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The PlantscapeInc Advantage – Why Go For These ProductsThe key to a beautiful landscape using artificial botanical beauties lies in settling for not just any but the best quality products in the market.

Why choose artificial landscaping products?

Artificial landscaping products including containers, planters and faux trees and plants are mostly maintenance free and ideal for large commercial setups like malls, hospitals, casinos, theme parks, government buildings etc. These ensure that there is no need to hire employees to take care of the beautifully designed landscapes as faux botanical beauties do not require watering, fertilizing, mowing and other such maintenance works in order to sustain them. Moreover, in sensitive interior spaces like hospitals, child care centers etc. it is not very convenient to keep natural plants and trees because their presence might attract pests and disease causing bacteria. Thus, faux trees and plants are suitable to showcase the beauty of any interior landscapes without much hassle.

Plantscape Inc reputation in the market

Plantscape Inc in collaboration with Commercial silk has been serving all types of landscaping solutions for several top companies worldwide with more than 40 years of experience. What makes Plantscape Inc landscaping products distinct and widely demanded in the market is the commercial grade materials used for manufacturing them. It has a small powerful team of innovative employees who believe in evolving and using latest technologies, in order to deliver premium quality products to the clients. There is a wide range of landscaping products available, starting from faux tall indoor plants, large indoor trees, artificial tropical plants to baskets, planters, fiddle leaf fig tree, artificial topiaries containers etc. which makes it a diverse and versatile platform for all indoor landscaping needs. The immense experience in the market of faux landscaping products and commitment for so many years is very promising and makes Plantscape Inc trusted among the customers.

Manufacturing Practices

Plantscape Inc has a team of specialized technical workers who focus on designing landscaping products based upon the need of the customer. Depending on the products selected by the clients, the foliage is picked exclusively, in order to make every element of the faux interior planting trees and plants extremely detailed. Fulfilling all kinds of interior planting needs is a specialization of the company and the use of premium quality raw materials for the foliages ensures that the texture of the finished product is comparable to real plants and trees and they look absolutely indistinguishable from natural botanical beauties. These products are crafted with care and include every intricate detail preferred by the clients.

Custom Design

Since every client has different landscaping needs and the space available also varies for each one of them, custom designs can be created for different purposes. This makes Plantscape Inc very versatile and flexible as there are unlimited options to incorporate several styles that will help narrate the story of a particular interior. The clients can come with their own architectural specifications and ideas of their ideal landscape design, and then the professional team of Plantscape Inc will assist them to visualize their ideas in detail and provide them computerized view of the finished arrangement, so that they can finalize the layout of the landscape. Moreover the highly demanded faux plants, trees and topiaries can also be ordered in custom sizes in order to fit relatively smaller spaces.


Installation is one of tricky and much underrated processes that most landscaping companies tend to ignore. It is important to understand that without proper installation of the products the landscape would fail to showcase its beauty completely. Faulty installation can also lead to several hazards where the whole set up may fall down, and thus it is a safer option to leave the process to the professionals. Purchasing from Plantscape Inc ensures that there is no hassle of installation for either big or even small interior locations as all the products are installed by the company itself with no extra charges from the clients.

Servicing and Maintenance

These faux beauties are absolutely maintenance free and can deliver the mood of any landscape throughout seasons for many years. Manufactured with quality materials these do not get wear and tear even in extreme climatic conditions. Maintenance programs are also available in Plantscape Inc and varieties of services are provided based on the product requirements. This assures that even in case of any mishap or damage to the products, the beauty of the landscape can be restored and the not effected parts can be reused for other purposes. In case of loss of any structural integrity, the after sales services are responsible to fit the product completely. This is a huge advantage and leaves the client’s with no worries about dealing with damages.

Fade resistant and fire retardant

The combination of fade resistant and fire retardant properties makes these artificial, yet natural looking plants and trees retain their beauty for years. These are really affordable and are sure to serve their purpose of enhancing the beauty of any landscapes for a very long time without requiring any special care or maintenance. The vibrant colors of these faux beauties come from the top grade foliages that are used to carve them and this makes them look very realistic looking. Instead of adding a thin film of chemical coating on the top of the finished products, which might wear and tear out with time, fire retardant chemicals are mixed in the foliages of these silk plants in order to make them safer for interior decoration purposes.

Plantscape Inc products reflect sophistication and provide personality to any interior landscapes because of their botanical viability and absolutely natural feel. These products are made using the highest quality foliages which make them perfect for any commercial set ups. Plantscape Inc products go through detailed evaluation and inspection process in order to provide the customers with best standard commodities that will last for years without the need for any maintenance.

Why Faux Plants Are Better than Real Ones for LandscapingArtificial plants have been in the landscaping scenario for many years. Most probably, use of fake plants has started with using those for large commercial Christmas decorations. Earlier these had a bad reputation of having a faked look. Thus, all illusions were broken at the instance when one saw those products. With technological advancement, these now have a good degree of realism. Now, you can get those with lifelike trunks, branches, leaves and flowers.

People have a natural attraction for greens. These make us relaxed and happy. Studies recommend having greens included in commercial spaces for creating a lasting impression in the minds of the customers and also to make the people working there more productive. While live plants were normal in earlier days, the replicated plants are getting more and more popular these days. Whether to use artificial indoor landscaping plants or the real ones is something that everyone is interested to know. While some say it is a matter of choice, there are some real advantages of using fake landscaping products over the topiary trees live for landscaping of commercial interiors. This blog aims to tell you all about why the faux plants are better than the real ones.

No gestation period delivers glowing landscape right after installation

If there is no greenery in the interior, it looks vacant. But, live plants have a definite life cycle and they need time to grow to the required size and shape for adorning the commercial interiors. So, just including flowering plants in the commercial indoor does not improve your ambiance. You have to wait up to right the season for them to bloom. With artificial plants, you do not face such problem. Install tropical plants phoenix in your interior, and they will immediately change the environment.

Artificial plants look like live plants but costs less

All replicated landscaping elements including the tropical silk plants are made one hundred percent botanically correct. These are meticulously crafted to be so lifelike, that none can distinguish them from their live cousins until and unless, these are touched by hand. Thus, installing the faux plants you get a near natural effect in the commercial indoors. These are affordably priced and do not involve any other post installment cost. This is why the artificial plants are in ways better than the live plants.

Artificial plants need no maintenance

Not everyone can keep natural plants alive. Landscaping with live plants brings in a box load of associated problems. First, you have to prepare soil for planting them. Next, you have to water them regularly and also add fertilizers for ensuring their healthy growth. The problem does not end here. You will be required to spray pesticides for keeping the plants safe from insects and pests. And, when there is healthy growth, the live plants start outgrowing the space, or if those are in the form of topiaries, they grow out of shape. To prevent all these happening, you have to do periodic pruning and trimming for a charming interior. Unlike the live plants, the mimic trees and plants have no such maintenance demand and, therefore, using them is a better option than using natural plants.

Install artificial plants anywhere you like

Landscaping with natural plants is only possible if you have the requisite soil. However, the fake landscaping elements including the topiary trees artificial collections are not soil specific. Unlike the case of landscaping with natural plants, decorating with fake trees and plants need no soil and, therefore, you can install these at any corner of your commercial interior. Moreover, unlike the live plants, the replicated plants are not dependent on sunlight for their survival. This lets you have absolute freedom to place the fake trees and plants in the dimly lit corners or in underground interior spaces.

These never help spread fire

The fake plants and other landscaping products are made fire retardant from within, by using innovativeThermaLeaf® technologies. In this process, special fire retardant chemical is injected into the product for imparting self-extinguishing property. With live plants, you do not have such advantage.

Artificial plants never fade

When you include natural trees and plants in your commercial indoor, they become dry and discoloration occurs after some time. Using imitation greenery, you do not face such risk. Plantscape Inc products are made from weather-able plastic that can withstand all weather conditions. Special UV blocking chemicals are infused into the product during manufacturing, following the unique PermaLeaf technology, besides using prime quality color pigments. As a result, these faux landscaping products including bay leaf topiary keep their lush green appearance for years which is not possible with live plants.

No seasonal worry with faux landscaping products

Live plants have their life style, and when you include natural flowering plants in your commercial indoor, they will only bloom in a particular season. Since the faux plants are artificially made, they keep their bloom equally glowing throughout the year. Moreover, they never wilt, and these put faux plants miles ahead of the live plants.

Fake plants pose no worry about bugs and insects

Attracting bugs, ants, and other insects is a natural phenomenon for live plants. Including those in the commercial indoors carry the risk of insect attacks. However, the imitation greenery does not attract insects and, therefore, your guests will be free from insect attacks and irritation due to ants bites.

Imitation greenery is reusable

While using live plants for your commercial landscape, you can never keep them for further use. However, the mimic landscaping products can be packed and kept in a warehouse, when these are not in use, for using in the future.

Imitation greeneries are easier to clean

Unlike the live plants that are tough to clean properly, faux landscaping products are easier to clean by periodic dusting. If required, these can be cleaned by washing with soap water as well.

The Top Benefits of Faux Plants for LandscapingOrganic beauty is something that people always fall for. This has a very long history of use in landscaping projects. This is because the organic elements make everyone happy with their lush green look, and happy people are always more productive. Moreover, a green landscape also delivers an inviting and impressing ambiance that helps to keep people loyal to the brand and ensure the growth of the business. This is why all commercial organizations are decorating their indoors with greenery for alluring people.

Landscaping with natural greens has many pitfalls, and it is not easy to meet their caring demands. For keeping them live and glowing, you have to prepare the soil, regularly water them, add fertilizers for their health, and spray pesticides for keeping them protected from mold and insect infestation. When you do all of these, they continue to outgrow the space, and you need to do regular trimming for keeping them in shape. All of these made it hell of a job to keep live outdoor topiary trees and due to these hassles; fake trees for office are extremely popular.

Corporate indoor landscapes need to be absolutely perfect for impressing the customers, clients and guests. Large number of business owners, interior decorators, and landscapers are using wide varieties of PlantscapeInc artificial plants for reinventing their commercial indoors. Here is all you need to know about their beauty and benefits.

Choose freely from many options

Plantscape Inc has a wide range of artificial landscaping products that are broadly classified into flowers, plants, trees, and topiaries. Among the faux flowers, you can get blooms of vibrant colors to suit different landscaping needs. The plants are available as grass, bush, succulent, tropical plants landscaping, etc with varieties of realistic foliage. Trees include varieties of flowering trees, fruit trees, bonsai trees, and personalization is also possible through custom artificial trees. Plantscape Inc artificial topiaries are available as balls, cones and artificial spiral topiary trees. These can also be made in typical forms for displaying the brand.

You can install these in various commercial indoors

The beauty of Plantscape Inc products is that the trees, plants, flowers, and topiaries can be used for landscaping all types of commercial indoors. Some space where these can be used include casinos in Minneapolis St Paul, lobbies & rooms of luxury hotels, exotic bars & restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, shopping malls, auditoriums, airport lounge, exhibition halls etc. Other than these, interior decorators are also installing topiary styles and other fake botanical products for revamping reception & meeting rooms of large corporate houses, Interior of government office complex, old age homes, hospital cabins, and doctors’ chambers as well. Due to their enchanting beauty, the faux plants , tropical trees enliven the place where they are installed.

Creates illusory landscape

Backed by their long stint spreading over 40 years in all forms of artificial landscaping products, Plantscape Inc is crafted with utmost care to look like their living cousins in all respects. Installing these replicated landscaping items, you will have a feeling of being surrounded by organic beauties. Moreover, as these are made from a high-quality plastic material, polyester foliage and high-grade color pigments they never lose their charm and deliver an illusory natural landscape in the commercial interiors.

Needs no horticultural maintenance

Since these are artificially made, there is no maintenance demand for watering, fertilizing, pruning and controlling diseases. Moreover, these do no shed leaves and, therefore, create no mess. Thus, no landscape cleaning is also required.

No worries about fading

Plantscape Inc artificial plants and other landscaping products are made using PermaLeaf® grade foliage that are made totally fade resistant by infusing special fade resistant chemicals into the product during the manufacturing process. As such, there is no question of the chemical getting washed off. Other than this, color pigments of high color fastness are also used in production. This is why these products do not show any signs of fading or discoloration and can be used for long without losing their charm.

These never add to flaming

Another benefit of Plantscape Inc product is that these never compromise safety with beauty. These are made using Innovative ThermaLeaf® technologies. In this process, special fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the material through injection molding making those inert to flame internally. Given these, the mimic landscape products never help spread fire, if there is any fire breakout. Moreover, these pass all fire tests and also conform to the requirements of the state fire laws. So, you are safe by installing these in your commercial indoor.

Transform landscaping dreams into reality

The modern business scenario is extremely competitive. No matter what type of commercial indoor one has, it has to be the standalone type to have a cut above others. Over and above the wide range of products, Plantscape Inc also delivers tailor-made products to suit any specific requirement by the customer.

Offers easy selection and installation

Different commercial spaces have different stories to tell, and that is why choosing the right plant is vital. Plantscape Inc offers unique assistance in all aspects of landscaping from design to installation. They do a site visit for evaluation of the needs and then help in the selection of the best-suited landscaping product for any commercial indoor. If required by the clients, they also depute experienced plant installers to extract maximum beauty from the interior.

Cool landscape through all seasons

The artificial flowering plants have no life cycle and, therefore, these are not specific to any season. As such, you can have the same bloom throughout the year for giving your landscape an amazing look.

Added benefits

  • These have a long life and can be reused.
  • These are not toxic and, therefore, cause no allergy.
  • Insects are not attracted to the artificial plants; no worry of insect attacks.
  • Potable, and can be interchanged between places for a change in the landscape.
  • Onetime investment and a cost-effective option.

Want to Reinvent your Office Interior Decor Get some Faux PlantsDesigning an office space is very challenging as one has to keep in mind that the interiors of the space must be subtle yet stunning. The landscaping products to ornament the office interiors must reflect the style and personality of the company. The office interior must be such, that the visitors or the employees feel fresh, energetic and positive as they walk on the premises. A boring office decor might hamper the productivity and enthusiasm of the employees. Bring the charismatic beauty of faux plants and trees to create unique and visually appealing office interiors.

Artificial plants and trees to reflect your company's character!

The best way of communicating the company's style statement in the most subtle yet effective manner is by incorporating artificial greens to the premises. One can create focal points, use them as backdrops, create designer walls and striking letters, logos and signage through the use of wide variety of faux plants and trees. One can experiment with exotic varieties of faux tropical trees and plants to enhance the grandeur of any office space. The more visually attractive the interior of any office is, the more it will attract visitors and fill enthusiasm in the employees working in the company.

Revamp the current office interiors through silk plants and trees!

Who would want to walk in an office that is dull and boring? To create an energetic yet calm office interiors add the beauty of artificial greens to the landscaping decor. Experiment with wide variety of faux plants such as topiaries, Boxwood hedges, silk floral arrangements, hanging flower baskets and much more to create unique indoor office. The best part about using artificial plants and trees is that they can be modified to fit in the office decor seamlessly. Easy to maintain, these faux plants and trees are best suited for big corporate houses, government buildings, malls, hospitals, water parks, theme parks etc.

Add dramatic shapes to the office interiors!

Topiaries are popularly used for creating office interiors that have visually stunning shapes. Topiary define formal yet classy character of a company. It also renders symmetrical beauty to space. Available in dramatic shapes like cone, ball, pyramid and spiral, topiaries artificial range will entice the onlookers with their stunning beauty and charm. Use them in the galleries, at the reception area, in the conference room or as table top for adding twist to otherwise simple interior. One can compliment these topiaries with lights and make them look even more sophisticated. Choose from different shapes, sizes, and plant variety to match them perfectly to the office interiors.

Tropical trees for spell bounding office interiors!

Artificial tropical trees like fake palm trees are best suited for ornamenting the interior landscape of big malls, government buildings, airports, hospitals, water parks and theme parks etc. They bring exotic beauty to space and enhance the splendor of any commercial space effortlessly. One can choose the size of the trees according to the requirement and create interesting landscape decor. With fake plants maintenance efforts like watering, soiling, pest-control etc are not needed and therefore, they make for best interior landscaping products for offices and other commercial building. The lustrous green color of the leaves, the stem-color, and the texture will deceive the onlookers for them being real tropical trees.

The overall benefits of incorporating artificial greenery to the office space!

  • Low Maintenance: Artificial plants are best alternatives when you wish to incorporate greenery in the premises without having to worry about efforts that go in maintaining the real greenery. They do not require sunlight, water or soil and therefore easy to maintain.
  • Cost Effective: Faux plants like artificial tropical trees are best suited for big premises like malls, casinos, government building, hospitals, big restaurants, water parks and theme parks as once bought they become lifetime partners of the interior landscape.
  • Eco-friendly: As silk plants are fire resistant and UV stable, they are not affected by conditions like extreme exposure or low lighting. They are also insects and pets resistant and therefore completely safe to keep indoors.
  • Portable and customizable: The best part about incorporating artificial greens is that they can be customized according to the desire. You can trim them, mold them or port them to any desired place to match the interior landscape. As they are lifeless but real looking, moving them anywhere doesn’t affect their appearance and charm.
  • Durable: As artificial plants and trees are made of high-quality material, scientifically manufactured and professionally arranged, they do not get dull or lose their magnetism for several years.
  • Affordable: Although the silk plants are available in almost every variety of plant kingdom they aren’t expensive. One can get them easily from reputed online and retail stores at reasonable prices.

All these benefits make silk plants, the perfect landscaping products for office interiors.

Festive decoration with silk plants and trees!

Be it the artificial topiaries, hedges, flowering plants or any other variety, the custom artificial trees can easily be adorned with beautiful lights without getting affected. Yes! One can use decorative lights at the festive times like Christmas, New Year or thanksgiving etc to set up the festive mood. The providers of silk plants offer options like wholesale commercial Christmas decorations for big malls, theme parks, casinos etc for majestic yet affordable decoration during festive seasons. As artificial greens are fire resistant, they do not get affected by decorative lights also the color and texture is not affected even if the decorative lights are used on them for several days. Fill the space with exotic varieties of artificial plants and trees along with beautiful lights to make space look vibrant and inviting.

How to Add a New Dimension of Beauty to Your Corporate SpacesNow give your corporate space a bright, vibrant and captivating feel with these eye-catching and mesmerizing artificial landscaping products.

A dull, boring and undecorated office space can create a very dull and drab vibe in the surroundings. Adding pretty decorative items such as artificial landscaping products will add life to the corporate space. With the help of the breathtaking and realistic faux plants, your employees and staff members will be a lot more motivated and inspired to work harder. Here’s everything you need to know to be able to add a new dimension of beauty to your corporate space:

Add Themed Landscapes To Your Corporate Space

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to install a lovely themed landscape in your corporate space? Now you can with the help of these fantastic tropical artificial plants and faux trees. From breathtaking tropical themes to the mountain like themes, from bright and colorful blooming flower themes to seasonal topiary themes, there is something here for every need and requirement. There are several different varieties of plants and trees available that make it possible to make a theme of your choice. So turn that dull office space or corporate area into a vibrant and lively place with the installation of a themed landscape.

Add Color To Your Conference Rooms And Meeting Rooms With Artificial Flowers

Conference rooms must be well decorated and captivating otherwise the participants in the meeting may not be inspired or motivated to contribute their inputs and may also not be able to showcase their creativity to its maximum potential. Now with the pretty flowering artificial plants, trees, and other landscaping products, it is possible to change the face of the meeting room or conference room and add a splash of color to it. From beautiful and realistic looking roses to tulips, sunflowers, daisies, wildflowers, hibiscuses and various other flowering plants, you have a wide range of products to choose from to install in your corporate space.

Topiaries For The Festive Décor

If you wish to install a special landscape during the festive season, then you can decorate your corporate space with the indoor and outdoor faux topiary. The topiaries are available in several shapes including balls, spirals and various others. The topiaries are a popular option for festivals like Christmas, Easter and New Years. The installation of these topiaries will make heads turn and enhance the beauty of the surroundings. Further, unlike real plant topiaries, the faux topiaries do not require regular maintenance regarding cutting, shaping and trimming.

Fade Resistant And Evergreen Plants For Your Corporate Space

Although there are tons of brands that sell artificial landscaping products, not very many of them have quality products to offer. One reason that people have been apprehensive about installing artificial plants and trees in the corporate landscape is that these faux plants tend to fade over the years. However, in the case of the horticultural maintenance and artificial landscaping products offered by Plantscape Inc., you need not worry about the faux plants and trees fading or losing their color. These trees will stay evergreen and add a beautiful green nature vibe to your corporate space. The plants will not fade or lose their color as special chemicals are injected into the raw materials of the landscaping products that ensure that the plants maintain their original color for years and years on end.

Add Beauty To All Kinds Of Corporate And Commercial Spaces

These artificial plants can enhance the aesthetic value of a wide range of corporate as well as commercial spaces. Here’s a list of places where these plants are popularly installed to add personality to the surroundings:

  • Hotel lobbies, hotel receptions, hotel rooms, restaurants, pubs, lounges, bars, coffee shops and spas are great places to install the faux landscaping products.
  • Hospitals, old age homes, museums, offices, office buildings, conference rooms, trade shows, exhibitions, meeting rooms and move theatres can also be decorated with the artificial trees and plants.

So you can pretty much change the face of any commercial or corporate space with the installation of the faux plants, flowers, and trees.

Get Your Very Own Customized Plants And Trees

Are you hoping to give the surroundings of your corporate space a unique and personalized look? Now a personalized landscape is possible with the help of the Plant Scape Inc., and you can get your very own customized plants and trees that will leave onlookers amazed. The customized plants and trees will beat the artificial landscaping products that are installed in your competitor’s landscape. You can place an order for faux trees, flowers, and plants that are best fitted to your requirements and the requirements of your corporate space.

Tropical Trees For A Summery And Beach Like Vibe

Are you looking to give your boring and dull corporate space a summery and bright vibe? Then installing the artificial palm trees is the best way to go about it. From beautiful coconut trees to various varieties of palm trees, you can create an entire desert or beach vibe inside your office, restaurant or any other commercial or corporate space. Not only will these vibrant summery themes catch the eyes of many but it will also encourage staff members and employees to work harder and as the surroundings of the space will be more lively with the installation of these faux trees and plants.

Bonsai Plants For A Beautiful Oriental Look

The artificial bonsai plants offered by Plantscape Inc. can give your corporate space a beautiful and oriental vibe. Not only will these faux landscaping products create a calmness and serenity in the surroundings, but they will also motivate employees to be more cooperative with each other and work more productively.

So, don’t waste another minute and add a whole new atmosphere to your corporate space by placing the order for the artificial landscaping products. We guarantee that these faux trees and plants will be one of the best long-term investments you will ever make towards decorative items.

interior landscapingAmong all the other man-made things that dominate most of the interior landscapes, artificial topiaries are the most soothing elements that can deliver a sense of tranquility.

What makes faux plants best for indoor landscaping?

Artificial indoor trees and plants have the same appeal as their natural counterparts and induce a sense of positivity in their surroundings. They uplift the mood of visitors, clients, workers or just onlookers in the same way, for years, without any need for maintenance. These faux topiaries cancel the extra cost for hiring workers to look after them, since they do not require watering, fertilizing, mowing, cleaning, shaping or any other such worries that come with growing natural plants and trees in indoors. Moreover, natural botanical beauties can attract pests, mites and disease-causing bacteria, which can prove to be very critical for places like hospitals, child care centers and other such commercial buildings. Thus it is not only very convenient and cost-effective to settle for artificial topiaries but also it is a lot safer option to select.

Plantscape Inc artificial landscaping products

PlantscapeInc faux landscaping products have been leading the industry for a really long time and over 40 years of experience in this arena has made them equipped with the latest technologies in order to produce high quality artificial topiaries. Commercial grade, fade resistant foliage and fire retardant trees are produced at PlantscapeInc so that these not only impress the clients and visitors with their vibrant colors, but also provide ample amount of safety when installed in indoors. Moreover, the maintenance program at PlantscapeInc ensures that the customers need not spend extra bucks on keeping these faux botanical beauties looking the same way for years.

Most loved artificial indoor landscaping products from Planctscape Inc

1. Planters and Containers have been in the list of the most selling product categories in PlantescapeInc for the past few years and their demands are continuously rising because the clients seem to have realized the need for organization and the secret to incorporate various a very modern look to any interior space. One of the other reasons for their growing demands lies in the fact that these can be used and reused for several different occasions and themes. There are lot of options for the base materials like glass, wood, metal vessels etc. to match the style and spirit of a particular décor. These products are made with commercial grade materials that are very durable and worth every penny spend on them.

2. Artificial flowers from PlantscapeInc look absolutely indistinguishable from the real ones and can jazz up the look of any interior spaces with their vibrant colors and styles. The clients can choose from the numerous varieties of these faux botanical beauties available in PlantscapeInc. These are crafted with utmost care in order to replicate the intricate details of the natural flowers so that they look absolutely elegant and striking to the visitors. These faux flowers are budget friendly and can fit any indoor location irrespective of the space available. Even for relatively smaller interior landscapes flowers look delightful and not congesting, as they do not occupy much space if the proper variant is selected.

3. Faux tropical trees plants are more than just a category of artificial trees for outdoors. These look luxurious when incorporated in interior landscapes and reflects artistry along with style. These are obviously meant for large interior landscapes as they take up much space and can easily overpopulate small interiors. Artificial tropical trees are eye catching and look absolutely amazing in interior pools, malls, auditoriums etc. Since it is almost impossible to grow natural trees in closed interior air-conditioned spaces with lesser or no supply of fresh air and sunlight, these are most convenient to use for indoor landscapes. These artificial, yet natural looking trees are available in a lot of variants like palm, coconut, cherry blossom etc. and are sure to woo the visitors with their splendor.

4. Artificial topiaries are great for formal décor as their perfect shapes brings about a sense of organization and sophistication in the surroundings. It can be installed in commercial buildings like offices, hospitals, educational buildings etc. to deliver a feeling of professionalism and cleanliness in the surroundings. Boxwood topiaries are most commonly preferred among the clients but other variants such as Bay leaf, Ivy and Podocarpus are also available at PlanscapeInc. The clients have a wide range of shapes like cones, ball, elongated, spirals, pyramids and lot more to choose from for their interior decoration purposes. Custom shapes like that of an animal, bird or fish can also be ordered for artful decorative ideas during the festive season or for parties.

5. Plants have the ability to bring a fresh feel to any interior landscape without much struggle. The fake plants from PlantscapeInc look very appealing with their lifelike colors, shapes and sizes. The huge collection of artificial plants leaves the clients with a range of choices for any particular theme or location. These are best to be incorporated with other landscaping products like flowers and topiaries in order to add an element of charm to the indoors. These can be made to fit any location with little customizations and are sure to fill the surroundings with liveliness. These plants are also very long lasting like all the other products and thus can be reused for various landscaping purposes.

faux topiariesIf you are planning to give a nice facelift to your commercial indoor for impressing your customers, and also want to make it motivating to your employees, artificial trees and plants, especially topiaries, can work great. This is for the reason that including greens in the commercial indoors is a smart choice for they stimulate sense of the people around, and help for growth of the business. While using natural plants is great, it may not be a smart choice for commercial spaces because of its caring demands like watering, fertilizing, trimming that require additional manpower.

Plantscape Inc topiary artificial trees provide great solution to this problem. Other than using for indoor decoration, these can be used for commercial outdoor Christmas decorations. In fact, topiary decor has a long history of landscaping uses. The artificial topiaries are so realistic that with their intricate styles and shapes, they are great for making a commercial space inspiring. Irrespective of the nature of the commercial organization, these can be placed anywhere in the indoor for an opulent landscape. Aside from this, you can also use the artificial outdoor topiary plants for revamping the exterior while giving a makeover to the indoor. Here are reasons why artificial topiaries are ideal for interior landscaping.

1. Magic of artificial topiary

Green architecture is the backbone of commercial landscaping, as it helps to create a positive vibe. Among all the artificial products, topiary enjoys a special place for embellishing commercial landscapes. These have been used by all landscape professionals including the water park designers for reinventing commercial spaces because of their availability in a plethora of styles and shapes like a ball, cones, and spirals that are fit for both interiors and exteriors. The PlantscapeInc topiaries are nicely crafted and are great for some commercial interiors like multiplexes, airport lounges, exotic bars & casinos, Luxury resort and spa, auditoriums, conference halls, art galleries, etc. Using these you can turn the visitors into loyal customers.

2. Plantscape Inc advantage

Having more than 40 years of stint in landscaping regimen, Plantscape Inc is one of the best Minneapolis landscape designers. They make different types of artificial topiaries and other landscaping products that can be used for adorning commercial interiors and also for doing holiday office decorations. They have a solid team of expert professionals containing botanists, designers, engineers, and landscapers and because of their vast experience and unique craftsmanship, the fake topiaries made by them can fulfill the most challenging landscaping requirements. Other than manufacturing replicated landscaping elements, they also provide wide range of services. This includes visiting of the commercial space and evaluation of the landscaping needs, assisting in designing interior landscape, holiday office decorating, etc. they also offer turnkey solutions for landscaping commercial indoors of all types.

3. Plantscape Inc products are botanically correct

Whether you use the replicated topiaries or any other artificial landscaping products, all PlantscapeInc products are meticulously crafted to make those one hundred percent botanically correct. These are so lifelike that these can deceive even the most experienced eyes. None can feel the difference until the topiaries are touched by hand.

4. These are totally fade resistant

Suppose, your commercial space have glass walls on three sides allowing plenty of sunlight and you have installed topiaries in that space. You would not definitely like those discolored after few months. Unfortunately this happens with many products, and these are actually a colossal waste of time, money and effort. With PlantscapeInc topiaries you will not face such problem. These are made using PermaLeaf grade foliage that is made by injecting special UV resistant chemicals and uses high-grade colorfast pigments. So, it does not matter how they are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun; they will be there standing with their unique lush green appearance for many years to come.

5. Using Plantscape Inc products, you can stay in peace

While the artificial topiaries are great to make any commercial interior energetic, they can be a potential hazard if not properly made. Unfortunately many replicated topiaries suffer from this hazard. While those are made aesthetically pleasant, not much importance is given to the safety aspect. Being made of plastic material, polyester foliage, and resins, that help spread fire in case of an accidental fire breakout. There is no such worry with PlantscapeInc landscaping products because those are made using ThermaLeaf grade foliage that is made fire retardant from within by injecting special fire retardant chemicals during manufacturing. These are absolutely safe on fire. Moreover, these also fall in line with the state fire laws ensuring safety and legality.

There are other features as well

  • These have a wide range of applications. You can use these in all commercial interiors.
  • With PlantscapeInc you have the option to choose from varieties of topiaries. In case, you have some special thought, they transform your dream landscape into reality through unique customization.
  • PlantscapeInc fake topiaries are strong and sturdy. Even, if you have to take those outdoor for Christmas decoration or any other occasion, they can withstand all weather condition. These also have long shelf life. You can store them in warehouses for future use.
  • Since these are available in standard bases, these can be installed easily and need no maintenance except periodic cleaning to keep them shining. This also makes those portable, and you can interchange the topiaries between corners for changing your interior landscape from time to time.
  • Using these topiaries, you do not have seasonal worries. As these are artificially made, they continue to maintain their lush green appearance yearlong.
  • There is no maintenance demand, and this saves a lot of time and money.
  • Unlike the live plants, the replicated topiaries never attract insects and, therefore, people visiting your commercial space will be free from insect attacks.
  • This is cost effective and a one-time investment.

Top Interior Landscaping Ideas You Can Realize Using Plantscape Inc productsGreenery stimulates senses. Studies indicate that people are found to have a positive attitude and become more productive in a workplace loaded with green elements and this why the present landscaping projects call for going green. But, landscaping of commercial interiors is quite challenging, as it has to be the most effective for giving a bright display of the space.

While using natural trees and plants make a commercial setting elegant, there are some pitfalls. This paved the way for using artificial plants and other landscaping products for revamping the indoors. When you wish to add flair and color to your commercial indoors, there is nothing like Plantscape Inc products. No matter if it is the reception or conference hall of a large corporate house, lobby or banquet hall of a luxury hotel, the lounge of an exotic bar or the indoors of government offices, room of the old age homes or hospitals, the artificial trees and plants can be used for making the indoors live and vibrant. Here is all you need to know about Plantscape Inc imitation greenery.

Interior landscaping elements make a difference

In all commercial organizations, the employees have to work for long hours. As a matter of fact, they are spending more than one-third of their life at the workplace. Decorating commercial indoors with artificial interior landscaping products helps the employees to do their jobs in the best possible way infusing efficiency and productivity for ultimate growth of the business. The vibrant bloom and lush green leaves also stimulate the senses of all those who visit your commercial place. Thus, using fake botanical items you can enjoy a win-win situation where your customers, clients, and guests are immensely impressed and you also have a motivated team of employees.

You can choose anyone from the many variants

No matter what type of commercial space you have or what are your plant preferences, we have such a wide collection of fake interior landscaping products that can meet all landscaping requirements. Their range of landscaping products includes the followings:

  • Flowers: These are great for livening up a commercial indoor and make people relaxed and comfortable. Artificial flowers are of the highest quality and can fill up any commercial indoor with a myriad of vibrant colors. These can be installed in pots and vases for adding style and elegance to the commercial indoor.
  • Plants: Available in a large number of varieties, artificial plants can deliver you a calm and cool indoor ambiance and creates positive vibes for getting the toughest deal done in a relaxed manner. These are out-and-out realistic leaves, and you can choose from bushes, succulents and many other varieties depending upon your landscaping theme.
  • Trees: Trees are the best defining aspect for any commercial space and impress everyone around with their stunning lush green appearance. Artificial trees are available in many varieties like bonsai trees, flowering trees, fruit trees, palm trees etc. They are perfect for any commercial space with high ceiling.
  • Topiaries: These are the most effective landscaping element. You can get topiaries in many styles and types such as balls, cones, spirals with Ivy and many other realistic leaves. These help to add warmth and style and also bring in privacy in the indoor. They also customize topiaries into special forms as desired by the customer.

Plantscape Inc provides corporate plant service for making indoors unique

No problem if you are running short of ideas how to make your commercial indoor stand above others. We have a highly efficient team of professionals and offers unique assistance that includes site visit & evaluation, customization, if necessary, and installation of the replicated greens. They also provide turnkey solutions for commercial indoors as a part of their interior plant maintenance services.

These can be placed practically anywhere

It is not necessary that a commercial indoor will always be poorly lit. These may have large glass windows and be flooded with sunlight. No worry, The office plant design includes fake botanical products made from UV protected foliage. No matter how long those are exposed to the scorching rays of the sun, there will no discoloration.

Use topiaries to fill up space

Using topiaries for filling the voids is one of the best interior landscaping ideas. Artificial topiaries are available in many forms such as boxwood balls, cones, spirals in a variety of realistic foliage. You can choose the type that suits your space or be more creative by using tailor-made topiaries.

Make radical change with planters and containers

The planters and containers are great for grabbing attention. Available in many shapes and styles there are sure to rock any commercial indoor. Besides, they also accentuate the setting and deliver an amazing landscape.

Thrill the visitors with tropical trees

Artificial tropical trees have iconic presence. These are aesthetically pleasant and deliver a romantic and tranquil feeling in the commercial indoor. Installing these in your commercial indoor you can totally change the ambiance of your indoor.

You need compromise safety with beauty

People are apprehensive of using artificial landscaping items in the commercial indoors as these are mainly made from plastics. We offer foliage that is made internally fire retardant. These have self-extinguishing properties and never help the spread of fire and also meet the requirement of the state fire code laws. Thus, you remain safe while decorating indoors.

Keeps the insects away

Unlike the live plants, imitation greenery never attracts bugs and ants. Thus, your guests will be free from insect attacks.

Added benefits

The greatest advantage of the replicated trees and plants are that these do not need any interior plant maintenance, except cleaning, unlike the live plants. These are independent of seasonal changes, portable, easily installable and can be stored when not in use. Moreover, these onetime options are cost-effective.

Interior Landscape MakeoverAn aesthetically sound and appealing interior is the requirement of any commercial as well as the residential setting. A well-designed interior makes the life of people happier, stress-free and energetic. That is why people nowadays are more concerned about creating a unique as well as exciting interior. Plants and trees are being recognized as one of the best interior design solutions nowadays as these offer a greener and liver environment that can keep people highly energetic and fresh. Also according to various studies a greener and natural environment helps to relieve stress and thus feel light headed and healthy. For this reason, commercial settings and corporate are preferring landscaping products for their interior as well as outdoor decor requirements. If you too need reliable and cost-effective landscaping solution for your business space, Plantscape Inc is the one-stop destination for you.

A Brief Introduction to Plantscape Inc

Plantscape Inc is a division of Commercial Silk Int’l that has been offering a diverse set of services in interior landscape design, installation, landscape architecture, plant maintenance and more using living plants and trees majorly tropical plants. Combines the professional craftsmanship with highest quality landscaping services to offer the most authentic interior landscaping products to commercial and residential environments. This company was set up in 1974 and has been offing professional grade services for over 40 years. Plantscape focuses on interior plant service with an aim to offer superior and soothing interior environment so that you can have an exceptional workplace or living area. Let’s explore significant features of Plantscape products that make it one stop shop for all your interior landscaping requirements.

Best Quality Services Offered

We make sure that every single customer can get the interior of his/her dreams whether it is a commercial area or residential environment. The interior landscape design by our craftsman with 100% customer satisfaction. From interior architecture to landscape design and installation, everything is handled by the professional craftsman resulting in an artful and creative interior landscape. Every aspect of the interior landscape is designed as per the specific architectural features so that you can have most unique and suitable interior designed with artificial plants and trees.

Professional Maintenance Program

We also offer professional maintenance program in which all the greenery of your corporate and commercial space will be taken care efficiently thus reducing your stress to maintain your interior landscape regularly. As especially for corporate, investing time in the maintenance is almost impossible. Therefore understanding your time-bound schedule, such upkeep services are offered to you by Plantscape Inc.

Get Indoor Living Plant and Trees

If you are a living plant lover and want your indoor decorated with living plants in any way, even then Plantscape Inc comes up with an effective and professional provider of the live interior landscape. In addition to artificial plants and trees, We lets you enhance your space with living greenery using live foliage. You can have numerous varieties for your interior decor requirements ranging from flowers, vines, hedges, trees, plants, shrubs and more to get your office space perfectly decorated with real greenery.

Fade Resistance Artificial Foliage

All the varieties offered comes with fade resistance properties that make them ideal for long-term usage. With this property, these will not get faded away with time and can stay blooming and lush green. These will keep looking vibrant and fresh even after years of usage and won’t make your space look dull or old. Fade resistance adds years to the life of a complete range of artificial foliage thus making ideal for all commercial environments.

Fire Retardant Nature

The complete line incorporated with ThermaLeaf® technology that makes them fire retardant foliage. Using this technology, the various fire retardant chemicals are infused in the plant material and fabric in the manufacturing process. These chemicals save the foliage from various fire hazards. Moreover, with fire retardant foliage, you can have peace of mind that your property is safe and the fire accidents will not be promoted by the greenery present in your space.

Durable and Long Lasting Products

For corporate spaces, it is beneficial to install artificial plants and trees as it becomes time-consuming and sometimes costly to maintain living plants. Moreover, if you managed to install a living landscape in your office space, you will need to hire a professional gardening staff as well to take care of regular watering, pruning and fertilizing needs. Therefore, it seems quite convenient for corporate spaces to decorate their spaces with the artificial landscape. Artificial office plant service comes with an assurance that these will stay with you for years without discoloring or get damaged. These can withstand all weather conditions and thus make your space fresh, lively and elegant for long.

Innovative Interior Landscaping Ideas

We are not limited just up to provide you landscaping products and solutions; instead, we make sure that you get a perfectly designed and created an interior landscape for your office or any commercial area. Our professionals first examine the architectural features of your indoor area and then come up with unique and innovative interior landscaping ideas that will suit your aesthetical setting perfectly. They will come up with the best suited indoor landscaping theme for your space that you can ever find anywhere.

A Vast landscaping Varieties

We have a vast collection of artificial landscaping solutions available that look exactly like their real counterparts. Ranging from artificial indoor tropical trees, bonsais, bananas, foliage, vines, roses, ficus, boxwood, topiaries, orchids and much more, you can find every variety that you see in real world. All the products are designed exceptional features and giving realistic looks. These products are designed to offer you the most beautiful and close to nature interior landscape without any a maintenance headache and all.

indoor landscaping ideas All corporate landscapes need a beautiful makeover to greet all the visitors. A professional approach with some expert interior landscaping ideas is a must for any adorable corporate landscaping makeover. Any good corporate landscape has some distinct features which make them unique and attractive for the visitors. Here are the exciting features of any amazing corporate landscape.

  • Durable - corporate landscapes need some investment and imagine yourself spending money on your fancy landscape and it lasts only a few months. So, good landscaping makeovers need to last long.
  • Merge with the landscape - good corporate landscaping makeovers need to merge with the location and need to go with the surrounding areas. It should not have random items like a fountain springing up abruptly out of nowhere, as that would look awkward.
  • Depict the story - every corporate landscape has a story to tell and the landscape should depict the story of the office. You can choose to put up logos of your company using suitable landscaping items.
  • Effortless and hassle-free - corporate landscapes should be effortless and hassle-free. Imagine having a landscape having full of high maintenance plants which needs regular watering and pruning and creates lot of mess in the office. Any simple, easy maintenance landscape would be better.
  • Stylish and classy - using modern interior landscaping ideas would be best idea instead of using age-old landscaping practices. A stylish landscape will attract more people, create good impression and look appealing.

Plantscape Inc - for the best landscaping makeovers

Plantscape Inc is the leading landscaping company since 1974 when it was set up. It has been constantly evolving since then and upgrading to the modern landscaping methods for the best corporate landscaping makeovers. You can get a wide range of landscaping items which mainly consists of plants and all sorts of greenery. They provide real natural plants and covert any landscape into an attractive and appealing one and are among the top level indoor plant maintenance companies. But they mainly deal in modern landscaping methods like the artificial greenery which is ideal for any corporate landscape.

Most clients are using the artificial landscapes as they fulfill all criteria of a stunning corporate landscaping makeover and once you use silk plants, you won’t need any indoor plant maintenance companies. Plantscape Inc is among the best providers of indoor plant service and lets us find out why.

Client-oriented services of Plantscape Inc - inspection

The main services of PlantscapeInc include inspection of your commercial area by the team of experts who have been constantly evolving to implement the latest trends in modern interior landscaping ideas and convert your landscape into a splendid, adorable one for all your visitors. They will take note of several decisive factors like the amount of light present, the space available, the story which the company carries, budget, etc. These are important factors in deciding the ideal methods.

Planning the landscape

Then they will plan the best indoor landscaping ideas for your place, plan up the complete design, pick the right products for your landscape, discuss the plan and set up final designs according to budget. You can install real plants in your landscape and that will require regular maintenance of the plants which is again provided by Plantscape Inc as it’s one of the indoor plant maintenance companies. Now, that involves a lot of hassle and it’s certainly not the ideal landscaping for commercial places.

Finishing touches for a splendid makeover

The best interior landscape ideas involve enhancing the commercial area with artificial plants and trees which is hassle free and more convenient. The services include installing the artificial items at your office and setting up the perfect atmosphere for the visitors to feel cozy and comfortable. The services include creating the best out of the space available using innovative furnishing as well. Furnishing includes all the associated smaller items in a landscape which complete it and polishes the location.

The innovative products for a splendid makeover

Here are some of the modern products for a splendid makeover:

  • Impressive silk flowering plants- the colorful and vibrant atmosphere given by the flowering plants is unbeatable to any other landscape. You can pick your favorite flowering plants.
  • Attractive faux trees- the big impact by a tree in any interior landscape is unbeatable to any other product. The catchiness of an artificial tree is in an office is great.
  • The creative artificial topiaries- topiaries are very essential for any creative landscaping. There can create almost unbelievable structures which can make your office unique.
  • Containers- containers play a great role in filling up the landscape as they tend to fill in the gaps and help it merge with the surrounding like a matching colored container can help merge with the surrounding paints.
  • Artificial indoor tropical trees- tropical trees are a real asset for any landscape and they can convert any random landscape into a refreshing, vibrant one with the fresh vibes of tropical setting. You can also create a tropical themed setting if you want for special occasions.

Some of the most amazing landscaping items include the creative and beautiful designs with the artificial topiaries. You can convert any dull wall in the office with a green and live one by covering with artificial boxwood mats of your favorite shade. You can also create your custom logos with the artificial topiaries which will impress the visitors more. They are also suitable for any big hotels, restaurants, casinos, hospitals, theme parks, etc.

Some of the most useful products include the ThermaLeaf® and PermaLeaf® products. The ThermaLeaf® products have special chemicals impregnated in them which make them fire retardant and safe for any office. Permaleaf products are made using best quality pigments and material so that they don’t fade away with the passage of time. These are designed to enhance your landscape more and attract more visitors.