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Landscape Analysis

Every office needs inspiration when it comes to interior decorating and landscape design. Our team will visit your office, evaluate it, consider your needs and style and make recommendations catered to your specific business.

Every office needs inspiration to reflect the style of the business. Our team will visit your office, evaluate it, consider your specific needs and create a plan of action.

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Our highly experienced team has been designing office landscapes in Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota, MN since 1974 and you can be rest assured that the Plantscape Inc. team will create a commercial landscape which matches your style and story.

And if you’re looking to create the perfect environment in your office, we will use an assortment of indoor plants which will bring excitement and energy in the setting. Whether you’ve just started or have been in the business for years, if you have specific interior landscaping needs, we recommend an office visit so that we can evaluate your business space, and select the perfect plants and furnishings for it.


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From light requirements to temperature, landscape style to cost, multiple factors and many questions will be taken into account by our landscape team before finalizing on the design and plants.

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When it comes to interior landscaping, the landscape design is extremely crucial and it is highly important that a qualified team completes the plantscaping design. And with us you get just that – a highly qualified and experienced interior landscape design team.

With an average of over 19 years of experience in the interior landscaping industry, you can trust our team of landscape architects, interior designers, experienced gardeners and certified plant horticulturalists to transform your ideas into reality. From office evaluation to landscape design, plant suggestion, selection, manufacturing and installation, our team will work with you to ensure a smooth process. Our deep industry experience allows us to draw on past landscape designs and installations which helps us manufacture and recommend the ideal trees and containers which will blend in perfectly in your business space and lifestyle.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few trees and flowers to keep your business space interesting. However, these trees and flowers require timely professional horticultural plant care and maintenance to sustain good health. Whether its tropical trees or other plants, creating a quality interior landscaping design requires a lot of design considerations. From light requirements to temperature, landscape style or theme to cost, multiple factors and many questions will be taken into account by our landscape team before finalizing on the design and plants.


One of the most important aspects which will help define what plants or tropical tree variety should be included in your commercial landscaping project. Our landscape design team will gauge how much light (intensity) is available in your space, whether the light is artificial or natural, for how much duration your office space receives light, if light is direct or reflected, and much more.


Yet another important element which will define the type of foliage ideal for your space. Some plants, like tropical plants require warm temperatures to survive while other plants need cooler temperatures. And it's not just the temperature. Our landscape design team will gauge the humidity, airflow, and other elements to suggest the ideal trees for your landscape.

Plant Maintenance

Plants require regular, timely maintenance to sustain its healthy appearance. Plant service technicians provide the appropriate level of plant care which includes watering, pruning, fertilizing etc. Before opting for the plants, you need to consider who will be maintaining them, whether your office space is accessible on a regular basis, where the water resources are located, how often the plants will need maintenance, pest and disease control, and more.


If you have a small space to work with, then it would make sense to opt for desktop, floor plants or even Bonsai rather than extravagant Palm trees. Hence, there would be tailor made suggestions depending on how much space you have to work with. Evaluations of the volume of your overall space, current décor style, and formal or informal design will impact the interior landscaping design.


This is one of the most important considerations from the business point-of-view. What do you want to achieve through the landscaping project? What objectives do you need to accomplish? Do you want to create a desert or tropical theme? Do you want to fill a void or conceal unsightly views? Do you want to create a private retreat or direct traffic flow? Want to add color and texture in your space or provide scale and frame views? 


Everyone wants a beautiful business space without ruining the company finances, right? Before embarking on the landscaping project, you’ll need to budget for up front costs and ongoing maintenance fees. Your financial decisions will ultimately decide what trees and style your commercial landscape will incorporate.

Our Other Services

  • Outdoor Landscaping 
    Outdoor Landscaping

    No matter what business you’re in, our dedicated Plantscape Inc. team will work with you to create an exclusive and effortless outdoor landscape design.

  • Office Decor 
    Office Decor

    Indoor plants and trees act as the main component of the landscaping project, but our decorative elements will unify your business' image.

  • Artificial Landscaping 
    Artificial Landscaping

    We have produced a wide selection of artificial plants, trees, flowers, topiaries and other design elements to create an artificial landscaping project in your commercial setting.

  • Plants Manufacturing 
    Plants Manufacturing

    We have a team of horticultural technicians, designers and architects who specialize in creating some of the most realistic looking plants and trees.

  • Maintenance Program 
    Maintenance Program

    Our maintenance program will take care of all the flowers, plants and trees that will keep your commercial landscape looking clean and professional.

  • Installation And Delivery 
    Installation & Delivery

    Our plant installation crew will deliver the trees to your business space and will install them as per the final landscape design plan.