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Artificial LawnOffices are much more than just working areas today. With an ever-growing number of people coming out of their homes to work, it is important to take care of their needs while they work for you.

Since employees spent a large part of the day and most part of the week working indoors on their systems, they do get disconnected with nature and environment. Bosses and employers are now making efforts to give more freedom to work and better working conditions too for the employees.

In today's office scenario, most companies allow workers to sit in gardens or office cafeterias to work. Read and follow these simple, yet effective ideas to make them one with nature again. Make office garden spaces more attractive and popular among employees.

Borders and boundaries

The first thing that strikes out in a garden is the boundary. Make your work easy and simple. Fix outdoor artificial plants and trees to make a boundary. It is neat and organized. Maintain the fences looking manicured and maintained throughout the year, year after year. These plants are durable and fade resistant. Select the height and variety that you want.

Landscaped areas

An attractive garden is incomplete without a couple of landscaped corners. Innovate and create one with natural elements of water, pebbles, fauna, and fauna. Highlight with beautiful lights. Make it into a peaceful place with a large statue of the Buddha sitting there. Place a bench or two for employees to sit on and reflect on their work.

Display your office signage and logo prominently here. You will see the difference in their behavior after that.


Similarly, gardens can be made more attractive with live topiary trees. Space them well into the lawns or pathways. Try shapes of artificial boxwood topiary for your office garden. People will love them and you will not have to worry about trimming them into shape ever.

Walking and jogging paths

Want to make your employees fit and healthy to work more for you? Give them walking and jogging paths in the office. Let them use it during the day as per their convenience. They can walk there during lunch break and come back refreshed, and not sleepy for afternoon work.

Manicured Lawns

Manicured and lush lawns are a pleasant sight to see. The beautiful grass green is like a panacea to the tired person. Employees can walk barefoot on the grass. It is very good for their eyes which strain with long hours at the system monitors. Trim and mow the lawns regularly and keep it free from stones and splinters.

Foot Reflexology paths

Tired employees need to de-stress themselves. What better way than to give acupressure to the footprints. Create a foot reflexology path in the garden. Employees will walk on it barefoot and get energized with this natural and simple method of foot treatment.

Benches and sit outs

Even though employees keep sitting on a chair inside the office the whole day, they will still enjoy sitting out in the open air. Place several benches, big rocks, and other seats for them to sit out for some fresh air. There are many options for environment-friendly outdoor furniture.

Create a reading corner with tables as well. Fix some reading lamps there. Make a couple of tree house on large trees. If there are no sturdy large trees around, get some artificial decorative outdoor trees and make a tree house on them. Employees will sit there and work for you happily.

Water features

What's a garden without a waterfall or a rockery? Make your office garden more attractive and popular with a corner for some flowing water. Create a fountain with a rockery and plants or around water fountain with lights and a pond. Keep some fish in the pond. Employees will love it and also reduce their stress levels.

You can even have a stream running through the garden. Throw in some pebbles and sand along the pathway. People will walk along with it and relax. Make a small wooden over bridge or two for a change. Make a swimming pool if possible.


Pergolas are arched structures in gardens and parks. Their framework is covered with climbers and creepers. Arrange for artificial ones as they won't attract insects like mosquitoes. Hang some soft fairy lights around the pergolas. Keep a bench under it.

Employees will simply adore this sit out. They will also enjoy the music playing softly in the garden. Soon you may see them sitting here with their laptops and doing more productive work than ever. Watch the employees collaborate with each other and come up with creative and innovative ideas for your business to bloom.

Lights and sounds

Faux colorful silk plants and trees are the best if you want to show off the lights in the garden. Keep them in attractive outdoor planters and focus some light on them. See the office garden come alive and stand out from far. Hang clusters of lights made from waste with innovative ideas. Use old glasses, used glass bottles, cups, and saucers.

Hang some wind chimes from large trees. Let them sway in the breeze. Fix some garden speakers and play soft and instrumental music. Create a Zen space to reduce stress.

Try these simple ideas for your office garden. Your employees will be happier, healthier, and more motivated to work. There will be fewer people asking for leave. It will also reduce the recovery period for those taking sick leave.

Make the office look attractive, interesting, and welcoming. Enjoy watching your employees walk, stroll, relax, and energize themselves there. And also feel happy and proud of seeing them sit in the beautiful garden and working for you.

Garden spaces are very important in offices. Plan and decorate them well. Put in that extra effort to maintain and beautify the unique office décor. Sit back and see how your business grows with happier employees.

Faux PlantsThe appearance of the exterior of any commercial setup conveys a lot about the business to the clients, and it also boosts the morale of the employees. There is nothing better than a landscape design to enhance the look of the building. The main purpose of landscaping is to make a joyful environment around the building and give the occupants a glimpse of natural beauty. A landscape created with natural plants needs constant care and attendance. Plants need regular watering, flower beds need weeding, topiaries or bonsais need pruning to maintain the chic look of the landscape. All these involve manpower and cost. A landscape created with faux plants, topiaries, and boxwoods need very little maintenance and involve only a one-time cost.

Here are some of the reasons why artificial plants are intelligent investments:

Artificial plants can be kept anywhere

First and foremost, you can keep artificial plants anywhere you want; even at places that do not receive any sunshine. If you keep some of them in sunlight some of these plants can be confused with real ones. Remaining holed up in a cubicle all day is not only boring it also reduces the creativity of an employee. Nothing uplifts the mood more than a view of nature. Such an ambiance can be created in a commercial setting by arranging a few faux palm trees or other artificial plants in different corners of the office and outside such as the pool area.

Shifting them is also easy – just pick up from one place and put in another. No hassle, no effort involved. There is no need for digging and uprooting.

No need for special care and maintenance

Artificial plants do not require special maintenance, unlike real plants that need regular pruning, watering, cutting and fertilizing. Whether you keep them in sunlight or your indoor areas, once you get those installed, you can stay relaxed for years. Just slight dusting is required from time to time to remove dust from the leaves and keep them shiny all the time. This saves money for maintenance plus there is no extra cost involved in appointing a gardener.

One time investment

Some real plants are seasonal. There is not only purchase cost there are also costs involved in planting and maintenance. Another problem with seasonal plants/ flowers is that they die at the end of the season and need to be replaced with a new lot for the new season. If you purchase artificial flowers for the office or create a landscape with faux plants there is just the cost of initial setup and they can last years with a little bit of maintenance.

Artificial grass for the outdoor is low maintenance

In an office, décor of the outdoors is as important as the décor of the indoor. If there is a lawn, you can opt for artificial grass instead of the real ones. It saves the cost of mowing, fertilizing, trimming, and other landscaping costs. Maintaining a lush green lawn in harsh climates is difficult. It requires regular watering and perhaps keeping a sprinkler on all the time.

Faux topiaries require no pruning

An artificial hedge or faux topiaries are other ways of giving a natural green look to the outdoors. It also keeps the garden sculpted and manicured without too much cost. Designing and maintaining topiaries from the real plants is expensive as it involves a lot of pruning on a regular basis. This incurs overhead in maintaining a person who has expertise in doing such tasks.

No need for chemicals, insecticides, and fertilizer

Insects can completely destroy the plants in a beautifully landscaped garden. This not only increases the maintenance cost, but the use of chemicals can also negatively affect the environment. Also, if there are some silk plants or trees then there is no need to use fertilizers for their growth.

Some plants are known to cause allergic reactions. When grass is mowed the smell causes allergy to many people. With silk plants in your landscape, such health hazards can be avoided.

No excavation required

Planting original trees or making a flower bed outside the office building requires excavation or tilting of land. This involves spending a large amount on manpower and machinery. Use of artificial grass and intelligent placement of faux plants instead can brighten up the landscape.

Faux boxwood does not take years to grow

Faux boxwood has been extensively used worldwide in landscapes and gardens in commercial premises. It makes an instant impact without waiting for years to grow. They have natural green tones and leafy fullness and are a wonderful way to add a natural-looking landscape. Boxwoods are perfect for edges or perimeters of commercial space.

Durability in any weather

No matter how harsh the weather is, the faux plants do not lose their luster and brilliant foliage. Many areas suffer from draught and hence shortages of water. In such cases maintaining a landscape with lush green plants is a herculean task. Also, think of the areas with too much rain. Waterlogging can damage the roots of the plants. Artificial grass landscape dotted with faux plants and flowers save the hassles and create an ideal landscape.

Variety in one place

Some plants grow better in a well-lit environment whereas others require shades or low sunlight. With silk plants and trees you can easily accommodate different varieties in one place to create a living landscape in your commercial space. They do not have any particular light requirement.

The ethereal beauty of nature and greenery refreshes and soothes the mind and uplifts the mood. A lush green landscape is the best way to bring nature close to your business premises. Definitely there cannot be any substitute to natural plants in your landscape, however, use of artificial plants provide flexibility in arranging them, is budget friendly and come with little maintenance overhead. In fact, maintaining an artificial landscape does not require any gardening staff. Faux plants available these days can be recycled and also are resistant to environmental damages.

Fake GreenExperiencing a slow day in your café? It can be difficult to run a coffee shop. You need the right appliances, choose the best coffee beans, making great latte art. And all these won't be worth it if you do not have enough customers.

Foot traffic is very important for a physical store. More traffic means more potential customers and in turn, more sales. Attracting customers and leading them through the door is very difficult for any business but with these 8 tips, you can increase your café footfall.

Storefront design

Good storefront design is very crucial. It is the hook that attracts your prospective customers. Nobody wants to walk into a café whose store windows are dirty or not maintained well. Also, the storefront design speaks about your style and your shop's theme. Make sure that the storefront design justifies it.

Few works like sweeping your storefront and cleaning your windows should be done every day. Hire a worker to do that. Go outside and look at it and evaluate what extra can be done to uplift the image of your café.

Go beyond the ordinary

You have set up a spending storefront design and a marvelous outdoor look for your café. Do not end there. Add funky and quirky elements outside your café, like signage. Funny quotes apart from your daily specials and a splendid drawing (no you do not have to be Picasso, just a joke drawing of a frog drinking coffee will do) will serve as another hook for your potential customers.

These signs will also be an addition to your social media content and, in turn, can be used for your café's promotion. Moreover, people always remember quirky signage and funny quotes. Apart from footfall, your customers would spread the word about your café and thus result in more customers in the future.

A drop of nature

Nature always appeals to any person. The ethereal beauty of nature will always serve as a means to attract people which will ultimately result in more traffic and sales. Add a touch of artificial plants like outdoor topiary in an urn and nearly natural outdoor plants. Also, you can pot faux fiddle leaf fig tree and artificial boxwood hedge to provide a statement to your café.

Advertise your café

How will people know about the new café you opened until and unless you tell them about it? A major chunk of your customers would come from the neighborhood or people who reside just a few kilometers from your café. Make sure to get your name out there.

Try handing out leaflets or paying someone to get your business name on the hoarding. You do not even need to pay designers to make leaflets and flyers for you. Nowadays, loads of free websites and apps have cropped up that will make your work easier. Take your time to really make them stand out to convert the passerby to customers.

Get on social media

Social media is an amazing tool. Every person out there has an account on one or the other social media sites. Along with direct marketing, a social media presence is a great way to increase traffic in your café.

Chalk out a solid social media plan and what platform you shall be using. Facebook has always been the favorite for business owners. With a little bit of effort, a Facebook page for your café along with an Instagram business profile can work wonders. Take time out from your everyday schedule to post ongoing in your coffee shop. Click pictures of your customers (with consent, of course) and your new employees and post them. You can announce discounts or everyday specials on your page as well.

Ensure repeat customers

New customers are a great addition to your business but the old ones; especially who are repeat customers will always be an asset. Ensuring that your customers come repeatedly to your café is not that difficult. All you need is a little plan and a will to set into action.

Everybody wants something for nothing. Ensure that your customers get them too. Giving out freebies can be an excellent step. A consistent giveaway is a great way to ensure constant footfall. On the other hand, you can hand out free samples of your newly added menu item. This can be done in return for something like an email address or phone number.

The announcement of a free sample giveaway should be done outside the café door. This ensures that your customers buy other items and increase your sales. Also, their email addresses will be an addition to your mailing list for sending out advertisement emails. Repeat customers can also help with passive marketing. They spread the name of your café through the word of mouth and nothing is more reliable than word of mouth for your future customers.

Reward your customer's loyalty

A step to ensure repeat customers is to reward their loyalty. Track your customers' data on what and when they are buying. This can help you tailor how much your loyalty plans are working. Offer discounts and incentives on points. And when the points add up to a certain value, offer them a gift or a free coffee or special of the day.

Alternatively, you can use traditional means to reward your customer's loyalty. Offering them little postcards is a traditional and effective way.

Analyze your customers' habits

Every customer is different. Some will like something while others will like something else. But every customer falls under one or the other group. Analyze which group your customers fall into and cater to their needs accordingly.

Your analysis will also show you your peak sale timings and your off-peak ones. Use your customer analysis again to see what items they are most interested in and which sells the best. Offer a discount on those items on your off-peak timing.

BoxwoodIf you thought offices are meant to be serious and somber, then think again. Due to space constraints and other issues, planting real trees in offices is a challenge, so think out of the box. Revamp your office faux landscape style.

Decorative artificial indoor plants and trees stimulate your employees' sense in an office space and help grow productivity. Natural plants work same as well too but have high maintenance while the artificial plants do not have any vanity issues. Now, that we have your attention, let's tell you more about faux landscaping, and give you 8 reasons to bring them to your office

8. They're Easy To Move Around

Nothing is permanent in an office space. Sometimes the entire office needs to be redone and sometimes, it's only a cabinet that needs restructuring. Talking about redoing the entire office, that can be a nightmare. Real plants and trees pose backbreaking challenges in such situations. However, decorative faux indoor plants can be moved any hassles. You do not need to uproot or dig them and can move them around as frequently as you want.

7. They Look Fresh, Always, Minus The Hard Work

Indoor artificial trees and plants have a stunning glossy green on them which makes them look nearly real. You can choose from a variety of artificial fruit trees to faux bonsais, and bring in the much-needed calm and style to your commercial landscapes.

6. Design your landscape

Commercial spaces do not have vast open spaces but yet always have a spot that when worked on turns into an attractive feature of the space. The most important feature of faux landscaping your office means you get to customize and choose artificial plants and trees you prefer. Freedom in customization means you are not limited to working with one only variety but have many options to choose from. 6. Go the tropical way

Tropical plants and trees make a place look bigger and better. Artificial tropical trees bring in an exotic vibe to office spaces that need a vibrant atmosphere. With a fake tropical tree, you will not worry about watering, cleaning up foliage, soiling, and others pests. A lustrous green vibe in your office space with little-to-no-cost is a win-win situation. Palm trees add a dimension to space they are placed and will not intimidate.

5. Shape up your space

You can add an edgy look to your office spaces by using decorative artificial plants of stunning shapes like a conical, ball or pyramid-shaped topiaries. You get to achieve the classy look for your office plus something out of the ordinary defines the space with charm and beauty. Be it the reception, café area or a conference room, add a twist to the surrounding and relax the minds plus get a sophisticated look. A box-shaped hedge or a colorful looking cactus can really bring a perspective to space.

4. Define your office

You have the logo and your letterheads that speak volumes about who you are and what you do, but how much of it does define you or your business? Artificial green spreads can be used to create the effort your company strives for. Use visually attractive faux trees and plants to create focal points like a green designer wall assembled using greens of various colors, sizes, and shapes. A green wall partition in your reception used instead of a slide it will show the creative side of your business. Applying out of box ideas in the workspaces not only increases productivity but also instills enthusiasm.

3. Holiday decorations

Who says you need shiny things for decorating? Offices have a budget set for holiday decorations and it is difficult to not go overboard. Use faux nature this time as it is durable, easily storable and reusable. Decorate hedges, topiaries and other flowering plants with a string of shimmery lights of various colors and see the aura change in front of your eyes. Waves of splendid happiness will spread each time a light bulb glows up the green. The great thing about faux decorations is that light will not damage or change their texture.

2. Reflect your creativity

If you say you are in a creative business but use the oh-so-common decorative pieces then your customers are going to look puzzled. Let your office space speak for you. Use silk plants and trees to light up the dull office corners and get creative by using small hanging pots in your reception area. Place a bunch of artificial flowering plants of various shapes and sizes together in the center of your lounge to exuberate vibrancy. Customize artificial greens as per your liking into any molds and get them ported whenever they need to be without damaging the landscape.

1. Environment-friendly

You want to have plants but do not want to deal with the other natural friends they have like insects and pests so, what do you do? Simple, you go buy unique artificial flowers and plants in wholesale and use them to bring spring in your office. These plants are fire resistant and UV does not disturb any green in them.


In a nutshell, natural plants and trees look really nice and welcoming but the manpower and time behind achieving a classic look every day is huge. Artificial plant decorative pieces will save you the cost and labor. You do not have to worry about watering them during the holidays to coming to the office early just to give your trees a trim. Faux trees and plants are easy to take care of, last longer than a natural tree and can be shifted where ever without and digging or soiling hassles.

Faux landscaping products not only provide great insight to your office but when used in out of the box and edgy ways can help creative juices flowing. Invest in a look for your office if you want long term fruitful reaps.