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Your Choice of Colours Impacts Worker Productivity! Here's How

Blog Wednesday, 13 March 2019 14:32

Your Choice Of Colours Impacts Worker Productivity Here S HowSeeing red with anger? Having Monday morning blues? Looking for a golden opportunity? Feeling blue? Are you green with envy? Yes, colors have a significant impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Ancient civilizations in China, India, and Egypt have been known to follow color therapy even before the birth of Christ! Colour therapy was a widely followed healing practice in these civilizations.

Today color therapy is also known as light therapy or chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to improve our physical, emotional and mental health. It offers simple solutions to have lasting effects on not just being fit physically but also improving productivity, efficiency and happiness.

Over the years, researchers, psychologists, doctors, interior designers, architects, and employees have realized the physiological and psychological benefits of chromotherapy. Nowadays, color therapy is used not just in homes and mental clinics but is also used in schools, colleges, hospitals, and offices. Interior designers are now taking special care to incorporate color schemes in offices to enhance employee productivity, efficiency, and general health.

Let’s have a look at the colors that experts and color therapists recommend for offices and business spaces. And here’s an easy guide to implementing these recommendations.

The Red Family:

Brighter colors simply make our life more colorful! Brighter colors have a positive effect on health and mental wellbeing. Colors such as red, orange, yellow are widely used in places with grey and dreary weather to create a vibrant atmosphere. Companies have reported greater motivation and spontaneity in areas with bright colors. No wonder why the ubiquitous “post-it” notes are always in bright pink, orange, and yellow color!!

Simply changing the grey and dull walls of the conference room to a cherry red will transform the mood of the space. Interior designers also recommend using paintings, artifacts, and sculptures with bright tones in conference rooms, thinking zones and dull corners of the office.

Cheery yellow and orange are also widely recommended for the office kitchen and café. A lot of offices also use these peppy colors for crockery, cutlery and even for paper napkins. Indeed a very ingenious way to literally brighten up things!

Soothing Blues:

While brighter colors are preferred for day-time spaces, the color blue is recommended for night shifts. Saturated shades of blue have been known to develop alertness, especially for people working nocturnal hours.

Along with helping to improve focus, the color blue has always been associated with a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The blue space can be created in several easy to implement ways. Other than painting blue walls, offices use ‘blue’ lighting to help improve efficiency and alertness during night hours. The color blue is often known to be cold and depressing, so it should be used with caution.

Did you know that’s the origin of the phrase blue-collared job? Workers working in factories or industries which have repetitive task are assigned blue work clothes to help improve on their focus levels and efficiency.

Parking areas are also preferred to be painted in light blue shades. It helps to calm down the mind after a long day at work and reduce stress levels of tired workers.

The Green Zone:

The color green is a symbol of nature. The color green brings to our mind images of green English meadows, deep green of the Amazon forest, the dull green of Mediterranean olives, the cheerful lime green, bright parrot green, or fresh mint green. Greens are used to give indoor environs a feeling of outdoor and natural spaces.

Like nature, the color green is the color meant for relaxation. It’s widely used in common-areas of offices, educational institutions, and even hospitals.

The easiest way of creating a green landscape within commercial spaces is by installing green planters in the office space. Green plants will not only enhance the aesthetic value and mood of the office but also act as natural air purifiers.

Different plantscape products can also be used to create a natural environment. These artificial indoor trees are easy to set up and can be maintained without the need for active gardening. Fake plants and trees are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. You may even consider installing fake flowering plants to enhance color requirements based on color therapy—red flowers for spontaneity, yellow flowers for happiness, white for peace, etc.

Royal Purples:

In the olden days, purple was one of the most difficult colors to produce. The dye for making the color could only be made from a sea-snail which was found in the waters near modern-day Lebanon! No wonder, it’s been always considered a color meant for royalty. It exudes wealth, elegance and luxury.

Purple is widely used in the fashion industry, lifestyle and luxury products business. However, care should be taken while using this color since it can also be dark and depressing if not used correctly. An art installation as a centerpiece in the office created in this royal shade is a unique office décor idea by which designers incorporate the purple color without over-doing it.

Shades of purple and lilac are also widely used for cubicle décor of women entrepreneurs or for offices whose employees are predominantly women.

Festive Colours:

A lot of offices, stores, and commercial spaces, opt for creating a temporary break to the monotonous office atmosphere, especially during festive seasons. Holiday decorations, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, Hanukkah decorations, and Thanksgiving decorations are found in most offices today.

With festive decorations come the colors of festivity – the colors of joy, enthusiasm, and happiness!! Offices are decorated in color schemes to match with celebrations. With the advent of Christmas, offices are decorated with red-green combinations of Christmas trees, stockings, stars, wreath and lights for Christmas. Orange pumpkins and black witches are the leading themes during Halloween.

The renowned poet Oscar Wilde said, “Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways!” Truly color therapy helps in speaking the language of the soul. By making the right choice of different colors, you are sure to beat your Monday morning blues!!

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