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Winter Doesn't Have to Make Your House Look Bleak - Try These Warm Décor Ideas

Blog Monday, 10 December 2018 13:07

Artificial Indoor PlantsWinter brings in chilly weather, fog along with gusty winds but that does not mean that your home will give a bleak and dull look same like the outside weather condition. Instead, you can make your home look warm, cozy and comfortable just by making a few simple changes to the home décor. For instance, just changing the curtains and draperies of the window or by placing some greens into the lobby area of the house, you can make your house look welcoming even in the cold wintry days. By following these simple points, you can make every space in your home along with the porch feel cozy, warm and welcoming so that you can have the perfect place to unwind when the cold weather comes in.

Bring the soft and fluffy fabrics back into the home

Keep in mind that the winter season is all about warmth and comfort. When it is wet and cold outside, everyone wants to feel warm and comfy within, and this can be done quickly by placing some fluffy blankets, soft throws, and heavy curtains. They can help to change the ambiance of your home almost instantly. You can also use few cushions as well as pillows as they can add comfort and warmth to the bedroom as well as living spaces. It is better to choose larger pillows as several little pillows can give a messy and cluttered look. Also, with larger pillows by the side, you can easily make the bed in lesser time. Another great thing about keeping the large pillows in a symmetrical manner is that it makes a statement and upgrades a room from bleak to stylish.

Play with a lot of vibrant colors

To avoid the winter blues, you can infuse your spaces with splashes of happy color. A dazzling throw or a daringly patterned throw cushion can do the trick and will guarantee that your neutral areas do not look bleak and cold like space outside. You can even paint just one wall of the living room with a bright color, and this can help in changing the focal point of the house. You can also select a complimentary, bold color from a floral fabric, or a delicate tone shadier than the tone of the other walls. Remember that any change in color can add interest to space.

Include rugs and carpets into space

You can add a colorful rug or carpet to a room that lacks excitement and looks bleak. It can not only add warmth and coziness to the home but can also help to define as well as separate areas such as dining and seating areas. Rugs can bring in variety into space as well. This can be done by choosing different sized rugs in different rooms of the house. You can even use a rug as a wall hanging or display it on the wall to create a focal point. The rug can be placed in the living room as well as the bedroom as they give a spectacular look to space.

Welcome nature into the home

The presence of plants within any space can always help lessen anxiety and create a feeling of happiness as well as offer a pleasing and serene environment. The living room is the space in the homes where people spend most of their time. This is thus the space one should give priority when it comes to decorating with green plants. You can choose the faux plants and trees to decorate the space as well as they look same like real plants and at the same time they require zero maintenance. Artificial plants such as tropical trees and plants, horticultural plant, outdoor artificial trees, and tropical silk plants when placed within the living room can give a refreshing look as well as make space look lively. With these greens, you can add some color to the otherwise uninteresting, dull sitting area. You can pair up the green with the right lighting and decor for instance; white and yellow blend very well with green and create a stunning ambiance.

Hang a large mirror in the living room

Winter means shorter days and longer nights so you should try to get the maximum amount of natural light. This can be done by hanging a large mirror on a blank wall, or you can hang it even above a mantel display as this will reflect light all through space. You can even make the mirror look like a beautiful display by painting the frame an attention-grabbing color. Mirrors can also do wonder when placed in a small room as this can give an illusion of a larger space. Mirrors can also be placed in the hallways, entrance area as well as bathroom and bedroom as they reflect light and give a contemporary and a spacious look to space.

Change the curtains and draperies of the window

By changing the curtains and draperies of the window, you can instantly bring a warm and welcoming look to space. You can choose cherry red colored curtains or bright orange color draperies as they will give a warm and happy look to the area. Colors like raw green and royal blue as well as dazzling yellow can also do wonders to space. To allow the natural sunlight to enter the room, you can choose curtains made from linen, satin or silk. On the other hand, if you want to ensure maximum privacy, then you can choose heavy curtains and draperies.

Create a cozy seating area near the fireplace

To create a cozy sitting area near the fire, you can place a couch or a set of comfortable armchairs as well as a coffee table. In case you do not have a fireplace do not worry still you can make the place look warm and cozy by placing candles. You can even use candles as centerpieces for the dining table.


These are some of the simplest ways which you can follow to give a cozy and warm look to the house even when it is chilly outside.

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