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Why Faux Plants Are Better than Real Ones for Landscaping, Any Day

Blog Friday, 22 December 2017 13:49

Why Faux Plants Are Better than Real Ones for LandscapingArtificial plants have been in the landscaping scenario for many years. Most probably, use of fake plants has started with using those for large commercial Christmas decorations. Earlier these had a bad reputation of having a faked look. Thus, all illusions were broken at the instance when one saw those products. With technological advancement, these now have a good degree of realism. Now, you can get those with lifelike trunks, branches, leaves and flowers.

People have a natural attraction for greens. These make us relaxed and happy. Studies recommend having greens included in commercial spaces for creating a lasting impression in the minds of the customers and also to make the people working there more productive. While live plants were normal in earlier days, the replicated plants are getting more and more popular these days. Whether to use artificial indoor landscaping plants or the real ones is something that everyone is interested to know. While some say it is a matter of choice, there are some real advantages of using fake landscaping products over the topiary trees live for landscaping of commercial interiors. This blog aims to tell you all about why the faux plants are better than the real ones.

No gestation period delivers glowing landscape right after installation

If there is no greenery in the interior, it looks vacant. But, live plants have a definite life cycle and they need time to grow to the required size and shape for adorning the commercial interiors. So, just including flowering plants in the commercial indoor does not improve your ambiance. You have to wait up to right the season for them to bloom. With artificial plants, you do not face such problem. Install tropical plants phoenix in your interior, and they will immediately change the environment.

Artificial plants look like live plants but costs less

All replicated landscaping elements including the tropical silk plants are made one hundred percent botanically correct. These are meticulously crafted to be so lifelike, that none can distinguish them from their live cousins until and unless, these are touched by hand. Thus, installing the faux plants you get a near natural effect in the commercial indoors. These are affordably priced and do not involve any other post installment cost. This is why the artificial plants are in ways better than the live plants.

Artificial plants need no maintenance

Not everyone can keep natural plants alive. Landscaping with live plants brings in a box load of associated problems. First, you have to prepare soil for planting them. Next, you have to water them regularly and also add fertilizers for ensuring their healthy growth. The problem does not end here. You will be required to spray pesticides for keeping the plants safe from insects and pests. And, when there is healthy growth, the live plants start outgrowing the space, or if those are in the form of topiaries, they grow out of shape. To prevent all these happening, you have to do periodic pruning and trimming for a charming interior. Unlike the live plants, the mimic trees and plants have no such maintenance demand and, therefore, using them is a better option than using natural plants.

Install artificial plants anywhere you like

Landscaping with natural plants is only possible if you have the requisite soil. However, the fake landscaping elements including the topiary trees artificial collections are not soil specific. Unlike the case of landscaping with natural plants, decorating with fake trees and plants need no soil and, therefore, you can install these at any corner of your commercial interior. Moreover, unlike the live plants, the replicated plants are not dependent on sunlight for their survival. This lets you have absolute freedom to place the fake trees and plants in the dimly lit corners or in underground interior spaces.

These never help spread fire

The fake plants and other landscaping products are made fire retardant from within, by using innovativeThermaLeaf® technologies. In this process, special fire retardant chemical is injected into the product for imparting self-extinguishing property. With live plants, you do not have such advantage.

Artificial plants never fade

When you include natural trees and plants in your commercial indoor, they become dry and discoloration occurs after some time. Using imitation greenery, you do not face such risk. Plantscape Inc products are made from weather-able plastic that can withstand all weather conditions. Special UV blocking chemicals are infused into the product during manufacturing, following the unique PermaLeaf technology, besides using prime quality color pigments. As a result, these faux landscaping products including bay leaf topiary keep their lush green appearance for years which is not possible with live plants.

No seasonal worry with faux landscaping products

Live plants have their life style, and when you include natural flowering plants in your commercial indoor, they will only bloom in a particular season. Since the faux plants are artificially made, they keep their bloom equally glowing throughout the year. Moreover, they never wilt, and these put faux plants miles ahead of the live plants.

Fake plants pose no worry about bugs and insects

Attracting bugs, ants, and other insects is a natural phenomenon for live plants. Including those in the commercial indoors carry the risk of insect attacks. However, the imitation greenery does not attract insects and, therefore, your guests will be free from insect attacks and irritation due to ants bites.

Imitation greenery is reusable

While using live plants for your commercial landscape, you can never keep them for further use. However, the mimic landscaping products can be packed and kept in a warehouse, when these are not in use, for using in the future.

Imitation greeneries are easier to clean

Unlike the live plants that are tough to clean properly, faux landscaping products are easier to clean by periodic dusting. If required, these can be cleaned by washing with soap water as well.

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