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Commercial Landscape Installation

Extremely easy to setup and install, we have some of the best plants and trees you can work with on your own. Now you’ll have little to worry about to bring your dream landscape to life.

Creating a commercial landscape which combines cool and calm, comfort and contemporary is not easy. Hence, we designed our range of turnkey plant and trees solutions to make landscaping projects a breeze.

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They are extremely easy to setup and install, but we know a little help can go a long way in ensuring a perfect and smooth project. Whether you’re remodeling the atrium or the lobby of your office, reception area or outdoor space, retail store or restaurant theme, healthcare or hospitality space, casino, theme park or any commercial space, Plantscape Inc. offers tailor made solutions which will blend in perfectly in your new and existing area.

With hundreds of turnkey solutions to choose from with custom options available, you’ll have little to worry about to bring your dream landscape to life.

Landscape Designs

Landscape Designs

Over the years, our Plantscape Inc. team has mastered landscape design projects in Minnesota full of colors and texture. Whether you want some peace and calm in your area or want it full of energy and enthusiasm, our team will get things done.

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A pleasant environment has a big impact on your guests as they walk into your building. The right plants and trees send out a positive vibe and create a space where ideas and conversations come to life. Who wouldn’t like to spend more time in such a space? No matter if you want to create a theme or direct traffic in the atrium or want to fill a void in your reception area, want to create a visual screen for your office or hotel building or want to reduce noise and add warmth in the health care or senior living facility, our interior landscaping design solutions will give shape and substance to the project.

When it comes to large business spaces, it is vital that the scale of plants and trees must utilize the building space. It’s crucial that you get the scale absolutely right. If the tropical plants or trees are too large and they don’t have enough room to grow, the overall effect will look crowded or overwhelmed. If they don’t have enough height, then the space will look empty or cold. Then, there are light levels and consistent temperatures. Too much light or heat and too less light or cold drafts will affect the specimens negatively. Our interior landscape design worked at the local Twin Cities atrium and was completed from start to finish. The atrium's landscape installation was done in time and as per final design specs. Weekly horticultural plant service continues for healthy plants.

Our Other Services

  • Outdoor Landscaping 
    Outdoor Landscaping

    No matter what business you’re in, our dedicated Plantscape Inc. team will work with you to create an exclusive and effortless outdoor landscape design.

  • Office Decor 
    Office Decor

    Indoor plants and trees act as the main component of the landscaping project, but our decorative elements will unify your business' image.

  • Artificial Landscaping 
    Artificial Landscaping

    We have produced a wide selection of artificial plants, trees, flowers, topiaries and other design elements to create an artificial landscaping project in your commercial setting.

  • Plants Manufacturing 
    Plants Manufacturing

    We have a team of horticultural technicians, designers and architects who specialize in creating some of the most realistic looking plants and trees.

  • Maintenance Program 
    Maintenance Program

    Our maintenance program will take care of all the flowers, plants and trees that will keep your commercial landscape looking clean and professional.

  • Installation And Delivery 
    Installation & Delivery

    Our plant installation crew will deliver the trees to your business space and will install them as per the final landscape design plan.