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Landscape Design

Want to enhance your business space and engage the senses of your customers? Our highly experienced, award winning landscape design team will help you plan and design your dream space.

Want to give style and substance to your office or commercial space? Our highly experienced, award winning landscape design team at Plantscape Inc. will help you plan and design your dream office before you give the go ahead.

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Landscape designing, interior or exterior, is not just about selecting a few plants and trees and bringing them in your space. It’s much more than that. Play with various flowers, trees, plants, topiaries, colors, textures, styles, sizes, symmetry, configuration and much more elements with our team’s guidance and you’ll have the perfect commercial landscape on your hands. We’ll make sure that you have a perfect environment in your company which will enhance your visual identity and story that engages the senses.

We start by working with our specialized plant growers to harvest the plant material for your project. We only contract for premium quality indoor plants which are specifically developed for commercial uses.

Custom Designs

Custom Design

At Plantscape Inc. we understand that you have a business to take care of, and cannot do everything without help. Our team will help you design, plan and install the best artificial plants, plant containers, Palm trees, fruit and flowering trees and other site furnishings and will make the entire process go smoothly.

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From detailed information and specifications of every tree and plant to highly elaborate landscape plans, drawings to life-like digital photo-imaging to plant placement demonstrations, we’ll get you through the project in the most effective way.  

Your landscape design will include a detailed landscape plan complete with mentions of each plant and foliage. Ideal plant varieties will be identified for your space depending the business type and style, traffic flow in your space, light conditions and numerous other factors. They will then be strategically placed to highlight the best features of your commercial setting and maximize its appeal.

Our experts have years of experience in designing landscapes for office spaces, hospitality and healthcare facilities, government and senior living facilities, casinos, shopping malls, exhibitions, trade shows, water parks and a range of commercial spaces worldwide. You can select the most exotic flowers or the most exquisite plants and trees, but the right element placed at the right place blended in the right light conditions and style will make all the difference.

We have completed landscape design projects in over 50 countries using state-of-the-art equipment and our wealth of experience. From choosing the perfect plants to creating a theme, we will turn your dreams into reality. No matter how big or small or complex your commercial landscaping project is, you’ll find the right products and quality services all-under-one-roof. We’ll visually tell your business story in the most intriguing way.

Our Other Services

  • Outdoor Landscaping 
    Outdoor Landscaping

    No matter what business you’re in, our dedicated Plantscape Inc. team will work with you to create an exclusive and effortless outdoor landscape design.

  • Office Decor 
    Office Decor

    Indoor plants and trees act as the main component of the landscaping project, but our decorative elements will unify your business' image.

  • Artificial Landscaping 
    Artificial Landscaping

    We have produced a wide selection of artificial plants, trees, flowers, topiaries and other design elements to create an artificial landscaping project in your commercial setting.

  • Plants Manufacturing 
    Plants Manufacturing

    We have a team of horticultural technicians, designers and architects who specialize in creating some of the most realistic looking plants and trees.

  • Maintenance Program 
    Maintenance Program

    Our maintenance program will take care of all the flowers, plants and trees that will keep your commercial landscape looking clean and professional.

  • Installation And Delivery 
    Installation & Delivery

    Our plant installation crew will deliver the trees to your business space and will install them as per the final landscape design plan.