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Workplace Design Is Undergoing Massive Changes - Here Are the Crucial Ones

Blog Monday, 18 June 2018 06:11

Artificial TreesDo you remember a time when offices were just plain annoying and dull? Back then, the décor of corporate offices had no life to it, the employees looked half interested and mostly unenthusiastic, and people just dreaded a long work day. Well, those days are gone. The workplace design is undergoing massive and crucial changes that are changing the face of the corporate world. If you’re looking to upgrade your full and dull office, we have some ideas for you! Here’s everything you can change in your office setting to keep up with changing times:

Hide Those Awful And Bulging Wires

The number of gadgets and devices that we have today are just twice as many! The more the gadgets and devices, the more the wires, chargers, and cables. However, having wires entangled in one another and all over the office space is just unappealing and seems to create clutter. Most people hate looking at bulging and entangled cables in and around the office. To avoid this messy and cluttered situation, most office owners are creating tables and desks that allow the employees to hide their wires and cables within the counter and not on top of the table where they are visible to all.

Letting Nature Into The Office Premises

Most corporate organizations understand the power that nature can have in increasing the productivity and the efficiency of employees and staff members in the office. If you’re looking to do the same, you need to consider letting nature into your office premises. If you don’t want to opt for real garden plants, you can go in for artificial landscaping products. Tons of faux plants and trees can be installed in an around your office space to enhance the character of the surroundings and motivate and inspire people to work better and more productively. A lot of people opt for these faux plants. You can place them in the corners of the office, in the reception area, in the conference room and so on.

Opting For More Comfortable And New Age Furniture

While old offices were all about desk jobs and uncomfortably stiff seating arrangements, the new age office furniture is chosen differently. Nobody likes to sit at the desk for hours on end. A large number of corporate organizations are offering unique and new age seating arrangements and options for their employees. From adjustable tables that can be used while both sitting and standing, to beanbags that are spread across the office floor so that people can work on their laptops comfortably while sitting on them, there is something available for every preference.

Offices That Are More Colourful, Vibrant And Lively

Another major change in the workplace is more colorful and lively office spaces. Earlier offices were dull and boring. They had no color, no vibrancy and they had a bland and tasteless off-white or white walls. If you’re looking to revamp your office, you need to consider painting the walls with more vibrant and cheerful colors. A lot of people are opting for pastel wall colors, bright reds, captivating yellows and other such paints for their office walls. Not only do these bright paints uplift the spirits of the employees but they also add life and vibrancy to the office space.

No More Fixed Seating Arrangements

Consistently sitting in one place for 8 hours daily while you work can prove to be extremely dull an demotivating. You will probably not even be capable of achieving your maximum efficiency and productivity. A large number of corporate offices are breaking that old school pattern of fixed seating arrangements and allowing employees to sit anywhere they like. Some offices are even offering special lounge areas where employees can sit together and have a chat, work on their laptops, exchange ideas and so on. The best part about modern times is that everything is connected via Wi-Fi. You don’t need to be tethered to your desk to get anything done.

Game Rooms, Gyms And Other Amenities Within The Office

Corporate organizations are offering gyms, game rooms and other amenities within the office premises. These amenities can play an essential role in de-stressing employees and giving them some time to relax after a long and hard work day. People who spend most of the day in the office and don’t have the time to go to the gym can finish their workout in the office gym itself and then head home for a shower. Companies are keeping table tennis tables, air hockey tables, pool tables, video games and other such options in the game rooms.

Flexibility In Work Hours

A lot of offices are even giving their employees flexibility in their work hours. Employees in many organizations are no longer expected to be in the organization for 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. Bosses are allowing employees the freedom to complete their work from home, or report for a few hours a day to work and then finish the rest of their work in their homes or a coffee shop or even in a place that inspires them. This flexibility allows people to get a lot more job done as they are not consistently under pressure and have the convenience of working at a place that they are most comfortable in.

A large number of corporate organizations are opting for these new workplace designs. Employees want to work in offices that are more liberal, fun and stress-free. If you’re looking to revamp your office, you should consider implementing some of the ideas as mentioned above.

Looking to give your office an upgrade and revamp the interiors and work hour policies? We have the perfect tips and suggestions that will help you get all these things done and change the vibe of your office space. Your employees and staff members will be utterly satisfied and will end up being far more productive and effective at work after these changes are implemented.

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