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8 Questions To Ask An Interior Designer For Office MakeoversIn this tech-freak era, don’t let the tedious and uneventful workplace affect your productivity. Contemplating the amount of time the employees spend in the office, it is only fair that the workplace is congenial and quintessential. Now would be an opportune moment to refurbish your office space and make the ambiance work-friendly. Apart from the expertise and mastery in his field, the interior designer you hire is also expected to take into account your office culture and requirements before making the prerequisite changes. Not only will you two have to share a good rapport, but also ensure you have parallel ideas.

Here are the 8 questions you should ask your Interior designer for your office makeovers.

How can you make this project economical?

Accept it! Office makeovers won’t come cheap, but there is always a scope for a good bargain. The most significant and conspicuous element of any project is obviously the ‘budget.’ Reaching on an agreement with the budget is an indispensable part of the outset of your project. A set budget gives the green light to the designers to decide whether to revamp the place from scratch or alter some elements of the space like the colors, layout or the wallpapers. A little color, here and there, go a long way in bringing novelty to your place.

What would be the estimated time needed to complete the project?

Well, as the saying goes, time indeed is money, thus, setting a target date for the cessation of the office makeover is obligatory. Ensure you are in a transparent relationship with your designer. Savvy the fact that office makeovers are going to be a noisy business, making relocation of the office an inevitable and also a pricey occurrence. Also, having a deadline will act as a spur for the clients and the interior designers to make the project smoother, disciplined and well-timed.

What is your procedure of communication?

Do not underrate the possibilities of confusion! Talking about your preferences ahead of time than in the midway of the project makes a sea of difference and will save you the disputes. Keep the process of communication crystal clear before you launch the project. A direct correspondence between your decorator and you avoids any possible miscommunication. Considering the fact that there will be a lot of aspects to discuss like the fabrics, color schemes, floor plans, etc. it would be ingenious to have decided a conventional form of communication.

What theme would you like to incorporate in the office?

Get over the clichéd interior patterns with the mundane chairs and glassy decors. Believe it or not, your office decors have to do a lot with employee productivity and positivity. Every office has its own culture and essence which should get reflected in its interiors. Make sure you and your designer are on the same page when it comes to deciding on a theme. Your interior designer should have a fair idea of which theme is to be incorporated in the office. Assimilating fragments of nature in your office will help keep the atmosphere crisp and fresh.

You can propose unique office décor accessories to your designer to make your office plush and dynamic.

How can you make the place more conducive to work for the employees?

Don’t forget, the ambition of the re-designing is not just making the office plush and sophisticated, but also making it employee-friendly. The environment of your office is an instrumental factor that helps boost productivity. Let the redecoration be such that it offers privacy to the employees while working. Along with making it re-equipped, allow your interior designers to make your space comfy and chilled.

The age-old belief of embracing green is sure to improve positivity at your workplace. Pitch in the idea of artificial topiary balls to your designer to add just the right tinge of green to your place.

How much of the existing interiors can be retained to build the new one?

This, dear client, better be communicated with your designer! Of course, a lot of factors regarding the old décor should be considered, but you always ask your designer to assess the existing furniture. Having used the existing office décor for an extended period of time, you too have a fair idea of which items are sturdy and feasible to reuse, so, don’t be shy to chip in the idea of using the three R’s, that is; reduce, reuse and recycle. This would be a brilliant idea to save money and time.

What will make the place more storage efficient after remodeling?

Let’s face it, and the struggle is real! Making your office classy, comfy yet storage efficient sounds like a real herculean task but it is not exactly impossible. An office space implies the undeniable fact of quantitative stock and accumulation of things. Thus, while focusing on making your space aesthetic, make sure your interior decorator doesn’t turn a blind eye to its storage efficiency. It is important that you communicate your storage needs with your decorator and if they appreciate a little of client involvement, you can always nudge your ideas to make your place innovative yet spacious.

What can additional amenities be added in the existing space?

Last but not least; ask your decorator what more facilities can they provide in the existing place. What’s the point of a redecoration if there are no new add- ons! Let your redecoration save some space for the employees to socialize and relax. Commercial plantscapes, fitness rooms or cafeterias are some of the elaborate amenities that can be provided which will maintain a work-life balance in your office.

Your office interiors are trusted to reflect your office culture and enhance productivity. Refurbish your office in accordance with the new demands of the new generation. Give an insight into your choices to your interior designer and trust them to make your place happy and healthy to work in.

12 Tips To Make Your Hotel Lobby Look FabulousThe first impression is the last impression. Like smile is the greeting for a person, the lobby is the welcoming sign for a hotel. A hotel lobby needs to embody personality. Hoteliers need to select a single lobby theme and design that is in line with the rest of the hotel.

The experience of a guest starts the very moment they walk in the door. You certainly want the right kind of vibe they get from your chosen design. There is a reason why hotel lobby has transformed into the centerpiece of a hotel. It speaks for itself.

There are so many considerations so ensuring a good design that fully functions should be prioritized. Here are our top tips for making your hotel lobby look fabulous:

An integrated layout

Have a lobby that welcomes your guests. It needs to encourage them to sit at ease and spend some leisure time. This will generate positive feedback.

Instead of having a traditional front desk, take advantage of footage or area the lobby has, providing a comfortable common space for all guests.

Do have plenty of electrical sockets and USBs, its an age of social communication through media.

A business section

A small business counter with a printer and WiFi can be included in the hotel lobby rather than in a separate business center. Let people make their deals in your lobby.

There needs to be tabloid around this section.

Make your wall a map

Information about all the interesting things to see around the area should be on clear display. A graphic design on the wall with the lesser-known local recommendations or even the best of the places to visit can be on the wall.

If you are transportation facilities for all the tours, there can be no better place than a lobby to display that feature too.

Complement the look with plants

The parlance of advantages that links up with indoor plants is huge. You may not always be able to catch hold of aesthetically charming plants, but you sure can get the feeling of lesser pollution and freshness.

Invite some big purple flowering trees, or even tiny flowering trees all around. In fact, even your staffs who actually work day in and day out to maintain the standard and integrity of your hotel deserve to have a good aura around.

White flowering trees have a great “beach-like” effect in mind. It is fantastic for the well-being of your guests too.

The utmost comfort

After a busy day, probably a rough flight, all the guests want is to come to the hotel and just relax. This starts with comfortable furniture. While you definitely want your furniture to be all filled with the cushion it needs to be attractive too.

Having separated seating sections is a good idea so that an individual traveler does not have to sit with a whole family and feel out of the box.

Wall panel

A very soothing wall panel will enhance the whole look of your lobby. Leather wall panels are in high demand. There is nothing that can surpass its classy looks.

You can also choose to have a complete wood wall panel to along with your furniture set to give it a home-like feeling.

Love is in the air

Your décor with the desired mood for your particular clientele. Create some romance with aromatic incense, roses and mood lightening. Let there is love flying in the air.

Time for a message

A spa zone would totally serve couples, families and stressed business people. After a fantastic outing or even a tough journey, nothing feels better than a good massage and some nice aroma.

Setting up a spa zone tucked away in a corner would be your best seller.

Let’s eat and drink

You want your visitors to sit and relax? Nothing encourages them more than food and beverages. So consider having things to munch on and gulp it in your lobby space.

Try and incorporate a touch of the homegrown culture- that’s why people travel after all. Also, do not place the bar totally isolated from the main center of the lobby. No good story starts with, “So, I had a glass of water in my hand.”

A mini mall

Tiny retail shops displaying everyday products like soaps, shampoos, lotions and so on will help your guests avoid the rush outside for little needs.

Handicrafts like handmade bags, clothing, hats, belts are perfect for a good sale and time pass for the guests. Even jewelry is a great idea to have all the feminine eyes meet the store.

Entertainment section for all

Music is something everyone enjoys. Cultural events in the lobby are a big hit. You can either choose to have live music in the evening or play some melody around. Traditional instrumental music shows your connection with the place.

Board games are perfect for keeping the children glued to one place. For the adults, you can always have a deck of cards.

To end it we need a big TV with a uniform channel for all age groups and sections.

For the book worms

For those who want some time off with their books and knowledge have a small reading section with a combination of a variety of books from all around the world.

This is also your best opportunity to bring in your own magazines and brochures. A kid’s section will make almost all parents happy.

So what’s next?

Lobby marks as an essential place. A lot of walks in and out happens in a single day. It signifies the tone of your entire hotel so setting things right in terms of décor should be your precedence while planning the setup.

There are many things that one single lobby incorporates. But keep in mind you do not want to be clustered and make anyone feel claustrophobic. You may have many ideas in the head, but not all will go along with the rest of the hotel. Choose wisely!

Your Choice Of Colours Impacts Worker Productivity Here S HowSeeing red with anger? Having Monday morning blues? Looking for a golden opportunity? Feeling blue? Are you green with envy? Yes, colors have a significant impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Ancient civilizations in China, India, and Egypt have been known to follow color therapy even before the birth of Christ! Colour therapy was a widely followed healing practice in these civilizations.

Today color therapy is also known as light therapy or chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to improve our physical, emotional and mental health. It offers simple solutions to have lasting effects on not just being fit physically but also improving productivity, efficiency and happiness.

Over the years, researchers, psychologists, doctors, interior designers, architects, and employees have realized the physiological and psychological benefits of chromotherapy. Nowadays, color therapy is used not just in homes and mental clinics but is also used in schools, colleges, hospitals, and offices. Interior designers are now taking special care to incorporate color schemes in offices to enhance employee productivity, efficiency, and general health.

Let’s have a look at the colors that experts and color therapists recommend for offices and business spaces. And here’s an easy guide to implementing these recommendations.

The Red Family:

Brighter colors simply make our life more colorful! Brighter colors have a positive effect on health and mental wellbeing. Colors such as red, orange, yellow are widely used in places with grey and dreary weather to create a vibrant atmosphere. Companies have reported greater motivation and spontaneity in areas with bright colors. No wonder why the ubiquitous “post-it” notes are always in bright pink, orange, and yellow color!!

Simply changing the grey and dull walls of the conference room to a cherry red will transform the mood of the space. Interior designers also recommend using paintings, artifacts, and sculptures with bright tones in conference rooms, thinking zones and dull corners of the office.

Cheery yellow and orange are also widely recommended for the office kitchen and café. A lot of offices also use these peppy colors for crockery, cutlery and even for paper napkins. Indeed a very ingenious way to literally brighten up things!

Soothing Blues:

While brighter colors are preferred for day-time spaces, the color blue is recommended for night shifts. Saturated shades of blue have been known to develop alertness, especially for people working nocturnal hours.

Along with helping to improve focus, the color blue has always been associated with a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The blue space can be created in several easy to implement ways. Other than painting blue walls, offices use ‘blue’ lighting to help improve efficiency and alertness during night hours. The color blue is often known to be cold and depressing, so it should be used with caution.

Did you know that’s the origin of the phrase blue-collared job? Workers working in factories or industries which have repetitive task are assigned blue work clothes to help improve on their focus levels and efficiency.

Parking areas are also preferred to be painted in light blue shades. It helps to calm down the mind after a long day at work and reduce stress levels of tired workers.

The Green Zone:

The color green is a symbol of nature. The color green brings to our mind images of green English meadows, deep green of the Amazon forest, the dull green of Mediterranean olives, the cheerful lime green, bright parrot green, or fresh mint green. Greens are used to give indoor environs a feeling of outdoor and natural spaces.

Like nature, the color green is the color meant for relaxation. It’s widely used in common-areas of offices, educational institutions, and even hospitals.

The easiest way of creating a green landscape within commercial spaces is by installing green planters in the office space. Green plants will not only enhance the aesthetic value and mood of the office but also act as natural air purifiers.

Different plantscape products can also be used to create a natural environment. These artificial indoor trees are easy to set up and can be maintained without the need for active gardening. Fake plants and trees are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. You may even consider installing fake flowering plants to enhance color requirements based on color therapy—red flowers for spontaneity, yellow flowers for happiness, white for peace, etc.

Royal Purples:

In the olden days, purple was one of the most difficult colors to produce. The dye for making the color could only be made from a sea-snail which was found in the waters near modern-day Lebanon! No wonder, it’s been always considered a color meant for royalty. It exudes wealth, elegance and luxury.

Purple is widely used in the fashion industry, lifestyle and luxury products business. However, care should be taken while using this color since it can also be dark and depressing if not used correctly. An art installation as a centerpiece in the office created in this royal shade is a unique office décor idea by which designers incorporate the purple color without over-doing it.

Shades of purple and lilac are also widely used for cubicle décor of women entrepreneurs or for offices whose employees are predominantly women.

Festive Colours:

A lot of offices, stores, and commercial spaces, opt for creating a temporary break to the monotonous office atmosphere, especially during festive seasons. Holiday decorations, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, Hanukkah decorations, and Thanksgiving decorations are found in most offices today.

With festive decorations come the colors of festivity – the colors of joy, enthusiasm, and happiness!! Offices are decorated in color schemes to match with celebrations. With the advent of Christmas, offices are decorated with red-green combinations of Christmas trees, stockings, stars, wreath and lights for Christmas. Orange pumpkins and black witches are the leading themes during Halloween.

The renowned poet Oscar Wilde said, “Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways!” Truly color therapy helps in speaking the language of the soul. By making the right choice of different colors, you are sure to beat your Monday morning blues!!

10 Appropriate Decor Ideas For A FuneralAll cultures around the world have different rituals for dealing with death, but each one has something, whether it’s a burial or a cremation or more esoteric means of saying goodbye to a loved one. If you’re planning for a funeral after the death, the decor plays a huge role. It must be appropriate for the sentiments while helping the guests mourn and feel less devastated by the death. Here are 10 appropriate decor ideas for a funeral -

Select an appropriate theme

Think of a theme that is fitting for the funeral, based on the things that the deceased person liked or did. If he was a musician, have music-themed decor. The traditional plain black decor can be depressing and doesn’t help the guests feel any better about the grief and remorse they are dealing with or lift the spirit of the place.

Think of unique memorial ideas

Try to come up with unique ideas to remember the deceased person who the funeral is for. You can make an elegantly decorated memory board for guests to share snippets of their personal memories about the deceased. Hang out floating balloons with chits of paper attached where guests may write messages for the dead and release them to the sky outside.

Be creative with memorial ideas, and you can be sure that the morose and depressive mood of the funeral will be slightly lifted, and the grieving friends and family of the dead will feel slightly better and find it easier to make peace with the death.

Arrange a large and creative photo display

Photographs are the most common object for all funerals, as they are the strongest way to remember the deceased person. To make your loved one’s funeral special, you should be creative about the displaying of pictures. Make a large display board with many photos, detailing the entire deceased life from childhood to the last picture taken before his or her death.

Make a picture journey for those guests who knew him briefly to find out about their whole lives. You can include small captions about where or when each picture was taken, and if there was a special occasion for the picture. Some must have baby pictures, important birthdays and anniversaries, graduation pictures, wedding pictures, significant achievements, etc.

Say it with flowers

Flowers are also an integral part of funerals across all cultures all over the world. From floral arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, and garlands to full flowering bushes, hedges or plants and outdoor trees and topiaries, greenery helps present a cheerful yet non-intrusive mood. From the caskets and pictures to the walls of the hall and the outdoor burial site, flowers can be used everywhere.

If your budget is tight for too many real flowers, an excellent option for you might be artificial silk flower bouquets or artificial flower arrangements. There are many ways to incorporate artificial flowers and plants in your funeral, like garlands and bouquets or artificial hedges or faux topiaries shaped like objects dear to the deceased.

Make the colors and lighting somber yet not depressing.

The color schemes used for the drapery, tablecloths and other decor items should be well suited to the event. Very bright and gorgeous colors should be avoided, for example, deep reds as these colors are associated with happy and cheerful events like weddings and birthdays. Red is especially bad as it may create associations to blood, something you do not want at a funeral.

Light yet uplifting colors a good idea, such as pinks, lavender, light yellows, and blues, etc. Too much black, while traditional, can become too depressing and increase the feelings of grief and remorse in your guests. Similarly, the lighting should not be too frivolous or bright, but not so dim as to make the place look gloomy or dark.

Create a space for guests to share

Consider having an area in your funeral hall with plenty of communal sitting arrangements, for example in a circle around a small display of pictures and articles belonging to the deceased where guests can take time to sit and reminisce about the deceased and share their individual memories with each other. This can be a great way to relieve some grief for the guests.

Make the belongings of the deceased items of decor.

Another unique and creative decor idea can be small vignettes made from the articles treasured by the deceased. Hang up some of their favorite clothing here and there, ones they used a lot and may bring memories back to the guests. Make little displays of their favorite articles, like a guitar or a bicycle or something they made or a collection they kept.

Have a customized casket

If you’re going for burial, an important part of the funeral is the casket. All eyes will be on the casket, so go all out on getting a unique casket that is customized to the deceased person. If they loved racing, think of a casket shaped like a race-car. If they were avid gardeners, adorn the casket with flowers. Again, you can use artificial flowers made of silk or artificial flower bouquets for this if you want to save on cost.

Going for a generic casket can make the funeral far less memorable. If it an open casket funeral, you can also include decor inside the casket, and in the clothing of the corpse. Generally, people choose the favorite clothes of the deceased.

Make keepsakes that incorporate the ashes of the deceased.

If you’re going for cremation, a new modern trend is to make small keepsakes that incorporate the ashes of the deceased into them. Common examples of this are glass or acrylic items like paperweights, pendants or show-pieces which have a small number of the dead person’s ashes injected into them during the manufacturing process.

Have a memorial service booklet

Make a small booklet for the guests to receive at the beginning of the service or ceremony. It can contain the order of the day’s events, a small section on who the person was and what his life was like, maybe some anecdotes or memories written by other close members of his family or close friends, etc. It gives the guests something to take home with them, and instructions about the proceedings at the same time.


It is never easy to deal with the death of a loved one, and funerals are designed to help the mourning people cope with the loss and have a way to accept it and move on. Choosing the right kind of decor can help with this just as much as bad decoration can hinder it, so follow these tips and make a good thing out of a bad situation.

The 8 Steps To Set Up An Office Creche For Your Employees KidsWith a constant increase in workload and barely any personal time, juggling family and work is becoming a hefty task for employees. Corporations, in their efforts to make work productive and value-adding for employees, are keen to adopt parent-friendly measures, one of them being office creches.

Crèches are ideal for boosting productivity and heighten a sense of loyalty at work. Setting up such a creche can be a tricky business as one does not only have to cater to the needs of kids, the design has to fit into the ambiance and surroundings of the company in the best possible way.

Take care of all the factors and necessities before setting up a creche in an office, and a prior understanding helps in making the task less demanding. Here are 8 steps to help you set up an appropriate creche for your employees’ kids.

1. Survey the Employees

Understand the requirements of the employees before planning a workplace creche. Eventually, your ideas for the creche have to resonate with those of the employees. Conducting a survey would give you clarity regarding the number of children expected in the complex and the area and resources required to cater to them. Also, the average age and gender ratio of the employees’ children would be a big deciding factor in the layout of the creche. Make sure the responses collected from the survey are properly documented.

2. Choose a location

The location of the creche within the office is a critical decision and should be thought through. It is essential, that the location is at a decent distance from the main working area, making sure that there is no disturbance to the employees of the company. It will be ideal if the complex is soundproof. If there is a lack of space within the office, then renting a nearby space can also be an option.

3. Get licenses

Get cognizance of the legal procedures before setting up a creche facility in office. There are various departments of the administration involved in the certification of a creche. It is important to know about these procedures by visiting the local municipality given that law and order can vary from place to place.

The most common legal documents you need for setting up a daycare service are certifications from the health department, fire safety department and the education department. There might also be a requirement of site visits from many departments for inspections to make sure everything is in order.

4. Find the perfect staff

Finding the perfect staff is one of the most crucial steps in setting up a workplace nursery. Find trained child caring professionals who not only can be responsible but also provide brain gym activities for the children. Consider their skill, knowledge, and attitude before making appointments.

Background verification of the staff from a professional is pivotal as any misconduct can damage your reputation and bring lawsuits. Also, take care of the ratio of children and childcare professionals. Appointment of one crèche personnel and one helper for every ten children for the age of three and below is mandatory in many states.

5. Make the creche safe and comfortable for children

Making the onsite daycare safe and comfortable for children, reflects the effort on the organization’s part in providing quality services to the employees. There are a lot of things to take care on this front. The establishment should be baby proof, and onsite medical facilities should be provided.

There should be Focus on creating proper evacuation plans in case of an emergency and proper training of the staff to execute them. Give special attention to food quality and hygiene in the establishment. Also, every establishment must adopt a child protection policy to prevent any form of child abuse and install cameras on the daycare site.

6. Create a sanitation and breastfeeding station

Understand the importance of creating a well-equipped sanitation and breastfeeding station. Setting up a diapering area that is safe and comfortable for children as well as convenient for the caretakers, adds value to the creche. Extra diapers and baby wipes should always be present in the complex and proper measures for their disposal should be taken. While designing the breastfeeding station, make sure you make it comfortable for the mother. There should be a nursery chair, soft and breathable maternity and nursing pillow, nursing pads and Night lights in the establishment.

7. Choose the correct toys

Pick toys and stationery which encourage development in children and help them grow. It is pivotal to take the age group of children into consideration when picking out toys. While toodles might prefer climbing equipment, preschoolers would be interested in puzzles, books, and toys. Look at the safety instruction on each toy and stationery packaging before purchasing. The toys, stationery and other materials should be of high quality and not extremely complex. Avoid toys which have sharp edges and small parts as children are prone to injuries and swallowing parts. Also, Try and avoid propelled objects and electric toys as much as possible.

8. Get the decor right

Focus on the decor of the creche and make it as child-friendly as possible. Look out for different kinds of artificial plants and flowers online. You can explore various options to incorporate in the establishment such as green topiary balls, artificial boxwood shrubs, artificial plants with pots or even artificial hanging baskets with lights to make it livelier. Try to make the walls bright and colorful and make sure the color scheme complements the furniture and other accessories in the room.

Parting Thoughts

If you intend to put forward the proposal for creche to your employees, make sure you go through all the procedures carefully to avoid any possible glitches. Talk to someone who is successful in setting up an onsite creche and learn from their experiences. Don't hesitate to make changes in the original plan as you move forward with your vision.

Transform The Decor Of A Public Library And Give It An Intellectual And Classy New AppealA good and well organized public library is the best place to please the intellectual and literary intelligence of any person. Some books are so expensive that they are out of reach of the common man. Schools and colleges today encourage referencing rather than buying course books. And then there are book worms always on the lookout for a cozy, well equipped, and systematic reading joint.

Read on how to transform the décor of a public library. Give it an intellectual look and a classy new appeal.

Record Keeping

The most important area of a Public Library is the Record Keeping section. You need to have systems for the Inventory of books and periodicals available at the library. This will not only help to keep track of the property but also help to locate books for readers. You can track which books are issued, when, and to whom. Do a topiary décor near the corner where you place the computer and other peripheries like a printer and maybe a shredder too.

The librarian can be seated here, which is usually near the entrance of the hall. Liven up his domain with interior landscapes and interior landscaping ideas.


A library has to be well equipped with reading and reference materials in as many genres as possible. There will be material on the news, information, entertainment, science, fiction, nature, cooking, astrology, housekeeping, medicine, and many more. Store and stack the books in neat and well-organized cabinets up to a good height. Place some ladders and stools at various places for people to reach out to the top shelves.

You can have a combination of open and closed shelves to stack up and display the books. These days there is a vast variety available with curved, semi-circle, zigzag, and straight cabinets. The different shapes and sizes help to break the monotony of the room and make it less annoying too.

These shelves should be labeled for convenience as it is the most frustrating and challenging task to look endlessly for books of your choice and need in a library. Shelves and Cabinets should be dust free too. Place lots of colorful and bright faux plants and trees near the storage units. This helps to brighten the drabness of the wooden or steel exteriors. You can even go in for storage cabinet panels in various colors for various sections. Fix led lights inside shelves to light up the area.


Displays in a classy library could be charts, posters, relevant paintings, and other wall art. Display the rules of the library, frame them, and then hang them up in a couple of places. This would include the entrance, the reading section, and the reception area. Along with this, you could frame and hang important and trendy clippings from newspapers, artwork encouraging reading, benefits of reading, correct reading postures, and much more. Hang a couple of large wall clocks so that the visitors are aware of the library timings too. A couple of quotes on knowledge and reading books would be a good thing.

Lights and Ventilation

The library should ideally have large French windows for maximum natural sunlight to enter. You could fix etched glass panes or stained glass ones too. There should be enough fresh air in the hall. Open up the windows during the day to air the room, the shelves, and the books. This will prevent the musty smell from settling into the room. Ensure that the fans are noise free and in plenty. Sweltering summers could be the worst time for students to come in to study for long hours at the Public Library.

Fix led bulbs inside the shelves and cabinets. Have adequate lighting, but not the harsh naked bulbs which hurt the eyes while reading. You could place some elegant and classy tall and short reading lamps at various places. Place some planters with artificial tropical plants or artificial spiral topiary trees to bring life to the area.


A library is not just a storehouse of books, magazines, and periodicals. It is a haven for book lovers. So, extra care should be taken to make them sit comfortably and enjoy that reading or reference section. Bring in a variety of seating arrangements in the library. Place some single seaters, dual seaters, and long benches too. These days you will find that people like to sit on colorful bean bags, sofas, easy armchairs, and recliners too while relaxing and reading a book.

Place some comfortable and cushioned seaters too. Most people like to sit upright and read. There should be high tables to match these upright chairs too. Make arrangements for small and large groups to sit. You can have rows and columns as well as scattered seating depending upon the space availability. Make arrangements for readers to use a writing table too.


Make sure that the flooring is anti-skid and noise resistant. There will be a large number of footfalls in the library with people walking in and out daily. A floor which rebounds with the sound of the shuffling feet or high heels is very disturbing. Maybe a running mat or carpet could be placed in the common passage or walking paths. But, take care to dust and clean the mats as this would otherwise encourage the library to be dirty and musty. Place a foot mat at the entrance so that readers clean their footwear before entering the sacred hall of learning. Place some colorful planters with artificial tropical trees and plants along the way.

Plants and Nature

There is nothing like a bright room with some greenery in it. It refreshes a person and creates a very stress-free and calm atmosphere. Go in for artificial tropical plants and artificial tropical trees to add to the beauty. Keep a vase or two with some pretty artificial arrangements in them. These plants are very safe and cost-effective. Easy to maintain, they retain their sheen for years.

Go ahead and transform the library into a haven for reading. See the numbers grow day by day.

10 Tips To Give Your Hall A Complete Makeover

Blog Wednesday, 27 February 2019 06:47

10 Tips To Give Your Hall A Complete MakeoverThe hallway is often neglected place due undivided attention to other major segments of home décor. But remember that it is the first place you will come across if you want to feel the calmness of the study room or coziness of bedroom. So here are some ideas that will help you get rid of that uninteresting hallway.

1. A gallery

Turn your hallway into an amazing gallery with pictures of your personal choice that will create a different impression for the hall, that everyone considered dull and bring earlier. To do that, you have to take the measurement of the wall to be dedicated for that purpose. Then make a diagram with those measurements on paper where you can fit in your photo frames or other framed objects such as paintings or mirrors. In this way, you can prevent miscalculations while executing the job on site. Get the accurate measurements of the frames that will be suitable in your chosen theme on that wall and begin work for getting your paintings framed. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the color of the walls and the entrance design because they will accompany your décor of arts and pictures to create an overall pictures arena.

2. Rearrange the furniture

This idea works perfectly without any budget. You just have to pick things up from one place and place at another. Normally a hallway does not contain too much furniture, but still, you can transform the look by bringing in some and taking the odd man out. Pull your chairs away from the walls and make a small seating area in the middle part of the hallway if you have ample space. Do not put large size chairs or tables in that space. If you have a thematic entrance or decorated hall, you must select the suitable pieces of furniture that will match the surrounding. In a vintage décor, rustic coffee table set fits good, whereas, in a beach theme, you can add things like seashells, sand, and ropes to the décor by keeping them in an extra wall-side desk that is painted white. If you want a cozy hallway that you use very often, keep a long one-sided sofa with a glass table in front and facing the most beautiful wall. In the corners, you can keep small tall tools for showcasing art items or flowers.

3. Use of subtle lighting

Lighting is an essential element of every indoor décor. And essentially it becomes more vital if the lighted place comes into view when you first enter your house. So give your hallway a good makeover by layered lighting. Apart from the main lighting that is normally visible due to large size and lighting, you should use detail lighting that is mood-boosting and come in handy to bring focus to whatever stuff you want people to look at. LEDs, candle-like bulbs, accent lights in showcases, colored mood lights are best for this work.

4. Wallpaper

Adding a patterned wallpaper to the hallway is going to enhance the background for further décor. Choose which wall will be the best for this makeover. Or, if you want to be one step ahead of the new trend, go for two wall makeover rather than one. The best choice is to cover both sides of the pathway so as to give the passer-by a nice panoramic view of your hard work. Natural wallpapers will become enchanting if set perfectly. A theme continued with the background, and other rooms of your house can also define the nature of your wallpaper.

5. Mirror magic

Although it seems like an odd idea, it is just as amazing as other trendy ideas. Mirrors are inherently magical in both appearance and after-effects. They reflect light which is beneficial if you don’t have any window or much natural light source. Place large mirrors with decorative frames as the centerpiece of the hallway. Accompanying it can be other art collection or paintings. For accents, you can fix two candle holders on both sides of the mirror.

6. Statement piece

Display a statement with courage at the best place of your house that is perfect to be dedicated to such décor. As you have less work in and use of hallway, you must convert that space into something amazing that will reflect your imagination besides accentuating the beauty of the whole house. The statement theme can be a vintage coffee table, and it can be an old handicraft or maybe a piece of artwork belonging to your ancestors. Make the statement bold and attractive by adding accessories such as flower pots and mood lighting.

7. Go green

Enhance the inner atmosphere of your hallway by adding a few natural elements such a few potted plants and flowers. In the corners on wooden tools, you can keep flower vases with sand and pebble and water. The flower should be of vibrant color if you have a white and simple background. Greenery can be added by putting plants such as ficus tree, silk palm trees, silk tulips, etc. Going to artificial flower arrangements is also a good choice. Silk flower centerpieces have turned out to be one of the trendiest pieces of a makeover now. If you have a desk just for vases and pots, go for small indoor plants as seems convenient.

8. Get new flooring

Everyone is tired of old flooring and this time to make some eye-catching changes. Wall-t-wall carpeting is an easy solution to this problem. Or maybe you should go for rugs that are variable in size and come in the different price range. And the best things is you can get your favorite designs suitable for a décor theme. Color-coordinated rug mosaic can be created with ease.

9. Borrow from other rooms

Get ideas from other rooms. Bring in furniture from another room that is extra in that room and can be conveniently placed in the hallway. If you have continued the theme in every room, you should continue that in this room too. Wallpapers, floor designs can be matched to other rooms with minimum arrangements.

10. Be creative

You don’t have to be a trained artist or master of designs to make a statement in this kind of place. Beginning with the fabrics of the cushion covers to the rug material, from the wallpaper design to the lights pattern, everything can be tweaked according to your needs. You just need a little bit of imagination. Always do a background check of your design and make a minuscule sketch so that you don’t make big mistakes on real things.

It’s all about feeling. If you feel good in simple architecture, keep everything simple. If you like sophistication in the first sight of your house, combine different set-ups and make a bold and creative décor. Don’t clutter the hallway because it’s best if it’s airy and spacious.

Want To Bring Dead Space In Your Home To Life Try These Decor TipsDead areas are going to turn the nice and cozy interior into a boring and no-fun room. It’s easy to find. You must be having a room performing lackadaisically due to the empty or uninteresting stuff put inside it. These spaces appear over time due to neglect, and due to continued lack of attention, they maintain their bad effect. So what you want to do about it depends solely on your interest to do something creative and new. You can convert the bald storeroom into a joyful room full of racks in colors, your dreaded study room can have a well stocked and furnished bookshelf assisted by some flower plants, and the dull TV room may become the focus by turning itself into a gallery.

Here are some pretty basic ideas and points that can help you do this makeover.

1. Back of doors

No one ever pays respect to the doors. Actually, the back of the entries can be very useful. You just have to be a little innovative. Convert that space into a hanging platform for your handbags or maybe your magazines. If you have a shortage of space for clothing such as towels and napkins, well, that’s the spot. The back door hanger is accessible as well as manageable.

2. Window sills

They are some of the favorite spots for some people who like to take long looks at outside while enjoying the indoors as well. But often what happens is, while decorating the ceiling, walls and TV table people forget about mini-spaces inside their home. Being useful, window sills can hold potted plants and glass flower pots. Keep a clear glass vase with a bunch of sunflowers on the sill and place a small coffee table and two chairs near it; that will become the best spot for coffee and novel. And if you are a kind of knick-knack guy, you can use that sill to keep your small belongings in an appropriate place. Get a large bowl with the vibrant color finish, keep it on the sill and you can put your keys, wrist watches and other things in that bowl. In the kitchen too, use that place to keep kitchen greens or hang utensils.

3. Wall space

Do not keep the wall space empty. Normally dank color themes or colors or fully blank walls make the atmosphere dull and boring. Think about organizing the walls and wall décor. If you have multiple walls remaining empty, then make efforts to turn them into the beautiful gallery by hanging your personal pictures in frames. Or if you have students at home, you can hang one or two whiteboards. Art lovers can convert blank wall spaces into art collections. Use small arts or paintings to make the walls attractive.

4. Shadows in corners

All of the lights in your house can’t fill the gaps of corners and corners often gather shadows that discourage their proper use. You can’t keep showcase items in those places if no one is able to see them clearly. Get some extra lights fixed in these dark sides. Layered lighting systems that cover the corners of walls and ceilings are the best options. Do not keep furniture nearby the corners. And if you want to enhance the effects of already existing lights, you can make use of mirrors and walls arts. Apart from all those, corners can be used for fixing shelves that can be turned into showcases or book-holders.

5. House plants

House plants are very useful in filling the vertical heights of rooms with high ceilings. Many times these rooms feel empty not because of lack of furniture and other stuff, but due to the spacious corners and the height of the ceiling. Lonely corners can become a cute couple with potted houseplants. Artificial flowers and silk flower arrangements can adore the window sills and the corners of your hall, and on both sides of the TV table, you can put two artificial tropical plants to enhance the set-up. Faux flower arrangements are in the trend nowadays. Apparently, plants like ficus trees and phoenix palm can be placed anywhere to catch some eyes such as the porch and the entrances.

6. Innovative seating areas

Seating areas tend to be very extensive and space-consuming, which makes them very predictable and traditional in look and feel. What we are proposing is, you can create new seating arrangements that will be new in the décor and will also give the erstwhile boring scenario some life. For people who love staring out the window, create a small coffee area by bringing in one or two wooden tools and a small coffee table. Put a bowl of apples on it and get ready to enjoy the evening reading your novel. Guests also can have a little taste of your new look. Use corners to customize wooden tools to fit in and give you a separate seating area that is way cooler than your sofa. And talking about the lights, table lamps are far more suitable inside places of houseplants which will accentuate the mood.

7. Large antique objects

Antique objects can be the centerpieces of your dead place. The only thing to remember is that you make sure of other accessories that will help it build up the beauty. Large wood frame mirrors can take a wall and others can be filled with candle holders and vintage paintings. Old rustic chairs will help you mix trend of the new marble dining table with country style cushioned iron chairs. Display of vintage vases is perfect for a classical theme with redwood furniture and big game sculptures on the wall beside the fireplace.

There are lots of ideas that come freely into your mind when you start working. But make sure you have a base theme on which you can make a few modifications and sudden tweaks with accessories. Dead spaces are the result of less attention and no desire for maintenance; so it will be better to make it so creative that you can’t resist its temptation.

Indoor PlantFood is the most essential and vital part of everyone’s life. Most of the people are very choosey and fascinated by food. Hence, they want their food to be provided and presented in an organized and clean environment. Many people spend thousands of rupees behind proper food, and it is served in a clean and proper dining environment. A dining space is a very important area of the house. Every house requires a dining space. Lunchtime and dinner time is mainly the time where the entire family sit together to spend their leisurely time and enjoy their meal. Many essential meetings and deals are also cracked over dinner, lunch and even a cup of coffee. Hence, a proper ambiance is very much required for a dining room. There are some tricks with which you can make your dining experience pleasant.

1. Concept

One of the most important ways to decorate a dining space is to set a concept and work accordingly. The dining space décor should match your concept. In the case of restaurants also you need to keep in mind a concept and decorate it. The color of the walls, the dining table, the chairs, the wall hangings, and the paintings should all convey some meaning. The dining spaces in the restaurant should convey some emotional message. It should be thoughtful enough to make the customers revisit the place again and again.

2. Keep your dining clean

Everywhere, be it home or a restaurant, cleanliness is the primary factor on which a dining area is dependent on. People always find clean surrounding to dine. They do not like having even a glass of water in a dirty place. Heath and hygiene are given prime importance when it comes to food and dining. Hence, in the case of restaurant cleanliness is very important. If the dining area is found to be below the expectations, the people shall think twice before revisiting the place.

3. Make use of proper Lighting

Another crucial factor involved in setting an appropriate setup of dining is the lighting. Proper lighting is extremely important if you want an excellent dining experience. The lighting decides on to the tone and the atmosphere of the surroundings. The lighting should also be according to the concept of the dining room. If the concept is of lighter a cozy, romantic environment, soft and yellow lights suit the best. In the case of a fun and frolicking environment, bright lights shall be suitable. The lights should also be according to the flooring so that the reflections help to light the room.

4. Choose your colors wisely

It is very important for you t to choose your colors wisely. The colors of your wall should be for light colors or even deep colors. The colors solely depend on the concept of the dining area. The colors also hold several psychological factors as well. The warm and bright colors are considered to hold on the customers and increase the food appetite and interest of the people. On the other hand, dull colors like light blue and green are considered to decrease the interest and appetite of the people.

5. Find innovation

It is essential for everyone to work on their own mind and find innovative ideas of their own. This will help an individual to improvise on to their own skills and also save the cost of buying trendy stuff. It is essential for a dining table and the dining area to set everything systematically and decoratively. You are needed to make textures and designs out of the dining towels and cutleries. An attractive dining table is eye-catching and impressive.

6. Design your menu

In the case of a restaurant, it is important to set a menu which is presentable and attractive. Once again, it is essential to set the menu design according to the concept and design and décor of the dining room. The menu should be according to the cuisines of the restaurant. The menu consists of the brand name and the logo, and it also ensures the brand authentication. Hence, the menu card needs to be attractive and impressive.

7. Cutleries

Dishes, silver wares and cutleries all constitute the dining constitutes. The cutlery sets and dining sets are different on different occasions. For daily use in houses, separate plates are used, and separate sets are used on the arrival of guests. It should be kept in mind that all the dining sets should be according to the themes and concept of the dining area.

8. Go green

Everyone likes to be in a green environment, and most of the people prefer gardening at home. Greenery also provides a symbol of hygiene and healthy living. So, it is advisable to keep small plants and pots at the corner of the dining rooms, and indoor plant services are also easily available which shall help in the maintenance of the plants. This makes the room look nice and also is a healthy habit of utilizing nature. In some cases, like in the restaurants, the green plants do not match the look of the décor. One can make use of artificial indoor trees and artificial trees for outdoor. Fake outdoor plants and trees being more significant in size, can also at time match the room décor, one can also make use of them instead. The fake plants are easily available, and one can also let go of the maintenance cost.

9. Music

Music is always an intimidating factor. Music helps in to fix the mood. Hence, proper music always makes the dining experience a memorable one. In restaurants, many people are attracted to the ambiance of the dining room. The music compliments the ambiance of the place. Soft and romantic music suits best with dim and low lighting on the other hand in a fun restaurant ambiance, rock music is preferred. The preference differs with the place and the criterions on which the restaurant is set.

Interior Landscaping ProductsThe idea of having your own home office is great, but you’re not ready to start work if you haven’t dressed up your work nook, even a little. There are ways you can do this by spending minimally, wisely and have the kind of home office your work reflects.

Whatever you might bring in to your office space, ensure it’s comfortable and clean. But that’s not all it’s just the beginning. To help you along, here are nine amazing ideas that will make you want to spend more time here so that you’re more productive.

1. Give yourself enough space.

If you need to be in spacious surroundings, take a room for yourself, or redo your garage. If you’re expecting clients to drop in, smarten up your workroom accordingly.

However, if you’re going to be working on your own, you could choose a staircase landing or take a corner space, if you like. But be sure you don’t feel stifled in a small area.

2. Let your work table overlook a window.

If you’re a creative person, you need to sit amid natural beauty. So, let your table face a garden or park so that whenever you glance up from your laptop, you feel inspired by what you see. This is sure to improve the quality of your work and keep you from feeling exhausted before the day ends.

3. Use your small space intelligently.

If you have a small office space, obviously you need to organize yourself efficiently, in fact, both horizontally and vertically. Use vertical files on your desk so that whatever you need is nearby. Or put everything important into a basket and label them.

Get yourself a work table with drawers and allocate one drawer for each kind of document you want to put away safely. If you have no room for traditional bookshelves, why not get yourself a metal cube?

4. Is your workspace sufficiently lit?

If you work in an area of low light, you’re going to end up with eye strain and perhaps even a headache. So, when choosing a work spot, bear this fact in mind. Working with an overhead light can also put undue strain on your eyes, so make sure there’s enough sunlight in your workspace.

Choose to go with a couple of different types of lighting that will give you the kind of light you much wants at different times. For example, how about having the floor and a desk lamp?

5. Hide all your cords and cables.

Just because your printer, laptop and phone come with cords and cables, does that mean you let them hang messily? Put them away behind a fabric screen or below your table. Or, go cordless as far as possible.

For instance, buy a Wi-Fi enabled printer that doesn’t need to be hooked up to your computer. Try and think of ways of reducing the wires and cables and you’ll automatically have a cleaner workspace.

6. Get yourself a comfortable chair.

You’re going to be working almost all day, so shouldn’t you be comfortable? Get yourself an ergonomically designed chair that will do wonders for your back and neck while you work. Just because you’re starting doesn’t mean that you work uncomfortably.

If you opt for space in the corner of a room, you’ll need to optimize space very carefully. For such nooks, you will need to get yourself a very comfortable chair because of the time you’re going to spend here.

As you begin raking in the money, you can develop your entire workspace and make it more appealing, particularly if you’re going to receive customers, associates or clients here.

7. Bring in some multi-colored plants.

If you like to keep your office looking bland, you can bring in a few plants that will add a touch of color and give you some mental calm. But you could consider adding a few indoor plants that will add not only some vibrancy but also make you feel good.

However, if you feel that a bunch of flowers now and then it is expensive, you could opt for silk flowers.

You’ll find that there’s as extensive and exquisite a range of silk flowers that you can use to decorate your workspace or office, and no one will know. For a busy working person like you, this is ideal because you won’t have to change the flowers every few days or go out and get some more when they die.

Just dust them or wipe them with a wet rag and you’ve got a beautiful room with flowers of your choice!! And yes, apart from the lack of fragrance, you can get real artificial flower arrangements which you can use as silk flower centerpieces. Change them with the season, if you wish.

8. Fill your room with color with a multi-colored rug.

Just because you’re going to do some serious work in your home office doesn’t mean that its décor be dull and drab. You can dress up your basic room or workspace with a multi-colored rug.

The presence of those colors in your workroom will add a tone of productivity and positivity to you as you work on one complex project after another.

For a chic workroom, offset the colors in the rug with that of the flooring to give the room some extra texture.

9. Paint the walls a cheerful color.

A cheerful color is sure to get your creativity going, so go for a color that you’re soft on. Don’t be conservative in your choice of colors—opt for cherry red, if you wish, or lime green. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone for your choice of wall paint.

Concluding Remarks

And finally, it doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. To make your mark in this world, you need to set yourself up smartly, comfortably and conveniently. The tips offered above will give you the right kind of mental calm to do your best day after day.