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All Weather Outdoor Plants

The outdoor space is what greets your partners and customers first. Make a stunning first impression using fade resistant artificial trees and flowers that will create multi-seasonal interest.

Picture this – After all the planning, designing and hassles you finally crafted a lush, healthy landscape in your commercial property with a view that will serve you for years to come. You opted to create an artificial landscaping project just to make sure that you send out a strong and colorful statement to the world even during the worst weather conditions. And now, after just a few months, the artificial plants have started losing their sheen and color.

After impressing your visitors for a few months and spending thousands of dollars, all you have is a landscape which is dull and nauseating. You could have saved the embarrassment and budget by creating a landscape using our fade resistant artificial plants and trees. Foliage which combines elegance and stunning visual aesthetics, we have a delightful collection of fade resistant silk plants and trees which will ensure you a refined and highly sophisticated setting season after season.  

Fade Resistant

Crafted using high quality material, our selection of fade resistant faux plants and trees are designed by highly experienced designers and are botanically correct specimens with extremely realistic foliage. These plants and trees are inherently fade resistant as it is crafted using our innovative PermaLeaf® technology, which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments. This enables you to use them outdoors and no matter how harsh the weather elements are, you can be assured that there won’t be any color loss.

A great way to make your average business spaces better and brighter is by incorporating our fade resistant artificial plants and trees to make your landscape stand out from the rest. Whether you want a year-round interest in your landscape or desire to create a dramatic effect even during the dullest of weather conditions, our artificial plants and trees will help you create a comfortable vibe in your setting. If you’re looking to bring in a wonderful, cheerful ambiance in your landscape throughout the year, then this is the answer. Our fade resistant plants and trees won’t just showcase your design style and sophisticated taste to the world, but they will also help you create a cozy business space where everyone will love spending their time in and one which will be unaffected by the weather.