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Commercial Artificial Trees

Every business is different. The people, the stories, the culture, everything is unique. So, craft a business space which is distinct and highly exclusive with plants and trees made only for you.

Nature is an elegant solution to increase memory retention and concentration.

At Plantscape Inc. we believe in that and as an educational facility, you should have an environment that's conducive to a positive learning experience. There are studies and scientific evidence which show that a natural environment can improve memory performance and attention span by twenty percent.

This means that a well designed college or university landscape project with zestful, attractive plants and trees, water features and sculptures, shaded places to sit, gardens, quadrangle areas and other aspects contribute to a positive energy and help students feel secure, calm and relaxed. Whether you have an unstructured campus area or an underutilized space, we will help you create a buzzing, stylish space which will be the center of student activity on the campus.

Since 1974, we have been providing the best landscape design and maintenance service to higher education clients which has made us a leader in professional interior landscape in the Minneapolis area. From student plazas to resident halls, recreation areas to walkways, we have been designing and planning education facility landscapes enhancing student learning and athletic process. We are committed to provide you the highest quality plant and landscape design service available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota, MN. Keeping the right plants and trees in the facility will help reduce the stress levels of students while increasing the feel-good vibe.

Not all student and university demographics are alike. Thus, we start our educational facility landscape project with a thorough site evaluation, demographic analysis and enrollment projections which helps us to gauge the personality of the property and its users. Our observations and findings help us to incorporate the ideal design elements in the landscape inviting students from pre-K to college to find security, relaxation and wellness in the setting.