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Commercial Landscaping Experts Team

Our Plantscape Inc. team understands plants, interior design, and how they work together to create your image.

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Corporate Offices, Office Buildings, and Businesses with interior landscapes are distinguishable from other buildings because of their inviting interior. Live tropical plants, artificial plants and preserved plants set into decorative containers create and define interior styles, and can theme landscapes as well. See our landscape portfolio of accomplished interior offices and government buildings below.

Landscaping with live tropical plants and artificial plants in retail and hospitality environments such as shopping malls, casinos, restaurants, senior centers, hotels, exhibits and water parks can transform any average interior space into a welcoming and fun atmosphere. Our gallery of photos includes interior theme landscapes as well as traditional landscaping plants in decorative planters.

Corporate identity is established when your guests first walk through the door. Why not welcome them with lush and tropical landscapes filled with either live or artificial plants? Our photo collection displays business atriums, office lobbies, and custom planters in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area as well as international landscape project that we've designed and installed.