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CubicleHow do you maximize space in a small office is a question that bothers many today. With a huge number of small and big scale businesses and startups springing up, it is very difficult to find a large or spacious office today. You have to compromise on the space and make the best of it.

Read on for some smart design ideas to set up offices in small or restricted spaces. They are simple, yet very effective. Try them out!

Organize and Label

Since you will spend a lot of productive time at the office, you need to keep it efficient and organized. Working in chaos will not help. So, organize the space well. Keep things in the right places. Label the drawers and shelves so that it's easy to put back things you have used. It also makes it very simple and quick to find anything that you may need.

Clear the Clutter

In the throes of work, it is impossible not to collect things over time. There will be papers, files, books, stationery items, envelopes, pamphlets, etc. that keep eating up space inside cabinets and shelves. Clear the clutter once a month or once in two months. Keep only items of use in your tiny cubicles or work stations. Avoid too much of personal memorabilia and curios to decorate them.

This will help to retrieve lost space in a small office. Removing the clutter will also bring in lots of positive energies into the office and make it a better place to sit in and work. Instead, place a couple of planters with artificial plants and trees. Scout around for silk flowers wholesale to get a good bargain.

These plants pep up the place and bring in a lot of positive energy into the room. The sight of these green plants and colorful flowers is a treat for the sore eyes as well. Apart from this, these artificial plants are durable and long lasting. Choose the color, variety, and size you like and simply place them on a work desk, a cabinet top, or in planters at corners.

Clean the room regularly. Keep it dust free, whether it is pieces of furniture, tables, shelves, cabinets, or other seating arrangements. A dusty and dirty room appears small and congested.

Use the apt Colour Scheme

The colors that you use in the room on the walls and in the furnishings can actually eat up or create a feeling of spaciousness. Go in for light pastels, creams, off whites on the walls instead of dark shades. Choose lighter colors for the furnishings like drapes and seat coverings. Buy these materials with smaller and finer prints rather than bold and large geometrical patterns on them.

Complement your color scheme with beautiful artificial topiary trees for decoration. Place them against a cream wall to bring in color and life to the wall. Can you use plantscape to decorate an office? Yes, you can. It's a brilliant idea to beautify the room and energize it too.

Use Multipurpose furniture

Pieces of furniture take up the maximum space in any office. Buy items that can be of multipurpose uses. Go in for folding desks which can be opened up only when needed. Buy stools or side tables table that goes in one below the other. Avoid large working desks, you don't actually need them. Instead, place a cabinet which will store a lot of your office material.

Go in for floor to ceiling storage cabinets or shelves. This way you can maximize the space available.

Use the concept of symmetry while buying office furniture for a small space. It helps the eyes to see the room in a smooth flow rather than in a disjointed or mismatched manner. It makes the room look bigger if there are a pattern and symmetry in the room.

Go Digital

In this age and world, rely more on digital storage rather than paper records. Digitalize your work, files, information, data, documents, and other records. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of paper that you will use to record everything. This is an excellent way of creating more space inside cabinets, in drawers, on shelves as well as on work tables. Digitalization will also enable you to find data much faster and in an organized way.

Light up the Room

Dark and dingy rooms look much smaller than what they are. In any case, you need bright lights for people to work in the office on machines and other media. Light up the room well with adequate lighting. Keep lamps on the work desk and highlight the work you are doing. Avoid very large bulbs, holders, or chandeliers. Led light is great for the ceiling. They give lots of illumination and look pretty too.

Place sleek Accessories

Your office will need many machines, gadgets, and other accessories to work efficiently. Buy sleek ones and preferably with light colored finishes. Dark laminates and surfaces make the room appear smaller. Light colors reflect and shine and give an illusion of spaciousness. If possible, place all machines inside cabinets when not in use. A room with fewer items on display will always look bigger.

Do up the Floor and Use the Walls Smartly

Always go in for a single covering for the floors. Go in for the wall to wall carpets or mats instead of placing small rugs and carpets. A single look helps to make the office look larger. Use the walls to store as much as possible. Fix smart hooks and hang items like a coat etc. Fix shelves and cabinets accordingly. Create a plant wall if you have floor space restraints for placing planters. Plant walls with artificial indoor trees look beautiful and add richness to the room.

Make full use of innovative and creative ideas to decorate your small office space. Make it comfortable, efficient and a smart office. You will love working on it!

FlowersWhy feel stuck sitting in the same place every day when you can decorate it in easy ways? A little change can do a lot to make you feel good. And when you feel good you peak your productivity. So gear up folks! Opt for these amazingly easy yet effective tricks that will motivate inspire and energize you on a day you're slacking.

When all you want is a healthy, happy and productive workplace think no further. Just follow these ideas and voila! your space would be excellently transformed. Such is the versatility of these revamp techniques that you can practically apply it to any kind of office cubicle or even at homes.

1. Maximize the lighting: Who would want to sit and work in a gloomy ambiance? Optimum lighting is essential for any kind of work. It is incredible if you are someone who is blessed to have a cubicle by the window.

You can enhance the natural lighting by using light and breezy window hacks. Or if your seat is somewhere far away from windows and if you have heavy and opaque curtains that block light, change them at the earliest. Look for high-quality silk flowers wholesale that promises to put up a more sophisticated look.

Be ready to go for bright white bulbs as it will not only save the energy expense but also will make the area look spacious and vivid.

2. Add a few quirky décor pieces: After all your cubicle should bear the mark of you! If you have enough space, personalize your own self by adding some refreshing décor ideas. A simple handmade crotchet, wicker or paper ball, a beautiful vase or even artificial outdoor plants and shrubs can change the whole makeover.

DIY tricks like spray painting a beautiful frame that holds your favorite picture can be quite awesome. To make a unique yet colorful bookend for those scattered books on your table just pick a few waste paper from the basket and get started.

3. Get yourself a throw pillow: This could literally be your savior after a tiring client meeting or interview. You don't ever have to complain about getting your backbone ache while sitting straight on a chair. You don't require a couch to slouch always. Sink in your throw pillow as it assures you the warmth and comfort just the way you need. Experiment with quirky prints and patterns and get rid of the monotony of the function-loaded domain.

4. Practice minimalism: Too many cooks not only spoil the broth but they also confuse your head. Keep decluttering on your mind as you refurbish your cubicle. I believe you don't need too many things to stress you out unnecessarily.

Arrange in a way to keep the most essential things handy, while putting the others out of sight yet accessible when in need.

Approach websites offering wholesale artificial flowers and plants to decorate your cubicle in the most beautiful way without creating a hole in your pocket.

5. Paint as you like: Whether you want to stand out in a crowd or work in unison can be estimated how well you choose your colors. According to popular belief, commonly used shades are that of blue to refresh the mind, green to induce relaxation, and yellow to bring in creative thoughts.

Don't think much. Just pick up your favorite hue and paint the area with vibrancy. From pastels to brighter colors you can choose anything off the palette. After all your cubicle should reflect your personality vibe.

Type artificial plants for office décor and hit the search button. You will be flooded with options to choose from a number of colorful plants to contrast your space.

6. Add a tinge of aroma: Scents play a pivotal role in arousing out interest and soothing the mind. You can add a dose of peppermint to invigorate energy and tranquility. Go for the citrus ones to de-stress yourself.

7. Add bling of nature: No matter what plants never fail to instill life even in the most lifeless atmosphere. So, if you're thinking about the coolest and easiest way to feel the positive vibes every morning as you come in, invest in some artificial plants and flowers online.

8. Sticky notes to brighten your day: We all have bad days at work. Days when your efforts are not appreciated. When you feel down and there is nobody to pick you up, come to your own rescue! Write motivational messages in sticky notes and attach them right before you.

Looking up to them will lighten your mood like magic. Just think how beautiful it would look to welcome yourself with your favorite quote, the first thing in the morning.

9. Arrange for storage: A proper tidy storage box is what every cubicle needs. Declutter wouldn't make any sense until unless you arrange things properly.

10. Keep a vision board: Have a cork board before you? Great! Style it up by putting inspirational stories or smiling emoji's to greet you as you step in. You can also maintain a to-do list so that you balance your personal and professional events in a smooth way.

11. Design your desk: Organizing your desk should be on top priority if you have difficulty finding stuff on time. Arranging your accessories and stacking them aside, introducing a few disposable wipes, customized paper-weights a washable duster, few air blasters, etc. can save you from a whole lot of cleaning work in the future.

12. Pay attention to the details: For a change, you can simply alter your desktop screensaver. You can make or even print a customized mouse pad for yourself or even bring your favorite cup on your desk to make yourself feel at home.

FlowersThe color themes that are used in Restaurants can have a significant impact on customers in terms of time spent in the restaurant and how they feel about the color. Studies have shown that colors can affect customer's psychology and can influence their choice of food and their spending behavior.

Choosing the right color themes for your restaurant can make the customers feel happy, increase their appetite, improve sales and also make the dining space look more spacious.

Restaurants with a live kitchen offer an opportunity for the customers to see their food being prepared and also select their own choice of ingredients for their food order and the following color themes can be used in these restaurants to maximize the experience of the customers and buying behavior.

The basic touch of Beige, White and Light Grey

This theme is best suited for restaurants that have smaller spaces. Painting the walls with beige, white or light grey helps to reflect more light inside the place and makes the interiors look larger.

White and beige can also have a calming effect on the customers which can increase the duration of time they would like to stay in the restaurant and make them feel more welcomed.

It is also important to remember while using more than one color that they should not only contrast each other but should also help to break the effect of each other.

For example, while using beige to paint the interior walls, hints of red and green can be used also to prevent monotonousness and white color can be used for the floor to create a perfectly relaxing ambiance.

Dark beauties all around: Brown, Crimson, Purple, Dark Green, and Navy Blue

If you want to have candlelight dinners on the tables, go for this theme. The dark themes can make the room look smaller, as it absorbs more light and therefore provides a warmer and cozier feeling for the customers.

Navy brown and Green can have a calming effect on the customers and increase their appetite, while purple and blue can reduce the appetite but instead make the customers feel thirstier. For better effects, some purple flowering trees at alternate corners will fold the entire décor.

Use the color blue minimally and only to contrast with the other colors. The dark theme can be best suited to provide a cozy and personal dining experience of the customers.

Colors of the earth: Olive Green, Brown, Dark Orange and Beige

A theme based on the colors of the earth can give customers a comfortable and relaxing feeling and can influence the customers to choose healthier and well-balanced food from the menu.

Colors such as olive green can increase the selection of food with more vegetables by customers, while orange can make the customer feel cheerful and happy.

Using olive green as the color of the tables and chairs and painting the walls with a mix of dark orange, interrupted by patches of beige, brown and green and using beige as the color of the floor can have an overall calming, happy and appetizing effect on the customers.

The waves of the ocean: Blue, Purple, Crimson, and Brown

Color themes based on the colors of the ocean can have a relaxing effect on the customers. Blue can be used to color the walls or floors to make the customers feel more relaxed.

But use them sparingly for they might make your customers really thirsty, especially near the tables. The oceanic theme can also include darker colors of crimson and brown which can be used for the tables and décor for the restaurant to balance the effect of blue and purple and increase customer's appetite.

How about we add tiny flowering trees hanging from the walls just so that no one gets seasick!

Something for the children: Pale Green, Sky Blue, Pink, Lavender, and Light Yellow

The pastel theme can also be very attractive for children and therefore help to increase the number of customers. Add some dwarf trees alongside the tables just for them.

Pastel colors can be very soft and light and are therefore can help to set a light mood for the customers and is ideal for informal dining. Since the colors are very light, they can be used with almost every kind of décor and for different types of restaurant themes.

Light colors can also help the interior of the restaurant look more spacious. The colors can be used in various combinations with each color having a relaxing effect on the customer.

A walk in a park: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue and Light Brown

A garden theme, comprising of the colors green, yellow, orange, red, blue and brown, based on the various colors seen in the garden can add a very natural and healthy ambiance for the restaurant.
These colors can not only boost the appetite of the customers but also foster the selection of healthy food choice.

Garden themes are well suited for restaurants that offer a healthy and organic choice for ingredients and provide a sensation of being more natural to the customers and can help to attract customers who are more health conscious.

Go a step further and identify some white flowering trees to go with the green color theme. Bring nature closer to both workers and customers.

A bad color scheme will turn your customers off. Every color can have a different effect on the psychology of the customers. Choose those colors that will foster your table turnover. The location and the area plays a huge role here.

Therefore while selecting the correct color theme for the restaurant, the selection of the color theme should be based on the intended effect on the customer. This doesn't mean you do not get to mix and match the choices.

There is no rule that one side of your restaurant cannot have the Earthen colors and another side is just for the children, or grownups who love to be kids.

Montessori School DecorSo what makes a Montessori School so much different than a Pre-school? It is not about feeding information to children, it is about enhancing their power to adapt to knowledge and grow curious.

The décor of a Montessori Classroom has to reflect its philosophies. It cannot just have all the posters and colors in the world because it is for children. Go through the 10 décor tips for your Montessori Classrooms for having a clearer idea.

A color for everything

Since Montessori learning believes in the division of learning like culture, Maths, Art and so on, there are also specific areas for each of these disciplines. With the subject group, the wall panel should change and so should the color of it.
There are very good graphics wallpapers available in the market having numbers on them, or musical instruments or even letters, use them for defining what a classroom is for. When a student is surrounded by them, their minds will concentrate on the designated topic to study.

Light in nature

Let there be more natural lighting in your classrooms. You want the children to have the warmth of the sun a little more than the heat of tube lights. Cross ventilation and windows not only let fresh air in but also an ample amount of light in the class.

Nevertheless, use good quality tube lights at four corners so that every eye that meets the letters and figures can read for hours without strain.

Goodness to backbone

Montessori learning is not just to sharpen the brain but also have a healthy body. A good combination of desks and chairs is of utmost importance. Stick to nature and have wooden tables and chairs. It gives a look of discipline.

Consider having to cushion for the chairs and cabinets under the table so that the children can keep their belongings.

A Library within the classroom

It is not just about reading the prescribed books but having a greater spectrum of understanding of the world. If every classroom has a small library that contains books equivalent to the class and the theme in mind, then the children will get drawn into the habit of reading and analyzing.

It does not have to be a massive central library but just a small wooden box with some books that are not meant for exams but fun and learning.

A wall for thoughts

Children run wild with imagination. That is what makes them better than adults. Every day they come to school with so many thoughts lingering within their growing minds. Give them a canvas to draw all these thoughts on.

A wall where a kid can share what joy he got out of breaking an egg, or what pain she had watching an old man walk barefoot. This creates a sense of empathy and also an openness to discussing issues that concern them.

It would be best if you let the children decorate this whole wall. Let them decide what color should it be, frame it should have. After all, it is their wall of thoughts.

Big screen for small eyes

There is no learning without Audio Visual Aid nowadays. If the schools are not providing it, the kids will scrooge their parents' cell phone and get the information. So why deny them the benefits of technology?

A computer and a big projector is enough for a Montessori classroom. They can see videos related to the topics. Sometimes there is nothing more effective than watching a movie to improve on language.

Nature with nurture

The benefits of nature around children have been an ancient booster for mind growth and body development. Have small flowering trees at the entrance of each classroom. Let the kids enter with a thought of coming in a garden and enjoying. Smiles all around!

You can also have dwarf trees inside your classroom considering its size. The children are stuck in a classroom for long hours, they deserve to get a feeling of the outside in the inside.

Cabinets on top

Montessori learning has a lot of play-boards and game boards for pleasure learning. They even use the old Abacus system to teach the counting patterns.

Now that you have taken a bit of floor space for the flowering trees, you will need some extra space for keeping all the equipment for learning. Instead of cluttering further on the ground, some cabinets on top would be a good idea.

It would remain out of the hands of the children, and they would have a great deal of ground space to walk about once in a while.

Give them the right to complaint

Since Montessori learning induces control and self-discipline at times children hide their grievances in the fear of creating chaos. A good way to avoid both the drawbacks is having a nice box where they can put their complaints and discuss any issue they are facing.

You can also be open to their suggestion. Children are a part of the school, not the laborers; they need to know it at every step.

An art gallery

There is not a single child who comes without talent. Beyond their prescribed project Montessori learning encourages art and handmade projects. But what happens after they have given so much effort towards making them?

A small platform where the Project of the week is displayed gives all the children a push for being more creative. A creative sofa set made out of matchboxes deserves a special place for the 5 days of school. A shelve for that would be plenty.

The whole trick is to have a classroom as simple as the ones learning inside them. Actually Montessori schools have principals that are not modern but ancient. They use the core philosophy of imparting knowledge to make students independent.

Unlike most of the décors, this is not about being appreciated; it is about using every bit for preparing the students to be liberal humans. They are the future of this world.

Getting Ready To Host A Corporate Event   Check Out These Decor TipsIn this world of rush and run, time is everything. Planning an event is time-consuming. On top of that, a corporate event is not easy to plan. There are so many things to be kept in mind considering the precise nature of it. Unlike a party, the expectations are over the top high. It is much beyond getting a hall booked and arranging for a pleasant journey.

You may not be an expert in this field and figuring out how to make your event flawless should make you nervous. Do not worry; here are the tips you need to gear up for hosting a corporate event with the fantastic décor plans.

Get ingenious in your blueprint

The battle between trying to have an amazing venue and that too in a reasonable budget is always daunting. But if you can boost up your spirit of creativity, you can bring in a lot of eye-catching changes.

You do not have to put all your chairs and tables in a proper formal line just because it is a corporate event. Many times just random tables that too in odd shapes such as hexagonal looks gorgeous. You can also save a lot of space by not following a strict line.

Have you ever thought about have a podium at the center of the space rather than at one end? If you can raise your stage a little with a very regularized circular motion, there could be nothing more appealing than that.

You can also go pretty traditional with wooden tables or plain ones having handloom table cloths. If too much color is not your thing, then a black table cloth works just fine. Just try to have an arbitrary placement for them.

Where do people sit?

In a corporate event, it is given that there will be pretty long hours of sitting. You do not want your guests to keep standing. Just because it is a formal event, you do have to stick to the usual chairs or sofas either.

On one hand, where you have your traditional wooden or single colored tables, why not get some fantastic bean bags or bamboo chairs? They go perfect with formal events without making the entire décor boring.

For that extra comfort, you can add some puffed up cushions, matching your table cloth and there you have your entire seating arrangement done.

There must be social groups in your list like a family or an office circle. You can place the chairs in a manner that they do not get separated from each other and can have a good "team" time too.

Show off what you have at the table

No one likes an empty table unless it is for doing homework. Bring out all the cutleries and crockeries you have in stock for this event. A nicely set the table with table napkins folded perfectly shows your sincerity towards every detail. Be precise with your mats and coasters too.

A small bowl already filled with some packaged snacks would attract people. Do have your glasses set for the "drink while you listen" feel. For the non-drinkers, you can have a fancy pot and a box of an organic tea bag.

A centerpiece may cost a little, but it gives such an elegant touch to your whole event that you might consider getting one for each table.

Flower, flower, everywhere

Who doesn't like flowers? Get fake flowers that look real, but cost lesser and are durable. Silk flower arrangements are just what you need to take your formal event one step higher. There is no shortage of wholesale silk flowers and supplies. You can make your purchase as per your hall size at a cheap rate.

If having a centerpiece for your tables is something you do not wish to spend on, then replace that idea with high-quality silk flowers that will make your table look equally full and upmarket. Match the color of the flowers with your table mats, or even try out contrary colors.

Make it artistically corporate

How many times do we cross a market and stand at awe looking at some pictures we don't even know who clicked. Art does not always cost a lot but has an impact on everyone. Bring in those unknown sketches and graphics by the local artists and hang them all around.

Your art collection can be in alignment with the theme of your event. On the other hand, it can address some pressing social issue that gives a message to all. Make the event something more than what people came for.

Fancy pictures of children gazing the night sky near their thatched roofs, it may have no connection with your corporate event, yet it will mean something to everyone present.

Bring the day to light

No event is done in darkness. Lights are one of the main factors of any décor. A single system of light may not be enough for a corporate event.

The spotlight would be perfect for the central podium where all the display or the presentations will be happening. For the banners, uplighters can be used. Each table can have a lamp whose shade can be made from the Economics daily newspapers.
Do not stick to plain white lights. You can use a variety of colors depending on which light is placed where and solves what purpose.

Today we have lights that are connected to the speakers. Use modern technological advances to your profit.

One final tip

Plan your event. You may be super creative in your head building castles but arranging for the resources is essential so that the castle comes into existence

Just a breathtaking décor may not always be ample. Have some source of entertainment to keep your guests engaged. This could be a musician playing something in the beginning, or a cultural event at the end. Even a small documentary showing the success stories would be pleasing for all.

Destroy the notion that corporate parties are not fun!

Right Decor For A Birthday Party Everyone's birthday is an extraordinary event in their life and planning and celebrating it, either for your child, or that special someone is as emotionally rewarding as it is fun. It is a means to come closer to them and show your love and affection.
Amongst all the excitement of the party, you need to choose a venue, plan about the decorations and prepare a guest list. Not to mention, the party foods and the activities and all of them under a budget. Whether you are a pro planner or just have scattered ideas, here's a guide on How to Choose the Right Decor for a Birthday Party.

Quirky Party Hats

Party hats are a must for a birthday party and everybody, irrespective of age, loves them. Although there are paper party hats available in your nearby store, do not just use them the way they are. Embezzle them by sticking glitters or rhinestones with fuzzy paperwork at the bottom.

You can also DIY them by using fabrics and scraps of cloth. Use simple techniques like a hot glue gun or a yarn pompom at the top.

A Balloon Backdrop Display

What party does not have balloons? None, right? Well, a party without balloons is downright boring. There's always a focal point at any party, and in case of a birthday party, it is the table where the cake is supposed to be put. The focal point niche of the party can be decorated with a perfect backdrop.

A balloon backdrop is an ideal choice for a birthday party. It is cheap, beautiful, easy to make and brings out the flavor of the birthday. Buy solid colored and patterned balloons and stick them on the wall behind the table. You may also use streamers and alternate the solid colored and patterned balloons. On the other hand, you can make a balloon garland using cheap materials like fabric and plastic tablecloths. You can make it a day before to save time.

Ribbon Chandelier

A very unique and quirky idea would be a ribbon chandelier. They are versatile, rare and a great party addition. Choose a variety of ribbons- patterned, different widths, diverse colors and cut them up into a variety of lengths. Make them long enough so that they can flow and flutter in the wind and give a great visual addition to your party.

Choose a wire wreath and stick the ribbon ends one by one on both inner and outer rims. Choose the position of attachment onto the ceiling and hook it up.

Artificial Landscapes

Plants have always been a lovely addition to the eyesight. They bring out the elegance in any space. Create a charming and elegant addition to your party with artificial landscapes. While this may sound very corporate-y or commercial, hold your horses before you jump to any conclusion.

You can use artificial outdoor landscaping and nearly natural outdoor plants. On the other hand, you can put outdoor topiary in an urn. Light them up with some fairy lights wrapped around if it's an evening party. You may wrap streamers around it if you plan to host your party during the day.

Personalized Birthday Banners

Birthday banners are a must in any birthday party and your HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner for your ‘boo' will be the most notable addition to the party you planned for him. This would create a lasting impression on your guests as well, and if it is handcrafted, you are really up for a great treat later on (if you know what I mean).

Use sturdy cardboard and colorful papers. Cut them into a beautiful banner shape and paste it on the cardboard. You may either write the letters on the paper using a sketch pen or use a contrasting colored paper and stick it. Personalize it with themes from movies they love.

Party Cup Fountain

You might love the idea of a champagne fountain like those in a crazy rich party but have a budget of a plastic cup one. Well, put your thoughts into action and design an actual party cup fountain. It does not necessarily need to be a formal party to pull off such an idea. You can enjoy it with your friends in a casual setting as well.

Grab a kazillion (just kidding!) party cup and stack them, one above the other like a house of cards. Pour in your favorite assortments of drink like a lime mocktail or a mint cucumber one. Or use an alcoholic substitute for them or use beer.

College Down The Memory Lane

Bring some nostalgia to the party you planned by pinning up some photos. After a lovely experience what remains with us is a memory. And what can capture memories better than a photograph? Nostalgia on special occasions always opens up doors to another experience to cherish by and an evening to talk about them. It is still a visual treat for the birthday person as well as the guests who go down the memory lane reliving the moments that have passed by.

The good old days that you left behind with your school mates and the fun that you had with your college buddies all come alive with just a trifle of your party preparation. Pinup canvas sized photographs along with small group photos from your past life events and previous birthdays. Watch how an evening full of frivolity turn into a nostalgic conversation about all the stupid stuff that you did together and all the days of fun left behind.


Planning a party in itself is a very tedious task, and when it is topped with the excitement of hosting the party for your loved one, it becomes a stressful experience. It requires a lot of effort and even more amount of love and dedication. And the result is the happy smiling face of your beloved or the I-Love-You-Mommy look on your child. This is what the endless hours of planning and work are worth for.

Interior Decor Trends For The Corporate WorldSitting inside the office for such long hours can be exhausting. It is not just the fingers typing, voices talking but also the brains continuously stimulating for a 100% productivity. It is rightly said that the corporate world is no joke.

Here are some fantastic tips that will help you make the king of the corporate world in terms of its décor and ambiance

Let your mission be on focus

Every company has its own mission to follow and goals to achieve. You need to remind all your employees about those without pushing them too hard. The best way to do that is having them displayed on large walls and bold figures.

Instead of having them closed up on the file, wallpapers with graphically designed mission statements will always remind every person in your company what their targets are.

It is always nice to use bright colors for the font. In fact, a combination of mixed colors will brighten the whole look of the office giving it an artistic side.

The arts and artisans

How to make the walls more attractive? Well, art is there in every lane. Contact some good local artists who have an excellent hand in painting and give them a platform of recognition.

These painting will come at a much cheaper rate, and you will be appreciated for this act of kindness too. Paintings that talk about social concerns portray your eagerness to be a good citizen.

You can also have various abstract painting on the wall complementing the base color of your wall panel.

Rug it up

The days of having concrete cubical to designate locations inside an office are almost over. With concepts like a shared office where a friendly atmosphere is encouraged, you do not want people to be divided by walls.

Rugs, because of their variety in dimension will give you the liberty to make an exact demonstration of your office partition without really having one. For every section, you can have a different colored or patterned rug.

For that heavy furniture in the office slide some rugs under them. On the one hand, you will have an accent to your corporate look; on the other hand, you will boost your flooring durability.

A sit and relax counter

After a few hours of tight sitting and working, the body needs some relaxation to get back in the battle. A small counter at one corner with plenty of games, magazines, music system, canvas and so on will let your workers ease up.

Just one whole rack of books from all around the world will not only help them loosen up but also keep them up to date with the global world.

Having some bean bags, recliners or even easy chairs are a nice change for a while. In this room, you can have bold printings on the wall mixing a lot of colors.

This is exactly like going on the playground after 5 hours of classroom study.

It is a team spirit

Let your workers know that their recommendations matter to your company. Every employee has a unique thought process. Having a space to let them out will not only make them feel stronger; you never know some great ideas can pop up for the benefit of the company itself.

A simple gesture like planners and boards on the wall for various thoughts on them gives a homegrown feeling. You can also have some markers with colors on them. Stickers and fancy magnets are also great for expressing feelings.

Welcome sunshine

There is no better lightening than the rays of the sun. It has many health benefits, and a set of healthy employees is an asset for a company.

Lots of windows and glass doors allow sunlight to come and embrace your employees with brightness. You can also have windows that can open and along with sunshine some fresh air also peeks in.

What about nightlife?

While you have the sunlight for the day time, most companies have the trend of night shifts as well. So it is always better to have good lighting after sunset and for those gloomy days filled with clouds.

A well-lit office is an absolute necessity. Lots of lights on the ceiling and around each corner that does not have a battle with your wall panel should be given careful thought. Do not forget to have table lamps for perfect focus.

Also, remember those paintings you have? You can always have classy light above each of the paintings just to make them look more gorgeous.

A snack bar

Every company has a café or an eating area, so what will make yours so different? Bring in the health element to it. The menu can be all about having lots of salads and gluten-free items. Put the menu out on a chalkboard display with a “Today’s Health Tip.”

You can play around with the seating arrangement in this place. There is nothing formal about a café. You can also have the option of a mini kitchen where your employees can quickly prepare their own food.

A natural workspace

How about along with sunshine we also set up some trees and plants around? There is no harm with greenery along with cabinets and files.

It is a fact that the bird of paradise flowers are a symbol of merriment. What better element does your office need? If the office size is too small, then you can always have a bird of paradise flower pictures.

Instead of having just random green trees and flowers, having a theme like a bird of paradise flowers in many varieties will show how exotic your office décor is.

So what is next?

A good office is one where you feel like giving your time just beyond the remuneration. At the same time, you also need to ensure that your clients who come for a business get that positivity and home-like feeling.

After you have all your décor ideas in place, all you need is an excellent management team, and there is no stopping from here on.

What To Do When You Re Decorating A Party Hall Within A BudgetWho does not like to attend a party? Well everyone does. But the time of thinking comes when you have to plan for one. That is where you are the one trying to satisfy everyone who comes in with a bunch of expectation of having a good time.

Depending on the venue and your budget there will be some restrictions on the décor of a party. But you can swoop in the new style of minimalism, save your money and yet be the best host ever. It is all about creativity.

Here are the tips you can use to decorate a party hall under your budget.

Drape it up

Fabrics can do wonders. You can keep a formal theme or even a fancy one. Just by changing your drape style you will have the power to change the mood. A same decked-up look on the décor with just some fabric purchased in bulk.

White fabric is for elegance, while red is for love, yellow can be a total springtime celebration. There are so many options in fabric that you can never run out of.

Even printed fabrics look amazing if you can match it up with the wall panel.

Where to sit?

It’s a party, and you will have people coming for a long time which means there have to be proper seating arrangements. This does not mean you have to buy even to rent those costly furniture.

Simple plastic chairs can be given a fantastic look by twining them with jute ropes and adding some color. Ever thought of having fun bean bags in a party hall? The whole bunch of youngsters is going to fall in love with the idea.

If you are the more formal type, then add wooden benches and paint them black. Black blends in with all occasions.

Pillows for pleasure

Now that you have your seating arrangements done to give that extra sense of comfort bring in some fantastic pillows. You can actually make them using old tattered clothes or even stuffing beans inside. Or else they are easily available at any bedding store.

Patterned fabric covers for pillows will make even a boring bench look totally approachable. Add the color of festivity if you are someone who loves single-color decors.

A smart escort board display

In the party you want people to blend in and have a good time with each other. Avoid the whole confusion of “ Who goes where.” Organize it smartly.

Escort tables can cause guests squinting looking for their tables. Why not have an escort board that gives the seating arrangements and displays it right at the entrance of your party hall.

Let there be nature

A party is meant to be chaotic no matter how formal it is. Amidst this, the only way you add a slight touch of calmness is by embracing natural elements. Also, it is an excellent addition to the thematic party décor.

Suspending pieces of bamboo palm a few feet above the dinner plates is a fun way to have some green around. The benefits of bamboo palm are that it is although it is not real bamboo, it just gives a near perfect effect.

Let us go to the old school

Gone are the days of having names and theme of a party decorated with flowers and glitters. There are so many different ways of having the theme displayed cost-effectively.

Chalkboards are a nifty style to decorate the entrance of a party. Customize it by taking some unutilized plank frame and put some paint on it to suit the total decor. Adorn it with a bamboo palm garland and chalk your way through.

Even cutting from various newspapers and magazines can give you all the letters you need to play with.

Time for some light

The easiest way to heighten up your party is by having perfect lighting. Do not overboard with having too much light. It will just take away all the other efforts you will be putting in the décor.

Minimalistic light can be achieved by having lamps around. Paper lamps can be easily made using handmade papers. Glass bottles also work as beautiful lamps.

You can even hide the chords by wrapping them around with some residues from the bamboo palm leaves.

Colorful glassware for tables

Instead of exhausting your entire party hall décor budget on buying expensive centerpieces, you can rent some multi-colored glassware and pop up the tables quickly.

To further cut it down, Glasswares can be made pretty effortlessly. Wineglasses can be painted with some graphics and glitters. Put in beautiful pebbles and stones inside and tadaah! You have your own DIY glassware.

Place a patterned table runner underneath the glassware and spacing them out.

Pictures for reference

Every party has a celebration motive behind it. For an easy conversation starter create a wall of the picture for the host family or a bunch of close friends and foes. Anything that is closest to the party cause can go up on the wall.

A simple mount board decorated with flowers will be an excellent base for the pictures. Big stones can be the perfect stand for the royal wall.

Click Click!

Everyone is dressed up for your party. They have taken out time from their busy lives to look amazing. They deserve a backdrop for all those poses and selfies.

Think about materials that are easily customizable, options such as tassels, balloons, paper flowers and stick them on a large pegboard. Let your studio be the focal point of the party.

Now there should be no confusion on how can you have a party décor that is not just fun but also accurate. It cannot get any simpler. Do not hesitate to use your imagination. It is a party, the best place where every oddity will be appreciated if painted in a smart way.

8 Questions To Ask An Interior Designer For Office MakeoversIn this tech-freak era, don’t let the tedious and uneventful workplace affect your productivity. Contemplating the amount of time the employees spend in the office, it is only fair that the workplace is congenial and quintessential. Now would be an opportune moment to refurbish your office space and make the ambiance work-friendly. Apart from the expertise and mastery in his field, the interior designer you hire is also expected to take into account your office culture and requirements before making the prerequisite changes. Not only will you two have to share a good rapport, but also ensure you have parallel ideas.

Here are the 8 questions you should ask your Interior designer for your office makeovers.

How can you make this project economical?

Accept it! Office makeovers won’t come cheap, but there is always a scope for a good bargain. The most significant and conspicuous element of any project is obviously the ‘budget.’ Reaching on an agreement with the budget is an indispensable part of the outset of your project. A set budget gives the green light to the designers to decide whether to revamp the place from scratch or alter some elements of the space like the colors, layout or the wallpapers. A little color, here and there, go a long way in bringing novelty to your place.

What would be the estimated time needed to complete the project?

Well, as the saying goes, time indeed is money, thus, setting a target date for the cessation of the office makeover is obligatory. Ensure you are in a transparent relationship with your designer. Savvy the fact that office makeovers are going to be a noisy business, making relocation of the office an inevitable and also a pricey occurrence. Also, having a deadline will act as a spur for the clients and the interior designers to make the project smoother, disciplined and well-timed.

What is your procedure of communication?

Do not underrate the possibilities of confusion! Talking about your preferences ahead of time than in the midway of the project makes a sea of difference and will save you the disputes. Keep the process of communication crystal clear before you launch the project. A direct correspondence between your decorator and you avoids any possible miscommunication. Considering the fact that there will be a lot of aspects to discuss like the fabrics, color schemes, floor plans, etc. it would be ingenious to have decided a conventional form of communication.

What theme would you like to incorporate in the office?

Get over the clichéd interior patterns with the mundane chairs and glassy decors. Believe it or not, your office decors have to do a lot with employee productivity and positivity. Every office has its own culture and essence which should get reflected in its interiors. Make sure you and your designer are on the same page when it comes to deciding on a theme. Your interior designer should have a fair idea of which theme is to be incorporated in the office. Assimilating fragments of nature in your office will help keep the atmosphere crisp and fresh.

You can propose unique office décor accessories to your designer to make your office plush and dynamic.

How can you make the place more conducive to work for the employees?

Don’t forget, the ambition of the re-designing is not just making the office plush and sophisticated, but also making it employee-friendly. The environment of your office is an instrumental factor that helps boost productivity. Let the redecoration be such that it offers privacy to the employees while working. Along with making it re-equipped, allow your interior designers to make your space comfy and chilled.

The age-old belief of embracing green is sure to improve positivity at your workplace. Pitch in the idea of artificial topiary balls to your designer to add just the right tinge of green to your place.

How much of the existing interiors can be retained to build the new one?

This, dear client, better be communicated with your designer! Of course, a lot of factors regarding the old décor should be considered, but you always ask your designer to assess the existing furniture. Having used the existing office décor for an extended period of time, you too have a fair idea of which items are sturdy and feasible to reuse, so, don’t be shy to chip in the idea of using the three R’s, that is; reduce, reuse and recycle. This would be a brilliant idea to save money and time.

What will make the place more storage efficient after remodeling?

Let’s face it, and the struggle is real! Making your office classy, comfy yet storage efficient sounds like a real herculean task but it is not exactly impossible. An office space implies the undeniable fact of quantitative stock and accumulation of things. Thus, while focusing on making your space aesthetic, make sure your interior decorator doesn’t turn a blind eye to its storage efficiency. It is important that you communicate your storage needs with your decorator and if they appreciate a little of client involvement, you can always nudge your ideas to make your place innovative yet spacious.

What can additional amenities be added in the existing space?

Last but not least; ask your decorator what more facilities can they provide in the existing place. What’s the point of a redecoration if there are no new add- ons! Let your redecoration save some space for the employees to socialize and relax. Commercial plantscapes, fitness rooms or cafeterias are some of the elaborate amenities that can be provided which will maintain a work-life balance in your office.

Your office interiors are trusted to reflect your office culture and enhance productivity. Refurbish your office in accordance with the new demands of the new generation. Give an insight into your choices to your interior designer and trust them to make your place happy and healthy to work in.

12 Tips To Make Your Hotel Lobby Look FabulousThe first impression is the last impression. Like smile is the greeting for a person, the lobby is the welcoming sign for a hotel. A hotel lobby needs to embody personality. Hoteliers need to select a single lobby theme and design that is in line with the rest of the hotel.

The experience of a guest starts the very moment they walk in the door. You certainly want the right kind of vibe they get from your chosen design. There is a reason why hotel lobby has transformed into the centerpiece of a hotel. It speaks for itself.

There are so many considerations so ensuring a good design that fully functions should be prioritized. Here are our top tips for making your hotel lobby look fabulous:

An integrated layout

Have a lobby that welcomes your guests. It needs to encourage them to sit at ease and spend some leisure time. This will generate positive feedback.

Instead of having a traditional front desk, take advantage of footage or area the lobby has, providing a comfortable common space for all guests.

Do have plenty of electrical sockets and USBs, its an age of social communication through media.

A business section

A small business counter with a printer and WiFi can be included in the hotel lobby rather than in a separate business center. Let people make their deals in your lobby.

There needs to be tabloid around this section.

Make your wall a map

Information about all the interesting things to see around the area should be on clear display. A graphic design on the wall with the lesser-known local recommendations or even the best of the places to visit can be on the wall.

If you are transportation facilities for all the tours, there can be no better place than a lobby to display that feature too.

Complement the look with plants

The parlance of advantages that links up with indoor plants is huge. You may not always be able to catch hold of aesthetically charming plants, but you sure can get the feeling of lesser pollution and freshness.

Invite some big purple flowering trees, or even tiny flowering trees all around. In fact, even your staffs who actually work day in and day out to maintain the standard and integrity of your hotel deserve to have a good aura around.

White flowering trees have a great “beach-like” effect in mind. It is fantastic for the well-being of your guests too.

The utmost comfort

After a busy day, probably a rough flight, all the guests want is to come to the hotel and just relax. This starts with comfortable furniture. While you definitely want your furniture to be all filled with the cushion it needs to be attractive too.

Having separated seating sections is a good idea so that an individual traveler does not have to sit with a whole family and feel out of the box.

Wall panel

A very soothing wall panel will enhance the whole look of your lobby. Leather wall panels are in high demand. There is nothing that can surpass its classy looks.

You can also choose to have a complete wood wall panel to along with your furniture set to give it a home-like feeling.

Love is in the air

Your décor with the desired mood for your particular clientele. Create some romance with aromatic incense, roses and mood lightening. Let there is love flying in the air.

Time for a message

A spa zone would totally serve couples, families and stressed business people. After a fantastic outing or even a tough journey, nothing feels better than a good massage and some nice aroma.

Setting up a spa zone tucked away in a corner would be your best seller.

Let’s eat and drink

You want your visitors to sit and relax? Nothing encourages them more than food and beverages. So consider having things to munch on and gulp it in your lobby space.

Try and incorporate a touch of the homegrown culture- that’s why people travel after all. Also, do not place the bar totally isolated from the main center of the lobby. No good story starts with, “So, I had a glass of water in my hand.”

A mini mall

Tiny retail shops displaying everyday products like soaps, shampoos, lotions and so on will help your guests avoid the rush outside for little needs.

Handicrafts like handmade bags, clothing, hats, belts are perfect for a good sale and time pass for the guests. Even jewelry is a great idea to have all the feminine eyes meet the store.

Entertainment section for all

Music is something everyone enjoys. Cultural events in the lobby are a big hit. You can either choose to have live music in the evening or play some melody around. Traditional instrumental music shows your connection with the place.

Board games are perfect for keeping the children glued to one place. For the adults, you can always have a deck of cards.

To end it we need a big TV with a uniform channel for all age groups and sections.

For the book worms

For those who want some time off with their books and knowledge have a small reading section with a combination of a variety of books from all around the world.

This is also your best opportunity to bring in your own magazines and brochures. A kid’s section will make almost all parents happy.

So what’s next?

Lobby marks as an essential place. A lot of walks in and out happens in a single day. It signifies the tone of your entire hotel so setting things right in terms of décor should be your precedence while planning the setup.

There are many things that one single lobby incorporates. But keep in mind you do not want to be clustered and make anyone feel claustrophobic. You may have many ideas in the head, but not all will go along with the rest of the hotel. Choose wisely!