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Atrium Plants Landscaping

The lobby area of your commercial or public building is the first space which visitor’s encounter upon entering your building.

Likewise, the atrium space is the central open area and similar to the lobby and acts as a key architectural area in a building. The character and personality of these two spaces often influence a visitor’s first impression upon entering and as such, it becomes extremely crucial that you plan and design the lobby and atrium sections of your building to perfection.

And it's not just about decorating, however, the lobby and atrium areas of your commercial building should balance aesthetics, safety and operational considerations. A landscape design which balances all these aspects can enhance the experience to a great extent and it takes a lot to get these right. Our professionals know how to make a design work through innovation and vast experience. At Plantscape Inc. our team has been designing atriums and lobbies of small and large buildings for decades and will provide you the highest quality plant and landscape design service available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota, MN. We have been providing the best landscape maintenance service since 1974 which has made us a leader in professional interior landscape in Minneapolis area.

These spaces require flexibility, durability, plants and trees with regular maintenance and special furnishings and lighting. A well-designed lobby and atrium that wins the first impression of your clients can create a positive business growth. Our team will select the best plants and trees and furnishings for your atrium and lobby to create an outstanding and lasting experience.