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Why Choose Plantscape Inc Products for Interior Landscape Makeovers?

Blog Friday, 27 October 2017 07:59

Interior Landscape MakeoverAn aesthetically sound and appealing interior is the requirement of any commercial as well as the residential setting. A well-designed interior makes the life of people happier, stress-free and energetic. That is why people nowadays are more concerned about creating a unique as well as exciting interior. Plants and trees are being recognized as one of the best interior design solutions nowadays as these offer a greener and liver environment that can keep people highly energetic and fresh. Also according to various studies a greener and natural environment helps to relieve stress and thus feel light headed and healthy. For this reason, commercial settings and corporate are preferring landscaping products for their interior as well as outdoor decor requirements. If you too need reliable and cost-effective landscaping solution for your business space, Plantscape Inc is the one-stop destination for you.

A Brief Introduction to Plantscape Inc

Plantscape Inc is a division of Commercial Silk Int’l that has been offering a diverse set of services in interior landscape design, installation, landscape architecture, plant maintenance and more using living plants and trees majorly tropical plants. Combines the professional craftsmanship with highest quality landscaping services to offer the most authentic interior landscaping products to commercial and residential environments. This company was set up in 1974 and has been offing professional grade services for over 40 years. Plantscape focuses on interior plant service with an aim to offer superior and soothing interior environment so that you can have an exceptional workplace or living area. Let’s explore significant features of Plantscape products that make it one stop shop for all your interior landscaping requirements.

Best Quality Services Offered

We make sure that every single customer can get the interior of his/her dreams whether it is a commercial area or residential environment. The interior landscape design by our craftsman with 100% customer satisfaction. From interior architecture to landscape design and installation, everything is handled by the professional craftsman resulting in an artful and creative interior landscape. Every aspect of the interior landscape is designed as per the specific architectural features so that you can have most unique and suitable interior designed with artificial plants and trees.

Professional Maintenance Program

We also offer professional maintenance program in which all the greenery of your corporate and commercial space will be taken care efficiently thus reducing your stress to maintain your interior landscape regularly. As especially for corporate, investing time in the maintenance is almost impossible. Therefore understanding your time-bound schedule, such upkeep services are offered to you by Plantscape Inc.

Get Indoor Living Plant and Trees

If you are a living plant lover and want your indoor decorated with living plants in any way, even then Plantscape Inc comes up with an effective and professional provider of the live interior landscape. In addition to artificial plants and trees, We lets you enhance your space with living greenery using live foliage. You can have numerous varieties for your interior decor requirements ranging from flowers, vines, hedges, trees, plants, shrubs and more to get your office space perfectly decorated with real greenery.

Fade Resistance Artificial Foliage

All the varieties offered comes with fade resistance properties that make them ideal for long-term usage. With this property, these will not get faded away with time and can stay blooming and lush green. These will keep looking vibrant and fresh even after years of usage and won’t make your space look dull or old. Fade resistance adds years to the life of a complete range of artificial foliage thus making ideal for all commercial environments.

Fire Retardant Nature

The complete line incorporated with ThermaLeaf® technology that makes them fire retardant foliage. Using this technology, the various fire retardant chemicals are infused in the plant material and fabric in the manufacturing process. These chemicals save the foliage from various fire hazards. Moreover, with fire retardant foliage, you can have peace of mind that your property is safe and the fire accidents will not be promoted by the greenery present in your space.

Durable and Long Lasting Products

For corporate spaces, it is beneficial to install artificial plants and trees as it becomes time-consuming and sometimes costly to maintain living plants. Moreover, if you managed to install a living landscape in your office space, you will need to hire a professional gardening staff as well to take care of regular watering, pruning and fertilizing needs. Therefore, it seems quite convenient for corporate spaces to decorate their spaces with the artificial landscape. Artificial office plant service comes with an assurance that these will stay with you for years without discoloring or get damaged. These can withstand all weather conditions and thus make your space fresh, lively and elegant for long.

Innovative Interior Landscaping Ideas

We are not limited just up to provide you landscaping products and solutions; instead, we make sure that you get a perfectly designed and created an interior landscape for your office or any commercial area. Our professionals first examine the architectural features of your indoor area and then come up with unique and innovative interior landscaping ideas that will suit your aesthetical setting perfectly. They will come up with the best suited indoor landscaping theme for your space that you can ever find anywhere.

A Vast landscaping Varieties

We have a vast collection of artificial landscaping solutions available that look exactly like their real counterparts. Ranging from artificial indoor tropical trees, bonsais, bananas, foliage, vines, roses, ficus, boxwood, topiaries, orchids and much more, you can find every variety that you see in real world. All the products are designed exceptional features and giving realistic looks. These products are designed to offer you the most beautiful and close to nature interior landscape without any a maintenance headache and all.

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