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Interior Landscaping

Narrate your story in the most effective and beautiful way using your landscape design. We’ll help you create one where calm and style, nature and man-made design elements work together in harmony.

We believe that every commercial landscape design is a reflection of the business and narrates its story in the most effective way. We believe that every commercial landscape design is where every accessory and every furnishing looks and feels the way you want it to be.

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A good commercial landscape design is where calm and style, nature and man-made design elements work together in harmony.

Whether you’re remodeling the atrium or the lobby of your office, reception area or outdoor space, retail store or restaurant theme, healthcare or hospitality space, our dedicated Plantscape Inc. team knows which elements work perfectly in a particular environment and will create an exclusive and eye-catching interior landscape.

Custom Designs

Custom Design

At Plantscape Inc. we have dedicated teams and account managers taking care of properties long term, so you’ll never have to worry about anything. We are proactive and will ensure that every detail is taken care of before any issue arises as well as give you a personalized plan which you can count on.

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No matter if you’re a fan of live plants or artificial ones, just let us know what you prefer and our team will create an interior landscaping project which will make you and every visitor feel good without breaking the bank. Since 1974, our team has been constantly working and evolving on new and innovative ways to design and create landscapes using premium plants, trees and design elements which will define and enhance your business space. After an office visit and evaluation of your space, our team will create a design plan and suggest foliage and accents which will be ideal for you.

At Plantscape Inc. we are committed to provide you the highest quality interior landscaping projects available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota, MN. We promise to envision and execute a commercial space full of personality and distinctive character. From indoor tropical plants to artificial trees, plant containers to preserved palms, topiaries to fountains, ponds to other site furnishings, we will identify placements and include a detailed landscape plan which works for you and your business.

So, if you’re looking to create an interior landscape or theme in your business space, we’ll ensure that you are exceptionally satisfied with the final design.

Our Other Services

  • Outdoor Landscaping 
    Outdoor Landscaping

    No matter what business you’re in, our dedicated Plantscape Inc. team will work with you to create an exclusive and effortless outdoor landscape design.

  • Office Decor 
    Office Decor

    Indoor plants and trees act as the main component of the landscaping project, but our decorative elements will unify your business' image.

  • Artificial Landscaping 
    Artificial Landscaping

    We have produced a wide selection of artificial plants, trees, flowers, topiaries and other design elements to create an artificial landscaping project in your commercial setting.

  • Plants Manufacturing 
    Plants Manufacturing

    We have a team of horticultural technicians, designers and architects who specialize in creating some of the most realistic looking plants and trees.

  • Maintenance Program 
    Maintenance Program

    Our maintenance program will take care of all the flowers, plants and trees that will keep your commercial landscape looking clean and professional.

  • Installation And Delivery 
    Installation & Delivery

    Our plant installation crew will deliver the trees to your business space and will install them as per the final landscape design plan.