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Artificial Tropical Trees

Thrill your visitors with the soothing and warm feel of our eye-catching Tropical Trees. Sculptural and luxurious, they will be an iconic presence in your commercial landscape design.

We have something for you – a collection of eye-catching and refreshing Tropical trees.

Whether you take a tour of government buildings or corporate offices, retail spaces or health care facilities, senior living or any other business space, they hardly have any colors or fun design elements in their landscape. Why do they have to be this mundane? Why can’t commercial landscape designs offer some color, freshness and natural elements and engage their visitors? And if you’re looking to bring some warmth and relaxation in your commercial space, then we have something for you – a collection of eye-catching and refreshing Tropical trees. Whether you want to bring in real tropical trees or artificial palm varieties, we have trees which will completely transform the ambiance of your landscape.

Tropical Trees

Whether you want the refreshing bliss of Florida in your commercial space or want to bring in the balmy Sunday afternoon beach feel, our tropical trees are perfect and will add style and panache to the setting. A great way to add elegant wilderness to your business landscape, we have live and faux tropical trees which are sculptural and luxurious and will be an iconic presence in the setting.

Opt for our live tropical trees and our team of horticultural technicians will take care of plant watering, growth, pruning, cleaning and replacement and will maintain aesthetic continuity in your landscape without interfering your business. We have been providing the best landscape maintenance service since 1974 which has made us a leader in the professional interior landscape industry in Minneapolis and we’re proud to say that we still provide weekly plant care to our very first client. Bring in our artificial tropical trees and you don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep. From Coconut to Bamboo, Phoenix to Azalea Palm, we have thousands of Tropical tree varieties which do not require any sort of maintenance and will continue to provide a subtle energy and chill in your space for years to come.

There is a certain romanticism and tranquil feel about tropical trees which makes them a delightful presence in any landscape. With a distinct sense of tropical locale and a majestic aura, tropical trees are perfectly suited to commercial landscapes and are an all-time classic. Who wouldn’t love to spend time in the wonderful environment created by these relaxed and extremely welcoming specimens?