is refreshing and lively, and you can hardly tell the difference. You can decorate the balconies and front gardens using this trick.

The bedroom

After the living room, the bedroom is the next best place for artificial plants. It gives a feeling of warmth and softness to the bedroom. Avoid using dark flowers and dense arrangement in a bedroom. Keep it simple and elegant. An assortment of silk flowers on the nightstand is one of the options.

The kitchen

Decorating a kitchen with artificial plans is the most challenging due to lack of space and excess moisture. So, placement of your plant is of utmost importance. Keep the plants above the cabinets or near the window to add some freshness to your kitchen.

Make your artificial plant look as real as possible

  • Ditch the plastic pots and use earthenware or ceramic pots
  • Use pebbles, soil, sand, and moss as fillers in the pots. You can also add a touch of water to your pot while you are at it.
  • Choose your placement of plants wisely, and probably places would be where a real plant would thrive.
  • Although it's tempting to fill your house with artificial plants, use them sparingly, you probably don’t need plants in every room.

Artificial plants are the perfect solution to meet the demands of a beautiful home with a fresh look. People often underestimate the beauty of artificial plants, but make sure to dust those artificial petals and leaves, as a dusty plant would be a dead giveaway.

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