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Horticultural Science

The highest quality office plant service available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota, MN. We’ll ensure that all your plants look as good and attractive season after season.

Plantscape Inc. is an all-under-one-roof landscaping company. Whatever plants, trees, flowers and services you need to make your business space better, brighter and appealing to your visitors, you’ll find it here.

One of our most popular services is the horticultural plant maintenance, which is the most important element of any interior landscaping project. You cannot bring in the best plants and trees in your commercial landscape and forget about them. You need to care for them regularly to get the best out of them and your space. And that’s where we come in.

At Plantscape Inc. we are committed to provide you the highest quality office plant service available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota, MN. We have been providing the best landscape maintenance service since 1974 which has made us a leader in professional interior landscape in Minneapolis and we’re proud to say that we still provide weekly plant care to our very first client. This is a testament to the dedication, hard work and attention to details by all our employees who are absolutely committed to ensure that all your plants look as good and attractive as the first day the landscape project was installed. 

Indoor Plant Care and Quality Control

Horticultural Technicians  

Whether you run an office, cafe, hotel chain, retail store or any other commercial space, we understand how important visual identity is and how crucial it is to create a perfect working environment. As such we have a team of most qualified people who will provide you regular live plant service to make sure they look appealing season after season. All our personnel participate in ongoing training programs and will be attentive to your needs as well as to the landscape without interfering with your business. Once they’re done with the work they will leave you a written service slip stating what their visit accomplished. So, you take care of your business and our horticultural technicians will take care of the landscape.

Plant Watering Levels

You can go without proper diet in your busy lifestyle but your plants cannot. They need absolutely perfect amounts of light, water, temperature, humidity, plant container sizes, heating and air systems and other variables which influences the growth of each one. Our landscaping experts will check all your plants to ensure that everything is running optimally and that they’re healthy.

Plant Growth and Fertilizing

Trust us, you don’t need a wild forest scene in your commercial landscape. Our team will fertilize your plants on a regular schedule, just enough to keep them healthy and growing. Plants grow at an enormous rate, but we’ll keep them in check and make sure that you get the best ornamental value out of them.

Pruning and Trimming Office Plants

We understand that your time and resources are precious and we’ll help you to save both. All plants, especially tropical plants, shed old leaves and grow new ones. We’ll remove all the yellow leaves, trim browning tips and clean up unnecessary elements. Our team will ensure that you have the most stately and sculpted plants in your landscape.

Tropical Plant Insects and Disease Control

Picture this – You are in the midst of your most important project or some of your regular customers are hanging out in your space and suddenly insects pop out of the plants and run amok. Not a pretty sight, isn’t it? We’ll make sure that your plants and trees are protected from a wide variety of insects and disease problems. From microscopic insects to the visible ones, airborne to land insects, detection is difficult but our horticultural technicians will recognize it in the earliest sign during their weekly visits and will take prompt corrective actions to make your commercial landscape absolutely safe and secure.

Landscape Cleaning

Plants are always accompanied by a lot of debris – dust, soil, and leaves. Our landscape team will take care of all the cleaning and will make sure that your plants look their best, absorb the available light, resist insect problems, and stay healthy. Whether it's your landscape or the plant containers, debris will be removed by our technicians during their regular visits.

Timely Live Plant Replacements

Whether you want to make sure that your festive/holiday decoration is sparkling as ever or want to create the perfect cozy fall decoration, we will provide prompt replacement of unacceptable plants. Our horticultural technicians provide comprehensive plant care and will maintain aesthetic continuity in your landscape.

Ongoing Customer Service

We know you mean business when it comes to business. So do we. Our customer service representative will visit you periodically to evaluate the landscape and make sure that you are satisfied with it. In case there is some problem between the visits, you can reach out to our team and expect personal attention and fast resolution for your problem. 

At Plantscape Inc. we’ll make sure that your premises are always stylish and practical. We promise to give you all the help and services you need to turn your dream business space landscape into reality.