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Why Use Plantscape Inc Artificial Trees to Make Your Office Reception Area Impressive

Blog Monday, 01 May 2017 12:34

Artificial TreesThe first impression goes a long way in the commercial world. Whether you own a large corporate house, shopping mall, luxury restaurants, a five-star hotel, amusement park, casino or a luxury resort, hospital, etc. The first impression is very important for attracting clients and visitors. When your customers see the classy landscape you maintain, they immediately know that they are in good hands and never change their loyalty.

Your reception area is almost like your business card. It is the first point of contact, and hence essential for making a lasting impression in the minds of the clients and customers. While the prime objective of a reception area is to provide the clients and customers a comfortable place to wait, it should also be aesthetically pleasant so that your visitors have a relaxing environment. Researchers indicate that people feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are close to nature. Adorning your reception area with artificial indoor palm trees will let your visitors enjoy the lush green appearance and will further enhance your brand value.

Customization is the key

Every commercial space has its story to tell, and when the customer steps in, it narrates that through its interior decoration. Everyone is decorating their business space with realistic botanical products and decorating your reception area with artificial tropical plants will never speak for your brand till you infuse something special in the interior landscape. Backed by it's over four decades stint in interior designing; Plantscape Inc can supply customized fake plants to fit your reception specific decor requirements. These seamlessly blend with other decorating elements for transforming the reception area to a unique welcoming space. Being made from high-quality material the Plantscape Inc faux plants make you stand out of the mass.

Unique products for interior decoration

Plantscape Inc manufactures a wide variety of realistic trees, plants, and topiaries. When you make some artificial flower arrangements in your reception area, these bring in a beautiful natural touch and help your customers to have a clear mind. Even, the patients arriving at a hospital have the soothing feeling when they see such mimic plants and flowers in the reception area. The artificial tropical plants are realistically made by a team of professionally skilled horticulturist and technicians for giving a touch vibrancy and elegance to the reception area of any commercial space.

Many options to choose from

Plantscape Inc offers a diverse collection of artificial indoor palm trees, artificial tropical plants, and artificial flower arrangements for decorating the reception area all under one roof for fulfilling every decor needs. Because of the wide range of mimic foliage available, you can choose from many options to add to the decor of the reception area for showing the quality and class you maintain. With their bright appearance, these realistic botanical products are sure to deliver a mesmerizing landscape in the reception area of the commercial spaces. Should you require, Plantscape Inc experts are ready to visit your place and offer the unique solution.

Fake solutions are inert to aging and fire

Whether you are the pride owner of a large corporate house, luxurious hotel, theme park or any other commercial establishment; or if you are in the profession of interior decoration, you would like to have the reception area look same through years for impressing the visitors. The Plantscape Inc artificial indoor palm trees, artificial flower arrangements, and other fake foliage are made fade resistant using PermaLeaf® technology that ensures blocking of UV with the help of colorfast pigments. Aside from this, the fake trees, plants, and flowers are also made fire resistant using ThermaLeaf® technology ensuring safety in case of fire. Moreover, the fake foliage conforms to the local fire regulations. Thus, you are assured of complete protection while revamping your reception area with artificial solutions and have complete peace of mind.

Why choose fake trees over live ones

Plantscape Inc fake decorative solutions score over the natural products for following reasons:

  • Wide varieties: Plantscape Inc fake trees, plants, and flowers are available in a wide range of varieties allowing you enough latitude to make your choice.
  • Forever green: These are made to look like real plants in every respect and retain their appearance unaltered throughout their life. You can never differentiate this kind the live ones by seeing until you feel by touching. Using Plantscape Inc products enables your reception green forever.
  • Easy maintenance: While live plants require regular watering and other awareness like preparation of soil, fertilizing, spraying pesticides, pruning, etc.; no such hassles are associated with these realistic decorative elements. Only periodic dusting is enough to maintain its luster.
  • No sunlight requirement: Unlike the natural trees and plants, these do not require any sunlight and, therefore, can be placed in the dimly lit enclosed commercial spaces without any problem.
  • Unique portability & interchangeability: As Plantscape Inc realistic solutions are not soil rooted, these are highly portable and can be fixed at any place in the reception area. Being available in standard pots, you can interchange them between places for bringing in some changes in the reception decor without cost involvement.
  • Be imaginative and customize: While using the Plantscape Inc realistic fake decorative solutions for revamping the reception area of any large commercial space, you can apply your imagination and have customized solutions to fit your specific requirement.
  • Environment-friendly: Pests and insects never attract these and, therefore, your guests will have no worry about insect attack. Pets are never attracted to these, and hence there is no chance of damage by the visitors' pets.
  • Delight clients, customers, and visitors: Plantscape Inc real-like decorative elements are made to delight all, who step into your reception area, with their pleasing beauty.
  • Saves cost: No workforce is required for maintenance. Being made from the high-quality material, the faux foliage retains their shape and lush green appearance throughout their life making these effective single investment options.
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